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  1. Outside of 8-9 races in late models almost all of their races are 50 laps or less. Compare that with when Timmy was full-time in modifieds you could run 30+ 100 lap races and 4-5 200 laps races.
  2. Never had to use the cushion the entire race. Other guys were knocking the decks off their cars and Tim ran bottom to middle all 100 laps.
  3. Timmy's win last night pushed his dirt late model career 1st place earnings over 1 million dollars, he is the 18th driver to go over the 1 million dollar mark.
  4. Indefinite suspension from all DirtCar events (heard it was a failed drug test)
  5. Tim will be in a BOSS Chassis with a SR11X engine from Gary Stanton. A-Main quality
  6. If you asked Bob he would say absolutely Tim has had the better career and if you asked Tim he would say his dad by a mile.
  7. The World 100 is very much like the Chili Bowl, it's not about the money it's more about the trophy. Biggest thing about last night for Tim was how easy he made it look. Without the last caution with 16 to go he would have lapped well into the top 10.
  8. Can a driver time trial 2 different cars? Vic Coffey will have 2 cars (39,23) there for Tim.
  9. Not sure the year but Stewart Friesen driving from 20th to win in the last 80 laps, no one dropped out, no one ran out of fuel, he just passed all of the cars and most of it was down on the outside.
  10. Hopefully EVERYONE understands how awful this is for racing no matter who your favorite driver is and doesn't support the Fulton Speedway and the Outlaw 200 weekend.
  11. Tim Fuller ran his fastest lap of the race on lap 100 Track looked great, you could run from the infield all the way to the wall.
  12. Not that simple, Tim has already said he does not have the time to get a CDL and the team is based in Trinity, NC not in upstate NY where Tim lives.
  13. The red Sweeteners Plus hauler requires a driver that has a CDL license, Sweeteners only wants a driver who works for them so they can't just pickup a driver off the street. Sweeteners wants to pay that driver by the mile but a race team will only do 1,000-1,500 miles per week so no driver is going to take that kind of a pay cut. This year has had one problem after another, cars problems, engine failures, no hauler driver, etc. The car that was destroyed on Friday at Mansfield was a three race old Longhorn that had a 8th, 1st and 2nd in it's three starts. The level of competition on the Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series is not matched on any other dirt racing series in the country and if you are off a little you are off a ton and this year has shown that for the #39 team.
  14. You people are clueless, the top 2 in DirtCar Nationals points who didn't qualify got a provisional (Tim McCreadie and HJ Bunting). Last night was one of the greatest drives I have ever seen
  15. Very few people left last night after the late models, I would say 90% of the crowd stayed for the big block feature. I was next to people from Iowa, Indiana, West Virginia and Kentucky and outside of Tim McCreadie and Brett Hearn they had no idea who any of the other drivers were.
  16. T-Mac will be in one of his 2017 Longhorn cars at Volusia, it was hauled down here to East Bay after both of his 2018 cars have had 100 different issues, the 2017 car was clearly better Friday at East Bay but unfortunately was crashed Saturday night. The car was taken to fellow Late Model driver Ivedent Lloyd Jr.'s shop in Ocala were it has been repaired. Tim has to many resources and great people at Longhorn Chassis around him to be down for long, While they might not fix all of the issues before they leave Florida they will be back on the track in early March and I expect them to challenge for wins once again.
  17. We can all agree John Wight saved both the Brewerton and Fulton Speedways and we are grateful for that but it's very clear that it is time for Wight to get out of the track owning business. If you choose to own race teams and race tracks you have to have clear boundaries between the two, he is using his race track to get even with another competitor for something that happened with his race team. Matt Sheppard was 100% wrong at Utica-Rome and he was fined and suspended as he should have been.
  18. Couple of things 1.) No one is protesting the flag or anthem, this started over a year ago as a protest to police brutality against minorities, race equality and systemic racism which continues to grow under Trump. 2.) The language used by Trump on Friday night was completely unacceptable and a personal attack against a league with 70% of the players are African-American and since when does the white house call for private citizens to be fired? 3.) EVERYONE has the right to protest, it's not up to me or you to decide where, when or how to protest. 4.) On opening day the Cleveland police department decided to protest the protest by refusing to hold the flag on the field during the national anthem, I never heard anyone complain about that being disrespectful.
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