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  1. Yea I probably could have left out the cuomo comments fortunatly the editor of the site took them out but all in all just glad to see that racing has been able to go on in New York and hopefully at some what of a profit for the tracks and glad that everyone at the tracks was able to enjoy and hopefully all are safe
  2. Glad to hear things went smoothly for the great race place lets hope 2021 is covid free and we are able to go back to normal (Mod Edit)
  3. Just curious not looking to stir trouble or anything have they had decent amount of people at Albany Saratoga in the pits despite the no fans restrictions put on by governer commie hoping they have had a safe but decent amount The great race place is awesome and I hope it is surviving wll I didnt get a chance to go this year
  4. So Far i have heard Brett Hearn Matt Sheppard Demitriios Drellos Matt Williamson Anthony Perego Larry Wight Tim Fuller Mike Mahaney. Stewart Friesen will not be attending as he has to participate in a wedding that day and cannot make it
  5. When will New York voters realize the Andrew Cuomo Alexandria Ocassio Cortez and Chuck Schumer are ruining your state invite them all to super dirt week as guests and place them on the start finish line at the intial green flag
  6. Was a good race however track was too dusty and the show was way to drawn out but all in a good show
  7. Banner or no Banner Cuomo is a douche any way he needs to go bye bye along with his fellow ny cronies chuck schumer and ocasio cortze put em all on a boat send em out into the ocean and fill the boat with cement
  8. I like the idea of super dirt in pennsylvania beetween williams grove and port royal holding the big event plenty of tracks for satellites grandview lincoln baps big diamond selinsgrove etc could be an awesome week of racing
  9. I think your arrogant governer in NY has a vendetta against racing he already ruined SDW at the Syracuse Mile and then backed out on his promises for the new track next to Brewerton He needs to go
  10. I agree in order for dirt week in PA to work and have sucessful satellite shows you have to have the 410 sprints incorporated in. The PA Fans would be more into them and if you use the 410 sprints dirt modified fans from other areas are going to be more familiar with the big names in the 410 sprints
  11. Yes Bridgeport too just thinking more PA because you could have a bunch of satellite races all within close proximity although Bridgeport is only roughly 2 hours from williams grove could certainly be added to the fold
  12. Not Sure if it would even be a reality to have Super Dirt Week in Pennsylvania this year if the no fan restrictions continue in New York State but what are some thoughts. Ive been to Williams Grove and Lincoln but not any others thinking those two Port Royal BAPS, Grandview would make a good Dirt Week beetween then sounds like the Grove or Port Royal would be best suited to host the big races and maybe other tracks could host satellite events mix in some sprint car racing to the week along with the usual Super Dirt Week divisions you would have one hell of a week of racing
  13. Was a great race with a lot of heavy hitters in the modified world both races were good. The move of the night in the 50 lapper won by Pereggo was when Williamson went beetween two cars coming out of turn two after a late race restart to go from fourth to second
  14. Dirt (15 to 20) Devils Bowl VT, Albany Saratoga, Bear Ridge Speedway, Lebanon Valley Speedway, Fonda Speedway, Glen Ridge Motorsports Park, Weedsport Speedway, Rolling Wheels Raceway, Argyle, NY Raceway( Closed now), New York State Fairgrounds, Brewerton Speedway, Williams Grove Speedway, Lincoln Speedway, Eldora Speedway Volusia Speedway Park, Canan Fair Speedway NH (Closed) I have also been to Utica Rome, Canandaigua and Orange County Fair Speedway, Tri State Speedway in Haubstadt Indiana and Lindas Speedway but have not seen races there. Asphalt- (3) Thunder Road Speedbowl, Clar
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