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  1. Tracks that don't put the work in have always used the "spring track conditions" as an excuse   As an Rangers94 said Accord was smooth and racy
  2. I have a few   1.) Knoxville 2.) Deer Creek- Spring Valley, MN 3.) Cedar Lake- New Richmond, WI 4.) Fairbury- Fairbury, IL 5.) Macon- Macon, IL
  3. T-Mac is free next weekend as well, maybe 4* will have a 2nd car for a shot at 25g's
  4. Sounds like it's all about Mr.Dirt points and making sure Decker gets the max amount because right now it looks like both Sheppard and Hearn will be getting the max.
  5. Prayers for Kevin Ward   Talked to a friend at the track who told me after incident they never saw Ward move again
  6. Here is a situation where I'd like to see all DirtCar tracks work together and issue a complete ban from all DirtCar tracks
  7. You could tell Alan didn't want to get pinned on the bottom behind the lapper and have Sheppard roll him on the top and the exact opposite happened
  8. Looking at some of the all-time Big Block winners at Weedsport a few things jumped out at me   1.) Danny, Bob and Alan are 2nd, 3rd and 4th with 65,64 and 63 wins respectively   2.) Brett Hearn only has 2 wins at Weedsport and the last one was all the way back in 1993
  9. At the current layout I don't see how they have the seating to pay that kind of purse
  10. Should I go next week?   Everyone I have talked to says the same 2 things 1.)Get there very early (not enough seating) and 2.) Can't see half of the track because the railings are all to high
  11. 17th to win the $25,000 Prairie Dirt Classic last night at Fairbury IL.   Slide job on Shannon Babb on lap 95 to win   Congrats Timmy and "Frog"
  12. Rolling Wheels $2,000 to win   I-88 $8,888 to win   not much of a choice
  13. Gary was REALLY good last night   I think he started 28th and got all the way to 4th and for a long stretch was 2-3 tenths a lap quicker compared to Hearn who was leading
  14. Doesn't get much better then passing Brett Hearn on lap 91 to win your first big block tour race
  15. Dirt story covered it well   Decker took the lead early, Danny got him on a restart, Dunn broke, Gary broke, Clair broke, Paine and Stew drove from consi land to get top 10's
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