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  1. Last year they had 19 modified races scheduled and 10 of them were rained out.
  2. So, you're saying the only modified track still running as of now is Big Diamond?? This is going to be awkward for Uncle Tom...
  3. Oriol Servia to the third Schmidt seat. J.R. Hildebrand to the second Dreyer & Reinbold ride.
  4. Friesen will be at Fonda.
  5. I'm confused what you consider top tier? This is just off the top of my head; Danny Johnson & Tim Fuller have done too much to list Jimmy Phelps has won titles at Fulton and Brewerton, won the Outlaw 200, 150 at SDW Larry Wight has won titles at Fulton, the 358 DIRTcar Series, won the SDW 200 Mat Williamson has won titles at Lernerville and Merrittville, plus a 5-figure payday at Brockville last year Ryan Godown has won titles at New Egypt and Big Diamond plus won 5-figure races at New Egypt, Grandview, and Big Diamond Mike Mahaney has won titles at Thunder Mountain, Afton, and won a 5-figure payday at Fonda Peter Britten after dominating in Australia has a track title at Albany plus the 150 at SDW Couple of the younger guys on the tour are going to be really good in a few years, too. The one thing I don't think anyone can really argue right now are that the fields at ANY SDS or STSS race right now is top level. Definitely a fantastic time to be a race of modified racing right now!
  6. That was the original plan but the small block isn't ready, yet.
  7. Ryan Watt, Tyler Thompson, Andrew Ferguson
  8. What are the other issues? For what it's worth I don't think anyone is "hiding their head in the sand." Brett Deyo and Dean Reynolds have accounts here and use them to promote their product, but can you expect them to respond to every criticism on here? Look at when I posted factual information about how the schedule works. Even with a current DIRTcar employee verifying what I said, responses were, "I call bullshit" and "yeah right no promoter wants to lose their ass" etc. I'm willing to bet had Dean Reynolds posted himself the responses would've been the same until Mr. Cole's response verifying everything. Honestly, what other issues do you think they're hiding from? The higher ups from BOTH tours are very approachable, just go walk up and ask them what you want to know. More times then not you'll find they'll be very up front with you about whatever you want to know. At the end of the day we're all race fans! Even the higher ups at the STSS or DIRTcar.
  9. KB19


    Sweetners just focusing on Kyle Coffey on the modified side this year. Sheppard will be in his own 9s for Outlaw and LoL this year
  10. For what it's worth, don't forget that when the Super DIRT Series schedule came out and tracks scheduled these races, the Fonda 200 was paying less than half of that $53,000 to win. It was always going to be a big race, I get that, but $53,000 is a whole different ballgame than $20,000. Hell, I'm a perfect example of that. When it was first announced I was thinking about probably going, when it changed to $53,000 to win I booked a hotel the next day. But, yes, that's what we're telling you. I'm not one to post hearsay or rumors. Bob Miller and Martin Belanger are pretty credible sources, notice they're not arguing. John Baumes still works for DIRT, so I understand the "conspiracy theorists" trying to discount what he says, but he seems like a pretty credible source, too.
  11. KB19


    Matt drove for Shawn Ward last year on the STSS South Tour, but this year Ward is just a sponsor (HAS). He's no longer with Sweetners, either, he's just running his own equipment this year.
  12. DIRT doesn't pick the dates, the tracks do. Mart96 gives them kudos because he's aware of this fact through working with DIRTcar through Cornwall for years. The only point race dates that DIRT schedules themselves are Super DIRT Week and the World Finals. That's why Utica Rome was able to change their date when they requested it. Now, back on topic... I'd think LoL will have a decent field. Not many of their regulars will go to Fonda, plus with the way the payout is set up I could see them getting quite a few of the CNY cars that don't have any American Racers. I'm going to say mid-high 30s.
  13. Martz made the feature and finished, just got lapped towards the end of the race. Believe he was one of the cars that dropped to the rear on the infamous restart where a few cars stayed between Pauch and Sammons. Strunk had issues with their big block for the second race in a row. They also only made it out for warm ups at Georgetown with the big block before loading it up. And when Neal Williams blew his motor it was the second time that thing blew already this year. Exact same cylinder both times. Not a good start to the year for a few guys already!
  14. Sam Martz heading to Orange County in the big-block division.
  15. He won't be at all the non-conflicting dates, but he'll still run quite a few modified shows this year with HBR