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  1. Attention anyone that visits our ARRA – Auto Racing Research Associates statistical website. Our Google based website is based on an aging platform that Google is eliminating in November of 2021. In fact, beginning just about a week or so ago….new websites can not even be built on the platform that our site is built upon. Those like us at ARRA, who have existing websites built upon this platform, can continue to add to and use their sites…….until next November. The ability to change over to a more updated platform within the Google fold has been available to me for quite a while, but I did
  2. Tomorrow’s the day! The first annual Bill Hanna “Passion and Dedication to the Sport” award will be awarded for the first time at the Bridgeport Speedway during the postponed Danny Serrano Memorial event…100 laps for the Modified division with all of the top names in the field. The award, an idea cooked up between ARRA President Fred Voorhees and former area racing notable Rolfe Schnur, was put together to honor the memory of the late Bill Hanna, one of the founding members of the research group. “Billy had a tremendous passion and dedication to the sport!” mentioned Voorhees when asked
  3. ARRA Will Present 1st Annual Bill Hanna “Passion For and Dedication To The Sport” Award Ringoes,NJ – ARRA…. Auto Racing Research Associates, still reeling from the sudden loss of founding member Bill Hanna, have scrambled to do it, but they put together a way to honor their fallen historian. This coming Saturday at the postponed Bridgeport Speedway Danny Serrano Memorial event, ARRA President Fred Voorhees will be making the 1st annual presentation of the “Passion For and Dedication To The Sport” Award, named in honor of Hanna, who was one of the most active and passionate historians wit
  4. His open houses are amazing for the fans. Always a crowded affair. Food, drink, lots to see...an auction of various racing stuff related to Billy Sr and Jr.s racing....just a cool day to come and see the Pauch operation.
  5. Although dealing with the recent loss of historian Bill Hanna….the historians at ARRA – Auto Racing Research Associates continue to work towards documenting racing history and that is just how Bill would have wanted it. To that end, ARRA is proud to announce that historian John Nelson has just released his latest effort – the history of famous car owner Len Boehler and his equally famous “Ole Blue” #3 modified. One of the longest lasting teams in NASCAR asphalt modified racing, the Boehler #3 modifieds were and are still one of the most recognized modifieds in the Northeast! We welcome you
  6. Wife and I try to enjoy a few trips North to NY to take in some new tracks over three or four day weekends. That was impossible this year.
  7. I would think that if the kid is on the track, there is no regulation against it. OC is not stupid to the point of letting that happen. As for the poster who claimed to be concerned about the kids ability to withstand an accident - that kid is most likely better suited to withstand one better than an adult. Yup, because his bones are much more flexible that those of much older people. Yes, we have seen many drivers killed, paralyzed and maimed. This kid has the same chance as any of them for that to happen. Again,if he is allowed to compete, he signed a waiver, or his parents signed a wa
  8. Brother and I doing a guided boat......"Catch the Drift"....on the Oswego River Saturday afternoon. Heading up Friday and coming home Sunday. I REALLY need it to clear the head right now!
  9. Ringoes,NJ – ARRA …..Auto Racing Research Associates, a group of two dozen auto racing historians scattered across the United States is saddened at the news of the passing of one of their founding members and most avid researchers. Palmerton, PA’s Bill Hanna succumbed suddenly at home Monday. Bill was instrumental in getting the newly formed ARRA historical group up and running along with other founding members President Fred Voorhees, Bill Braga Jr., Steve Barrick and Bill Skinner. Bill was a long time official at his beloved Flemington Speedway where he served in a number of capa
  10. Please.......I have two upcoming events that will entail me crossing the borders of NJ...PA...and NY and I truly don't need covid restrictions gettin in the way!
  11. Thank you Debbie Downer! Honestly, I think it will be an awesome show. If nothing else.....interesting.
  12. I gotta say....my wife and I have talked about this and honestly, if they tried this next year with fans....we would quite possibly take a week and follow the series. I like the idea.
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