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  1. They're focusing on the sprint car program. Mostly 360 racing, but will be doing some 410 racing as well. No modified racing in the plans, unfortunately, but he'd love the opportunity if a ride were to come along!
  2. They actually have done this a few times. They had (if I remember right) Brett Kressley drive for the team at Grandview weekly, but Duane Howard run for them at Big Diamond. They also had another year where Matt Sheppard drove the car on the road and in big $$ shows with someone else running the car at weekly shows (might've been Howard for that, too). To your point, it never lasted more than a year.
  3. I'm a modified guy, so I'll trade ya! Haha, with work I actually live down near Philadelphia, now. Bridgeport Speedway is only about 5 minutes from my office, though, so still lucky to be so close to a track!
  4. There's been a vocal minority in that town that have opposed it since it opened in the late 90s. The people against it diminished as the crowds grew once Tobias/Rose took over a few seasons ago. They work relatively well with the Kutztown community, curfew of 10:00, work well with local businesses, and the Kutztown Optimist Club handles the food (which ends up being their biggest fundraiser every year.) The Borough itself gives the track a bit of a hard time from time-to-time, but, as someone that owns a house and rents it out to friends in Kutztown, they kind of do that with everyone.
  5. I can't find it, but I believe I read an article that stated that they were going to eliminate much more of the banking than they did last time they covered it with dirt in hopes of slowing the track down a little bit to make it a little more racy and less hammer-down. Regardless, the place is still going to be super-fast!
  6. BAPS draws well for Spec 358 shows, but they haven't been able to draw strong car counts even for the STSS events there in recent years (24 in '19 and I believe 31 in '20) even with their rules being more in line with what's in the area down this way. BAPS isn't even on the STSS schedule this year. William's Grove doesn't have any interest in hosting any modified shows. They're still working on finalizing a PA track that'll fill in on that July 28th deal, hopefully it comes to fruition.
  7. They're in the process of significantly widening the track (walls are all down right now), but it's not going to be all that much bigger when it's all said and done. I'll definitely be there to check this show out (and the USAC East Coast 360 sprint show on July 7th as well)
  8. Glenn also was the one that penalized Series drivers for running other series races. So, to recap, you complained about DIRT penalizing drivers for running other sanctioned events (which DIRT hasn't done in a few years) and then wish for a guy back that used to do just that. Impressive.
  9. Not to start a whole new debate and without giving out too much info, I've been working on a project for the last year talking to current and former members of the dirt modified racing media from all over. The majority actually have Danny listed over Alan. You really can't go wrong with either, though. Here are some stats from crown jewels and tracks/series titles for comparison... Danny Johnson *8 time Ransomville Speedway champion *5 time Rolling Wheels Raceway champion *5 time DIRTcar 358 Series champion *4 time Super DIRTcar Series champion *4 time Super DIRTcar Series cham
  10. Been told that they're putting in all new LED lighting this year. Awesome news!
  11. Random thought, I realize that it's a major investment, but I'm always surprised when another year goes by without the lighting situation there being improved.
  12. As for '21, hopefully these announcement continue! Here's what we've already got announced; Fonda 200; $53,000 to win Speed Showcase 200: $50,000 to win Super DIRT Week 200: $50,000 to win Eastern States 200: $40,000 to win Freedom 76er: At least $25,000 to win Super DIRT Week 150: $20,000 to win Coalcracker '72: $17,000 to win Drummond 170: $12,000 to win
  13. sorry ranger, I meant to quote your post but screwed up, haha. If I remember correctly, the Fonda 200 was announced early in the off-season as a $20,000 to win show, and when the DIRTcar schedule came out Canandaigua had a race listed that weekend (along with Utica Rome). When the race was announced at $53,000 to win, Utica Rome changed their Series date and Canandaigua made their race a non-Series race. Just a reminder, the tracks are the ones that actually pick the SDS dates, not DIRTcar (other than Charlotte & SDW.) Here's Paul Cole's statement proving that during that whole '19 Cananda
  14. Is this going to be one of those deals that when DIRT schedules a show 3 hours away from the Fonda 200, they're horrible people. But since Brett scheduled this show 4 hours away from Grandview Speedway and the Freedom 76er date they announced a few weeks ago (and have traditionally used forever) there's nothing wrong with it? That extra hour and change apparently is the difference between being horrible or not. For the record, I have absolutely no problem with any of the scheduling stuff. DIRT's ran against the 76er forever and both parties have great shows on that night. The fact that w
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