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  1. Guys that followed the whole SDS tour in 2019; Billy Decker Mat Williamson Larry Wight Jimmy Phelps Matt Sheppard Mike Mahaney Erick Rudolph Demetrius Drellos Peter Britten Marcus Dinkins Jack Lehner Ryan Godown Paul St-Sauveur Danny Johnson As for the STSS, the number of guys that have been at every show so far through 3 races so far is actually 30. Dom Buffalino, John Willman, Mike Gular, JoJo Watson, Tim Buckwalter, Cale Ross, David Van Horn, Brandon Hightower, Danny Creeden, Marshall Hurd, Jeff Taylor, and Ryan Riddle were all also at all 3 shows but have failed to
  2. Per AARN a few weeks ago, he was planning on running Utica but didn't like with the tire compound at Utica (they're running the same tire compound between Fonda and Utica to save the teams money) so as of then he was leaning towards returning to Outlaw, but it was far from a sure thing.
  3. Believe final decisions will be made tomorrow on these shows
  4. I believe Gary Folk Sr is who you're thinking of that has the lease.
  5. Mercer has been mentioning Sheppard as being there in their press release for that show. Definitely surprising, but it'd explain why he's not on the list of potential entries for Bridgeport
  6. There are a few big names heading to Mercer, though. Looking like Matt Sheppard and Erick Rudolph will be heading that direction instead of Bridgeport next weekend.
  7. They polled the drivers for their thoughts on it. There were some opposed, most were for (which I was surprised at). From what I understand, you just have to get to 12 weekly races. If someone runs 9 races at OCFS and 3 at LoL they're clear. Like the original posted noted, IF it passes, a guy can collect his Super DIRT Series bonus point even if it's at a 358 track. Other questions; Super DIRT Series champion will pay $40,000 to win this year, regular shows pay at least $7,500 to win, Hoosier weekly title thing pays $5,000 for big blocks and $3,000 to small blocks. I still say that
  8. I do, but I honestly expected the deal to be announced by now.
  9. Action Track USA is also on there weekly and Doug Rose is in the process of finalizing plans to broadcast Bridgeport on there weekly, too. I'm excited about all the added modified content this season!
  10. Definitely a 358 race. You're right that it was a Jack Johnson team car, but it was one of the 20 cars that Bryan Goewey owned, not one of the Dutchess 87 cars.
  11. Surprisingly, the only bigger money event that weekend is the Georgie Stevenson Memorial at Big Diamond that Friday. But, yes all 3 of those tracks have point races that Saturday night so you won't see any of the guys down this way at Fonda for the whole weekend.
  12. If someone denies an invitation, it'll just end up going to someone else. They'll make sure there are 45 cars there. Big blocks will be pitted in the infield for that weekend.
  13. Correct. I'm not sure if the numbers have been formally announced, yet, but I can all but confirm it'll be 45 big blocks and 42 sprints.
  14. Modifieds will have 45 care in attendance and complete qualifying
  15. Jim Britt, Billy VanInwegen, Danny Creeden, Brandon Hightower, Ryan Godown, Jack Lehner, LJ Lombardo, Tyler Dippel, Kyle Coffey, Derrick McGrew, Kyle Coffey were all planning on running.
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