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  1. ARRA Adds Additional Florida Speedweeks Page! Ringoes,NJ – ARRA – Auto Racing Research Associates announce that for the first time in the history of the groups website, they will be splitting up one of their popular web pages on their auto racing statistical website. With the recent Florida Speed Weeks racing just wrapping up as satellite programs to the racing at nearby Daytona International Speedway, the timing could not be better to have one of ARRA’s busiest historians, Thomas Schmeh, former National Sprint Car Hall of Fame and Museum Executive Director, submit a complete and
  2. Three Big Sprint Car Pages Added to ARRA Website!! Ringoes,NJ: ARRA – Auto Racing Research Associates continue to build upon their huge website of auto racing statistics as the Winter research season continues on through the mid portion of the cold months. In collaboration with Tim Quievryn of The Third Turn racing statistics website, ARRA has now added significantly to their sprint car library of stats on their popular website. The latest additions adds the World of Outlaws companion series, the Gumout Racing Series, which ran for three popular seasons (2000 – 2002) to their pages a
  3. What Sheppard pulled was nothing less than assault! Had Max wanted to...he could have made things much worse for "Superman". This guy needs to be taught that he is not any further up the rope than any other driver out there!
  4. Well, I would tend to agree! The first test is the next show and who is allowed to compete. Failing that, they quickly lose any opportunity to retain any sense of fairness from the racing public. I understand that Matt was allowed to compete tonight.
  5. DIRTcar cannot ignore this. If they demand any kind of respect, they need to address this publicly. Their swiftness in addressing it....AND any decisions made because of it will speak volumes.
  6. I have to agree, anyone with the internet can look up the rule book and plainly see this was a clear infraction. How many times does this whiny little boy get to abuse the rule book and get away with it. He had a meltdown hissyfit at New Egypt the one year he competed there regularly where he stopped his car on the front stretch and storm ed up into the officials booth. He needs some schoolin along with some time in the corner.
  7. Matt is a great driver, but will never be truly great until he can learn to temper his temper! He doesn't seem to handle adversity well and suddenly turns into an inconsolable child when he thinks he's been wronged.
  8. ARRA Announces Exciting New Addition to its Website! Ringoes,NJ – ARRA…Auto Racing Research Associates are proud to announce another big addition to their ever growing racing statistics website! This time….the Lebanon Valley Speedway in West Lebanon, NY gets some important additions to its page on the ARRA site! President Fred Voorhees just recently completed the work needed to add both a headline division (Modified and Sportsman) and 358 Modified division listing of weekly feature results. The page had had a partial listing of weekly Modified division winners posted. “Thanks to ra
  9. Nope....I misused the word. And you would think that having a Websters New Dictionary right next to me in a drawer, I would have checked. My bad...nothing but respect for the guy! Always and forever.
  10. Ringoes,NJ – ARRA - - Auto Racing Research Associates are proud to announce that they have added two more pages to their roster of elite drivers who have had their career statistics researched and documented to an archive that race fans, journalists, etc can then access for all time so that this information is not lost to time. Richie Evans and Maynard Troyer were absolute GIANTS in Northeast asphalt modified racing. Richie is far and wide considered undeniably the best there ever was in the division! The fun loving, cantankerous and always competitive driver from Rome, NY earned the r
  11. Yep...exactly right! I will stand in that line with you FFTR. Now, because I have had an artificial heart valve installed AND a pacemaker, I really don't have a choice. Should I get covid, chances are someone is going to inherit my record player. So I will willingly get it when available. But Jesus man...not a lot of John Wayne's out there willing to take the chance. I won't call those refusing to get the vaccine pansies because I understand their fears. I DO think that if you refuse to get the vaccine, you have absolutely no right to degrade those who chose to do so.
  12. This was such tough news to hear! Mel has been such a great friend over the years since that first night we met out in the grass field parking lot on the grounds of the NY State Fairgrounds during DIRT Week. Heartfelt condolences out to Mel, Matt and Mike and their families in this time of such great sorrow. My WIfe Karen and I will have them all in our thoughts and hope that they find peace in this time of sorrow.
  13. Ringoes,NJ – The members of Auto Racing Research Associates ARRA, would like to extend the warmest wishes for a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all racing fans, promoters, drivers, teams and press as well as owners and promotional teams! Ending a year that was “trying” to say the least on our sport…we are sure that most or all of us are happy to put 2020 behind us and look forward to a better year that 2021 can bring us. For all of us here at ARRA, nothing changes. We will continue to forge ahead in our research and documentation process to continue to capture the history of our spo
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