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  1. The hot pit was always in the plan. There was always a break at 100, but, it was set up just like the Fonda 200, where you were welcome to pit whenever. A true red flag at lap 100 would've allowed anyone to take tires without penalty, which was never the plan. I actually was shocked more people didn't do what Friesen, Bachetti, Dippel, etc did and pit during that last caution so they'd cycle back out from of all the guys that were taking tires at lap 100. While I agree that the pit road was scary without having a wall and having so many guys right on top of each other, I liked the format. It added some additional strategy to the race, which is something I enjoy with the 200 lap races. And also, the Eastern States 200 and Super DIRT Week still do require a helmet and fire suit for the guys fueling the car. They also have a limit on how many people can cross the wall. Technically, this race doesn't require a live pit stop which I assume is why that rule wasn't mandated for the Port Royal 200, and it's definitely an expensive addition for the teams. Regardless, it was a wonderful event and as is the case with any first-time event, everyone will learn a few things and it'll be even better if it comes back in '21!
  2. Check your messages, my friend. You're part of the racing family; you've got plenty of friends here that are happy to help however we can!
  3. List updated. Neal Williams, Tyler Siri, and Danny Johnson confirmed. Jack Lehner hurt the motor and will not be making the tow to Port Royal. Craig Von Dohren still having back issues, he's back to 50/50.
  4. If he struggles Thursday and Friday he'd end up going to Grandview Saturday, but as long as everything goes fine those other nights he'll be running for $53,000 to win instead of 3-shows that pay $2,000 to win. Worth noting, Strunk, Gular, Umbenhauer, Laubach are all Grandview regulars also passing up Grandview to run Port Royal. Duane Howard is on the fence on where he'll be going. Thunder on the Hill promoter Bob Miller is a good guy, but while the 410 sprint, USAC sprint, and USAC midgets shows have all seen big purse jumps, the modifieds haven't seen any purse increases for his races. The "Traffic Jam" race pays less than it did 25 years ago. So, that's why I think you're seeing a bunch of these guys not being too conflicted to pass up his show next weekend for Port Royal. Like I said, I like Bob, he absolutely packs the place for his shows, so that's far from a criticism of him, just an observation. The triple 20s deal is always a cool concept and I'm bummed I can't do both shows next weekend.
  5. Alex Yankowski, Justin Wright, Roger Henion Jr, Craig Von Dohren all confirmed, too
  6. I've gotta get it together and get the list updated... I'm still holding to my 60-65 range. Always have a few guys that change plans last minute, and I'm sure some guys will choose to go last minute since you don't have to pre-enter.
  7. They had 97 entered before they did that last minute registration opening a couple days ago
  8. Scratch Danny Carlough from the field. Add Dave Marcuccilli and Jake Dgien.
  9. I'd assume he qualifies at Port Royal on Friday... depending what time the 200 starts, he could potentially fly in? Or even have someone else start the race and he hops in at half way? It'll be interesting to see
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