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  1. They're just picking and choose some bigger paying shows Saturday nights this year.
  2. From down my way, Dave Hoffman was pretty darn good. I know of a few modified drivers/teams that weren't very competitive that he ended up taking to victory lane.
  3. Super DIRT Series doesn't plan on running races without fans.
  4. Max will still be running some of the bigger shows for HBR this year along with these starts in the Madsen 20.
  5. Harrisburg is supposed to be moving to "green" starting Friday, so, they should be able to do limited indoor seating starting then which means you'd be all set for Speed Week.
  6. I actually saw a few sources saying now they're not sure if asymptomatic people actually can spread COVID. Still a lot of unknowns in regards to the virus, just hope everyone stays safe and healthy! As for the original topic; Ace Speedway has now been closed https://www.newsobserver.com/news/rebuild/article243392236.html
  7. They only had like 24-25 at BAPS last year for the STSS show on a Sunday night, too. Sunday's at tracks that have no weekly field to pull from can be a tough draw. Looked like they had a solid crowd last night, though!
  8. We've got 12 tracks running modifieds this weekend, who y'all got?! FRIDAY Outlaw: Matt Sheppard Can Am: Tim Fuller Penn Can: Duane Howard SATURDAY OCFS: Stewart Friesen Thunder Mountain (Open mods): Billy Decker Thunder Mountain (358 mods): Ronnie Davis BAPS: Craig Von Dohren Delaware: Jordan Watson Canandaigua: Peter Britten Cornwall: Mat Williamson Hidden Valley: Kyle Fink SUNDAY Potomac: Matt Sheppard Tri City: Jimmy Holden
  9. A little out of the area, but Hidden Valley in Western PA is running 358 modifieds as well on Saturday, and Delaware International has big-blocks Saturday.
  10. We did fly down. The only thing out of the ordinary in regards to the flight was having to wear a mask. Other than that everything was status-quo. I know they offered race rates at a hotel in the town of Chatham for something like $65/night. We actually ended up getting an AirBNB about 20 minutes for the track. Restaurants and everything were open down there and you didn't have to wear masks in any of those places. Friday crowd was pretty typical with what we see at local tracks around here I'd say. Definitely not a good crowd, but it wasn't super empty, either. There are some quotes in AARN this week with the track owner where he references that Saturday's crowd was the best he's had down there in as long as he could remember and it was the best night the track EVER had in regards to concession sales. Place was definitely packed. Like GT said, they had a ton of other classes. They actually run slick/street tires on their street stocks and their limited IMCA mods, then run a late model class that is a mix of open and crates, rookies, and 4-cylinders. The fans down there were SUPER friendly. I thought it was cool how many locals I saw walking around with shirts of our local guys that they bought during the weekend, too. Brandon Hightower really took care of everyone that traveled from the northeast! For reference on how successful that show must've been in regards to fan feedback, the track's marquee event has been the "Spooky 50" for Super Late Models, which pays $5,000 to win, so it's a big deal for them to put up a $20,000 to win show for our big-blocks!
  11. Had a freaking blast down there last week, guess they liked having our modifieds down there, too. Chatham and Brandon Hightower just announed another show, November 13-14, $20,000 to win!
  12. They announced last week it was postponed, date TBA.
  13. Small blocks are actually a weekly division this year at Hidden Valley. Tri City is racing their first show for all their weekly divisions (which also includes small block mods) on Sunday, so, you could make a weekend trip out of it
  14. Correct, Grandview/Big Diamond spec 358 rules. Should still be a pretty big field of cars with those cars not having had a chance to race this year, yet.
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