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  1. Isn't the owner and sponsor the same for both rides? Probably an overall team decision since the truck hasn't fared very well this year. Also, could be a little foreshadowing for the near future.
  2. That is amazing, can't even imagine how relieved his little girls are and how happy he must be. I'm thinking he wasn't even in the car and it was remote controlled.
  3. FYI there are a lot of modified teams that aren’t spending anywhere near 200k for a season. They aren’t traveling the series.
  4. I was wondering why he was even there. Looked like an old car and that he wasn't very experienced not sure why you'd come that far with 0 chance of making the race with SDS there.
  5. All the ideas look good and fun except putting 10 mil in the bank. You will want to earn some interest so you don't run out of money haha. There are mutual funds that would pay dividends of over 50k a month on 10 mil. Then you can pay for your money losing racing adventures in perpetuity out of that.
  6. Boeing advertises a lot on tv and none of us are buying 737's, they do it for name recognition. Companies like Halmar are getting a bunch of benefits from this. 1. The owner must love racing so he is getting that enjoyment. 2. Name recognition, even though they do big infrastructure projects, people are still the ones making the decisions to hire halmar. 3. The tax writeoff, the minimum corporate tax rate is 34% so if they spent 2 million on racing (advertising) they saved 680k in taxes so it really only cost them 1.32 mil. 4. Perhaps they want an in with NASCAR, maybe they want an opportunity to pave racetracks, or be in the running for other contracts
  7. I remember reading it in the rules back when I used to care more haha but everyone has the same rule book at the beginning of the year. I believe you are allowed 1 substitute driver for 1 race where their points earned count for the original driver and it's not allowed the last couple of weeks of the year. I think it is a good rule since it is only allowed once, I don't want to see someone lose over 1 personal night or illness or family commitment.
  8. Glenn said he's only $97.89 short of having enough money to be ready for SDW
  9. Care to post what it says, it's obviously public knowledge anyway? Save us from all going to the site and looking.
  10. What a joke! 15 million spent already is total BS. Guy sells snakeoil on the side. Unfortunately this is so beyond dead it's crazy, it's never happening. If that is what 15 million spent looks like another 5 million will only allow them to throw a flag stand up and 6 or 7 jersey barriers in the middle of the cleared lot. I can't believe anyone believed this guy.
  11. I thought the small blocks were more in favor this year there anyway?
  12. Yes, just saying things haven't been that bad and there has been plenty of opportunity for growth without a lot of risk.
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