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  1. NDRL was going to lease Batesville Motor Speedway for this event but as is got closer they realized the car count was going to be very low as almost every top driver will be at Lernerville they pulled the plug. 
  2. Tim McCreadie was never confirmed   just a promoter using the oldest trick in the book
  3. 50 cars last night at New Egypt   Hopefully we can get to 40 at Utica-Rome
  4. They would have been there for $10,000 to win but now it's only $5,000 so at best it's a 50/50 chance and for McCreadie and Fuller it would depend mostly on car owners and do they want to travel to Fonda on a Thurs. night
  5. We all know who the other track is that WoO was working with..... Canandaigua who went with NDRL for some odd reason
  6. 23 cars were on the lead lap on that little track   Must have been a ton of cautions?
  7. LOL!!!!!!!   Danny can't even scale his own car correctly
  8. Anyone know of any drivers coming for the "Vic 200" or will it be mostly track regulars?
  9. No NDRL for Tim, he will be at Shawano Wi. on 7/29 and then onto Cedar Lake for 50,000 7/31-8/2
  10. Anyone know the format for tonight?   Time trials? draw for heats? regulars start up front? sail panels?   I'm trying to decide if it will be worth sitting out in 30 degree weather tonight
  11. Kory Rauscher was killed last night in a snowmobile crash and Alan Johnson was charged with operating while intoxicated and operating with a BAC greater than .08%
  12. Rick quit the WoO last july saying he was burned out from the non stop travel (10 straight years), the NDRL is less races so it sounds like a good deal for him.   WoO series will have Ben Shelton as their announcer this season
  13. FondaFan16 you are correct Shane is a full time driver that needs to make the most money he can and the WoO tour offers more money then the NDRL so he had to make the move away from Kennedy. The guy I feel bad for is Tim Fuller who doesn't have the money to run his own team like Clanton so he has to go where Kennedy sends him which means no more Super Dirt Week or Eastern States for him.   Also Brian Birkhofer is NOT following the entire NDRL series, he will pick the races that make the most financial sense for him and his family
  14. I have nothing against Jeremie or Canandaigua but to schedule a series that has only 5 drivers that will compete full-time (Francis, Blankenship, Davenport, William Thomas and Mason Zeigler) and knowing you won't have the local flavor with Tim McCreadie sounds like financial disaster to me.   And what the hell is wrong with questioning what a track, driver or series is doing? Anytime you question someone or something people take it as a knock when you are really just looking for answers
  15. Anyone else shocked Jeremie who is Dirtcar and WRG signed on to host the NDRL who is in a bitter battle with the WoO LM series?
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