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  1. This is the thinking of the historians of ARRA - Auto Racing Research Associates. We adopted an idea to add asterisks with certain areas where there are two not so much conflicting points, but more two different ways of looking at something. In this instance, yes Perrego was faster and yes, it was with a body configuration that is not normally run. However, he was running under a set of established rules. Both points need to be recognized if only for clarity in the future to avoid any confusion. Both are recognized and to those who give a rats patooty either way can pick their way of thinking.
  2. Don't forget your rock to save your spot in line.
  3. Whatever. Those banner fans poked the bear and the bear gave the entire NY group of race fans a big poke back.
  4. Just a thought. But just maybe that banner stunt turned around and bit NY racing square in the ass. Balanced a quick laugh and temporary sense of rebellion up against losing a season of racing. Honestly, I don't think the quick laugh was the right choice.
  5. That was paraded through the stands at DIRT Week at Syracuse? You know....tge one that said F*ck Cuomo? Hate to say it but this could definitely have something to do with the fact that there was hardly any racing in New York this season. That sign was so rejoiced in and praised and lauded. Not saying its true, but sometimes you reap what you sow. Hind sight sucks but maybe NY race fans can point the finger at those parading that banner through the stands as to why there hasn't been fans at NY racing events, or if there was...not for long. Just a thought.
  6. So how do you really feel? 😄 Won't say I agree or disagree with your Ryan Godown claim........but I will say that it came out of left field and gave me a chuckle. 😝
  7. I said this long ago and everyone was so hopped up on his Sprint car winning that they thought he would never return to NASCAR. I said it back then and I'm saying it again....Kyle Larson back to NASCAR from steady Sprint car racing and sooner or later with SHR. The guy is NOT going to turn his back on the kind of money available to him in NASCAR!
  8. Seems like when the pocket lining conspiracy theory got blown outta the water, it suddenly just became joke time. Just my observation.
  9. Thank you I will pass that along to them so they can double check that.
  10. Talented ARRA – Auto Racing Research Associates historians John Nelson and Bill Ladabouche have combined their efforts to turn out the latest page to be added to the groups racing history website. This time around…it’s another special page. Not on a track, not a particular driver. Not even a racing organization or traveling series. Nope, this time…its another homage to a car owner. To often, car owners stand back from the limelight and let the driver and sometimes the crew get the credit. But were it not for car owners willing to corral the resources to put together a winning team…some drivers would never make it to the heights that they reach. This time, we go back in time to the 50’s, 60’s and early 70’s to recognize car owner Martin Riiska. Riiska had such talent as Doug Garrison and Butch Jelley pilot his cars at such famous speed plants as Devil’s Bowl and the Lebanon Valley Speedways. The ARRA historians invite you to take a look back at this dedicated car owner and his story. Find it at the accompanying link. https://sites.google.com/site/arracarsdriversevents/home/car-owner-martin-riiska
  11. Just posted....the newest Auto Racing Research Associates driver research project....Kenny Weld! Many thanks to historians Bill Braga, Larry Jendras and sprint car guru Kevin Eckert! Great job guys!! Kenny Weld was a mastermind of racing and will go down as one of the most innovative of car builders. He made his mark in racing! https://sites.google.com/site/arracarsdriversevents/home/kenny-weld
  12. Thank you for that info...I will wait for someone to confirm the Maresca connection.
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