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  1. That Bristol sprint race is on YouTube, if anyone is interested. Pretty good race between Swindell and Shepard.
  2. The first race track I attended was Five Mile Point in 1957. I was also six years old. I also attended Glen Aubrey, Shangri La, Reading Fairgrounds (Sprint Cars), Bloomsburg Fairgrounds ( Midgets), Trenton ( Champ Cars) and several others that I can't remember in the 50's. I also attended the Indy 500 in 1960. Unfortunately I can' remember where the flaggers at any of those tracks stood.
  3. NY: Glen Aubrey Brewerton Fulton Five Mile Point Champion Speedway Rolling Wheels NYS Fairgrounds Utica/Rome Shangri-La I Monticello Vernon Downs OCFS Tioga Co. Fairgrounds Lake George (ice race) Frozen Ocean (ice race/raced) SDR Raceway (raced) Afton 1/4 mile (raced) Afton 1/2 mile (raced) Weedsport (raced) Paradise Speedway (raced) Esta Safety Park (raced) Electric City (raced) Cobleskill 1/2 mile (raced) Madison Co. Fairgrounds (raced) Watkins Glen (raced)   PA: Reading Nazareth 1/2 mile (raced) Bloomsburg Fairgrounds Lincoln Speedway Grandview Pine Gro
  4. 5 - N. Dakota, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Alabama, Mississippi :P
  5. fftr, Thanks for the youtube clip. I had never seen that before. My step father took a lot of 8mm film of the race, but unfortunately after many years the film began to disintegrate. None of it survives today, I sure wish it had.
  6. fftr,  I was at that race. I was sitting at the beginning of the front straight. McDonald hit the outside wall to the left of where I was. The car burst into flames on impact and crossed over to the inside wall. It hit the inside wall directly across form where I was. Flaming debris flew up into a tree in the infield which caught fire. The car came off the  inside wall backwards. I could that the flames were going around the driver because the car was rolling backwards. I thought that the driver would be ok. The car continued to cross the track to the outside wall. Eddie Sachs came
  7. I was sitting in the turn 1 stands last night. The wind was blowing into the stands, normally it comes from behind the stands, this made the situtation much worse than it should have been. It wasn't really a fine dust, it was more like sand particles. I cleaned a lot of dirt out of my left ear, but none from my nostrils, the dirt seemed to just fall off our clothing. I thought it was certainly different from the normal dust you get at a dirt track. I have to agree that in the ten years I have been going to Brewerton, this ranks in the top 5 all time dirtiest night I have seen. I still think th
  8. Mrs. OldGuy and myself would also like to congratulate James on his first WOO Latemodel A main. It's great to see a small budget Southern Tier Mod driver do well against the "Big Boys".
  9. Tom Blachek, I wore #28 when I raced dirt track motorcycles. NY State Champ 1984,1987,1990,1991, Square Deal Riders Track Champ 1991. My late stepfather, Charlie Knight, owned/drove #28 @ Five Mile Point, Glen Aubrey, and Shangri-la. He claimed he helped set the lights @ FMP. As you can see I've been around awhile, hence the old guy. I've been to race tracks all over the U.S.. In 1988 I traveled 3000+ miles to race one night in Bellingham, Wa. I love all types of racing, two wheels, four wheels, no wheels, dirt, paved, ice, snow, mud. I have also been known to have a few adult beverages w
  10. Watkins glen has a web site: www.theglen.com the site has a lot of good information
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