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  1. I know last year's broadcast by Speed51 they had issues with getting enough service to stream the races from Accord and Woodhull live. Assume there's a plan in place to limit any issues this year?
  2. Tickets go on sale today at noon. Add Billy Pauch to the entry list.
  3. Once they missed the opener at Can Am with Perrego they decided they were going to run the majority of the races but not chase the whole Series,
  4. None of those 3 PA guys are going. Regardless, will be a fantastic field!
  5. There's a story about it in this week's AARN with quotes from both Sheppard and Williamson.
  6. 3 guys getting their first ever modified wins! Congrats to Jesse Marks (Accord), Brandon Watkins (Delaware), and Cale Ross (New Egypt).
  7. Here's a list of modified shows that week. 7/1 Plattsburgh Airborne Speedway (Super DIRTcar Series $10,000 to win) 7/2 Grandview Speedway ($3,000 to win) 7/3 Fonda Speedway (Short Track Super Series North Region $10,000 to win) 7/3 Can Am Speedway 7/4 Land of Legends Raceway (Super DIRTcar Series) 7/5 Outlaw Speedway 7/5 Lernerville Speedway 7/5 Penn Can Speedway 7/5 Big Diamond Speedway (50 laps $5,000 to win) 7/5 Accord Speedway 7/5 Afton Motorsports Park 7/5 Ransomville Speedway 7/5 Albany-Saratoga Speedway ($4,000 to win) 7/5 Brewerton Speedway 7/5 Autodrome Granby 7/5 Mohawk International Raceway (50 laps) 7/6 Thunder Mountain Speedway 7/6 Land of Legends Raceway 7/6 Sharon Speedway (BRP Modified Tour) 7/6 Autodrome Drummond 7/6 Bridgeport Speedway 7/6 New Egypt Speedway (40 laps $3,000 to win) 7/6 Grandview Speedway 7/6 Plattsburgh Airborne Speedway 7/6 Delaware International Speedway 7/6 Glen Ridge Motorsports Park (50 laps) 7/6 Woodhull Raceway 7/6 Brockville Ontario Speedway 7/6 Lebanon Valley Speedway (plus Small Blocks) 7/6 Five Mile Point Speedway 7/6 Fulton Speedway 7/6 Merrittville Speedway 7/7 Utica Rome Speedway 7/7 Cornwall Motor Speedway
  8. But Brewerton's crowd is even better when it costs more to get in and there's a better purse, right? Ala the Hurricane 100 or the Super DIRTcar Series. Maybe I'm in the minority, but I definitely go to races based on the purses. If a track is willing to put up big money for a race, I'm going to travel however far I have to so I can support it. The complaint everyone has had for so long is purses are stagnant. Similar to what Fred Rahmer said back in the day, if everyone supports the race that pays $1,500 to win the same way they support a race that pays $20,000 or more to win, what's the incentive in the track ever raising the purse?
  9. They're a lot closer to doubling the ticket prices than they are to doubling the purse compared to SDW. The purse is significantly better, but not nearly doubled ($176,700 total purse for the big block race at SDW vs. $251,000 total purse for the Saturday big-block race at OCFS). Didn't calculate everything else, but with the $20,000 to win 358 race plus the purses for the heats, sportsman, and pro stocks vs the prelim nights at OCFS, I'm sure the other purses come close to a wash. General admission for OCFS is $150 for the 3 days, SDW for the week general admission is $80 and gets you access into the main pit area off the backstretch all week long. Plus, Oswego's general admission seating is much better than OCFS, where the entire covered and 1/2 covered grandstands are only for reserved ticket holders. Reserved camping at SDW for the week is $100 while at OCFS it's going to be either $150 for general or $200 for reserved (top row of the drive in section) I'm excited for OCFS, so this isn't a knock on their prices. More that since SDW moved to Oswego, from a fans perspective, it's actually turned into a pretty solid deal.
  10. Holy hijacked thread, Batman. Michael Storms confirmed with their new big block
  11. Honestly, if you can't afford the weekend the Saturday only price is pretty reasonable at $60. Sure, it's expensive, but for comparison the Freedom 76er pays 1/4 of the winner's share ($25,000) that this race pays and nowhere near $1,000 to start and they charge $40 for general admission. I can see the pricing for kids 10 and under to be a tough pill to swallow for anyone that has kids, though. The parking situation, too.
  12. https://www.orangecountyfairspeedway.net/news/ticket-and-camping-prices-released-for-centennial-race-weekend/?fbclid=IwAR2OFlJx1qAAPNi__NmQM-gWzaXIq6T8X3Q182j1zK1mzkbfEkWqxqdIH64
  13. St-Sauveur was at both SDS races. Lebreche was not at either. David Hebert's team got rid of their big-block, but Pierre Hebert still has his (although it's a bit 'tired' as he calls it)