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  1. Heard that Jimmy Phelps will be in a Bicknell at ESW. Ordered 2 at SDW.
  2. Now that its not at the mile and doesnt require the special bodys it has lost its intrigue. I use to love rolling into the Fairgrounds and feeling the excitement and anticipation of who brought what, new paint schemes, etc. Now its just another 200 lapper. SDW electricity never got turned on in Oswego.
  3. Everyone can calculate tire wear weight loss and most good teams do. Its very easy. Its not the first time someone has cut it to close, wont be the last. Not a big deal.
  4. People that i know have jumped to Bicknell, Mueller, Friesen, and Schroeder. The first 2 were old news just learned about Schroeder last night. b
  5. There was also a tour race at Airborne. Any body worth watching was probably there!
  6. Tremont was the best car. 8th to 1st, but DR blew up and Mark Johnson went backwards so he passed 5 decent running cars in 93 lapsto get to the front. Like I said terrible race...
  7. Those numbers of cars passed is largely due to attrition. Godown started in the rear and finished there, he couldn't pass a running car. Terrible race. Stews car looked like it was not fun to drive. Heard rumblings that there may be a change in the wind,
  8. Same motor with different pistons. Its at JPM right now getting "Legal"!
  9. Hes a decent kid, didnt like seeng him crash that hard.
  10. I think Eric should be nicknamed Kid Kryptonite! Good to see someone beating Sheppard!
  11. The Pro Stock race use to be the best race of the night, now its the worst. They should run them last! They made a complete mockery of a race that was supposed to honor one of the best guys that ever walked through the pit gate! Hope they're proud...
  12. Matt is a great talent. I wasnt surprised when Buzz Chew picked him to wheel the 88. I think it was a smart move!
  13. Looking at lap times KF was a rocket. Ronnie Johnson held up Matty D, Mahaney was good but wasnt the best car. Mike just got to the front first. Jackie Brown and Elmo coming together, while no surprise, killed Flachs an Delorenzos chances. A caution around lap 20 would have changed the outcome of the race.
  14. I didnt hear Graham was switching to Bicknell, but I heard Batman to the Buzz Chew ride.
  15. I dont think it will be a big turnout, and probably a yawner of a race....
  16. Plenty of well funded teams that arent traveling the series!
  17. The SDS is a joke. The travel alone will discourage most teams. Deyo has the model to put the antiquated SDS out of business. He has already hurt it, IMO.
  18. He might not win if Stew doesn't break! Better driver, look at the resume.
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