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  1. The racing community lost another great man. Joe was a late model driver famous for his mopars back in the '70's. RIP Joe, you will be missed! http://www.obitsforlife.com/obituary/1136071/Macejka-Joseph.php
  2. Never say never. The most fun I ever had racing at the Ridge was under Pete's command. Good luck Pete and Matt in 2015!
  3. Your personal auto policy does not cover any damage if it is found that you were in "any race or speed contest"
  4. I would say that's a fact, not a rumor!   I always said he would be great in an open wheel car given the opportunity!
  5. I would rather run a group time trial then deal with a bad draw at the gate and be behind the 8-ball all night.   I also like the invert idea, that way the fastest car doesn't start on the pole and run a way with the show and should make for better heat races!   Sounds like a great event planned at Fonda Speedway!
  6. From a drivers point of view, I was very happy with how everything went last night as well as all the drivers I spoke with.  With the wet spring and yesterdays weather condtions your not going to get around the muddy pit area and heavy race track.   Keep up the good work GRMP!
  7.   The plan is to have a 358 will be under the hood supplied by my neighbor.    I hear Shaun Pangman will be debuting a big block at the ridge this year too!
  8. Didnt the pace car hit the third turn wall at Fonda a few years back?
  9. Winning 46% of the races to date at one track and never out of the top 5 is pretty impressive Redd!  Keep up the good work!
  10. That would guarantee a rainout just like it did at Utica Rome when he was going to drive the car! 
  11. Its too bad Utica Rome rained out today.  Rumor has it Jake had a new driver named Timmy to drive it
  12. I am not racing this year as I cannot afford to fund a car out of my pocket.  It has nothing to do with spec engine Utica has in place.  If you would like to offer some sponsor money, I would be glad to put a car together, and it would be for Utica Rome on Sunday nights!  The management at Utica Rome treats there racers very fairly and its an affordable place to race at.   Now lets compare apples to apples and not to oranges.   To build a new Traditional Sportsman Engine with the Dart 180 heads, 5.7 rods etc, it costs atleast $15,000.  David Towns had one of the most potent Traditional sportsman engines in the area and thats what it cost, he showed me the receipts for the parts.   Now if the traditonal engine breaks how much would it cost to rebuild it?  We will use the $5,000 number that you mentioned earler, so thats $20,000 investment.   And if you buy a that $3000 engine and put another $5000 in it to rebuild, yes thats only $8000 for a rebuilt engine, not one with all brand new parts.   Where did you "hear" all of this information anyways? There is a lot of hearsay in this business, I am more about facts and concrete evidence.   The Jet is pretty spot on with the spec engine vs traditonal sportsman engine, maybe some of the competitors made there choice on which engine to run based on wanting to travel to different tracks.  Its there choice.  If the competing members of the Sportsman class at Utica Rome had an issue with the rule or the rule book, its there job to discuss it with the management at Utica Rome,its not the job for some know it all that will not sign there name on an internet forum.    If you care to discuss it further, please feel free to look me up.
  13. The spec motor has been in the rule book for the past 4 seasons.  All the competitors know about it and it is their choice of what engine they choose to compete with.  This engine was put in place to save competitor money.  Try building the traditional sportsman engine for the cost you can get the spec engine for.   I for one think the open wheel racing has been great at Utica this season!
  14. Jake, you may want to reread Ron's post, I believe that was directed at you and Mike not promoting The Ridge  any more...
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