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  1. I'll eat some crow as I was totally wrong. Good job to the officials...do it again at CanAm tonight.
  2. We all know that there's a rift there. But what has lead to legal action?
  3. Jeremy Elliott is reporting on SprintCar Unlimited that "Racing Politics has led to rift between the Fonda Speedway and the Empire Super Sprints - Legal action being taken." Anyone know what's going on here? I don't have a subscription for the site...
  4. From the OCFS Facebook page... "Inclement weather is expected for Sunday, October 27th’s Eastern States 200. In the event of rain, racing will be delayed as late as possible in an attempt to run it on the 27th. If ultimately we are unable to run on the 27th, racing will be rescheduled for Sunday, November 3rd."
  5. From their Facebook page... Can-Am Speedway 14 mins · Happy Thanksgiving!! Hope everyone enjoys the holiday spent with friends and family. Some exciting news for 2019. The BIG BLOCK SUPER DIRT CAR SERIES will return to the Nasty Track of the North April 13th for 100 laps paying $1
  6. I saw a picture where it looked like the SDW Track Prep team was putting calcium on the surface. I remember Evans Mills (dirt surface) advertising that they were now using calcium in their track prep routine to reduce dust in the late 80's during Wendell Turcott's tenure. Is this common on dirt tracks...the use of calcium? Is it generally mixed in the water or spread on the surface like in the photo I saw? Lebanon Valley and some Quebec tracks were known as an "oiled surface". Are there any tracks that still do this? Also, I seem to remember there was a product in the 70's-80
  7. I was one of those "cronies" and "instigators". There was never a dull time with Doug. My first sports hero and a friend till the end.
  8. Are they broadcasting this online anywhere? A link would be appreciated.
  9. MAJOR EVENTS POSTPONED FOR 2018 Posted by Tommy Goudge Published on December 12, 2017 (December 12, 2017) – Ohsweken, Ontario – Ohsweken Speedway has postponed its biggest 2018 events until further notice. Speedway management cites unforeseen challenges with the lease of adjacent land as the reason. The land directly north of the driveway isn’t Speedway property; It has recently changed hands, and the new owners have other plans for usage of the land moving forward. “We just learned that the dozens of acres we have always used for excess
  10. What's more surprising...Hearn at 2 STSS events in a row...or...his not running many of their events on off nights in the past? Is it the A/R tires? Or does (with all due respect...) the "Corporate Jet" now looking at the STSS as a viable/important series?
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