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  1. Haven't posted here in quite a while because every solid thread just seems to go completely off the rails (which ironically I'm contributing to right now)... but FFTR literally does what you just asked him to do. Every year he does his Freedom 76er post recapping everything. I know he provides information in other topics about guys/tracks from down this way (like he just did in this thread) in a lot of his posts. In that fun topic he started over the winter about the most famous modified races he brought up a whole bunch of historical races from down this way. Got nothing but love for you, Bob, but I really didn't think his post was criticizing the forum at all.
  2. Selinsgrove modified show is going to be unsanctioned
  3. Williamson's at $267,930 for the year ONLY counting OCFS, STSS, DIRTcar (big block and 358) races. This isn't counting any point fund money or any of his weekly race winnings
  4. It's going to be a little skewed for the rest of weekend, though, because OCFS weekend rules don't allow 358s to even attempt to qualify for the 200. The SDS show drew 69 cars earlier this year (that number also is a little skewed because it started Centennial Weekend), the standalone STSS race earlier this year (that paid more than last night's race) drew 59. I think both Series would draw right around the same on solo events. For those that compare it to Fonda's deal, OCFS is located a lot closer to a lot of those open motors that are down my way than Fonda. I honestly think the Bridgeport race being that same night affected that car count a lot more than anyone realized. When it was first announced I expected a lot of local guys from my way heading to Fonda, but, they almost all ended up at Bridgeport.
  5. Uhh, no, because you'd have gained DIRT regulars and the guys that will be there the rest of the weekend that there were quite a few cars that are there for the weekend that didn't hit the track last night. And probably quite a few 358s would've for the track time, like quite a few did at Oswego a few weeks ago. Similar to how plenty of crate sportsman ran last night even though they knew they had no shot to qualify
  6. ....uhhh, you realize that most of the field is there for a weekend that consists of time trials and Hoosier tires, right? Coming off a weekend where the big block and small block car counts exceeded 80 at Oswego. And had that been a SDS race, 358s would've been allowed to run (without the weight break, 2 tried to qualify for the SDS race in August there) but there were quite a few sportsman that ran last night that wouldn't have been allowed to run. Yes, you've got the Danny Boucs and guys like that that wouldn't have been there, but I think it would've been around the same car count regardless. It's definitely smart having this show during ESW because it definitely balloons that car count. That's smart business on Brett's part so not sure why anyone would take issue with that. There were definitely a lot of teams that used it as a hot lap session for the weekend instead of giving a legitimate effort to qualify, but, again, they still count towards having the highest car count of the year thus far.
  7. Horton doesn't have a small block and Cozze doesn't have anything legal to run at ESW other than Thursday, unfortunately.
  8. Mike Stanton and George Foley confirmed with 358s.
  9. I believe he had some sort of an injury that cut his season short
  10. Just saw that on Thompson. Clair and Hebert will try to qualify their 358s for the 200 (Alissa Cody, Mike Stacey, Brian McDonald are a few others that will try that... I always just keep them off the big block lists, though) Roy Bresnahan confirmed with a big block and a small block
  11. Roy Bresnahan confirmed with a big block and a small block. David Schilling confirmed with a small block
  12. Move LJ Lombardo from the big block list to the small block list
  13. Ryan Alsdorf's 8a. Same car Tim Hindley was driving this year and that Laubach time trialed outside pole with a few years ago
  14. Per Ken Bruce, Duane Howard confirmed with a big block
  15. Believe he's completing his program and should be back in time for SDW.