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  1. their schedule has 358's on friday night and big blocks on saturday night are these tour races because the super dirt series site has nothing listed for that weekend
  2. no t-mac and tim fuller on their way to cedar lake $50,000 on the line
  3. if they use the raindate count out t-mac he will be on the road to cedar lake
  4. Look for them to use the thursday rain date but with no fuller,decker,wight and t-mac can't make it on thurs. this show is looking less attractive by the minute
  5. I hate when track use drivers names to promote thier events when the driver has 0% chance or intention of being there. Right now Grandview is using tim mccreadie's name when on that date tim has already stated he will be in batesville, arkansas for the $40,000 topless 100.
  6. track was very very wet on sunday morning hopefully the water will stay in the track for tuesday so we don't have a repeat of the world of outlaw sprint car show
  7. Good show for central new york but the WoO drivers and Tim McCreadie will already be on there way to Wisconsin for the USA Nationals $50,000 to win that thursday-saturday. Now guys like Tim Fuller and Vic Coffey who don't run the big money crown jewel races will be at Utica
  8. Alan was on dougsdirtdiary.com on monday and said he has talked to dave thompson about a ride for the tour races in '09 thompson agreed to the deal but it's not final just yet
  9. if the deal works out alan could very well be the 2009 mr.dirt champ
  10. Late Model motor costs Vs. Big Block modifieds It all depends on the builder, go and ask Vic Coffey or Tim McCreadie what they spend on their Pro Power Engines. They will tell you 35k those engines are used by many top name late model drivers. Now some builders are more and some are less it's all what you want to spend. Big Block motors as with late models it depends on the builder, Finger Lakes Machine for example good engine, good durability maybe not the highest horsepower out there (20k-30k) Enders racing engines high horsepower good durability (30k-40k) As far as rebuilds Late Models don't last as long mainly because of the higher rpm band 9000-10000 on some tracks.
  11. looking like alan johnson but 200 laps is a long way don't count out fuller, decker, paine, planck
  12. just finished heats and consi's ways to go until the 150 lapper
  13. As of today T-Mac will NOT be at syracuse. I was thinking about this today there is only one car owner out there left that could hook up with t-mac for a syracuse run that tim would take and that is JAY JAMES. Tim wants to win the Rite-Aid 200 not just go there with a 10th place car. Next year tim will have a better plan and will return to the mile with the Sweeteners Plus team.
  14. He will be behind the wheel of the Pierre Dagenais owned #124 for the $15,000 to win show
  15. www.alltelallstar.com Timmy needs every vote time is running out show the power of the northeast race fan
  16. I think he should take Vic Coffey's 32c to brewerton and Can-am
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