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  1. Dirttrackin84 and bigracefan must be on the crew. Thats finally solved!
  2. Lmao. You guys are to much. Please come meet me at the trailer sat night for your free autographed photos....you have earned them!!
  3. Bigracefan, if that was the case i would make a lap and pull off.....24th would be a better handicap then starting 17th and finishing 10th.
  4. Idk if anyone wins at fonda starting from 12th or back in the sportsman division. Doesnt happen very often.
  5. Yea we missed the chicken wing soup. What a shame. Dirtmaster, yes i won 2 races last year starting 12th twice. Oh and i started 27th in the 2011 nationals and got 2nd. That was a good one, you shoulda been there to see it.
  6. I didnt know that big race fan. Got paid for each segment win.....a 30 lap race is more then a regular feature at fonda lol.
  7. Started 3rd in the troyer cup race, started 8th in the regular feature win. Thanks for all the kind gestures my friends. Lmao
  8. How about this. When you know,let everyone know. You already know so just stop the non sense. Especially Outlaw with the non sense valley comments.
  9. They dont need more bleachers. People sit on the lawn and are happy down at penn cann
  10. Thats a good idea to. You could get a troyer for free basically. I say buy rocky the troyer and lets see how it all shakes down.
  11. Not to mention the BOO BIRDS are far to quiet when bobbys not there. Makes for a less exciting night lol. If you do race fonda idk who else could be better. Guess we will all know soon. If you race the ridge, how about rocky warner. His guy joe used to wash the car for stew anyway. So theres the help your looking for. Good luck either way. Merry christmas
  12. Bring Bobby Back. If not for that teo bouncing on its frame with flat tires for a win the championship was yours. One more shot at it jake? Its gonna be your type of track, tacky and fast. Let bobby put that big block to work.
  13. Heres how i started. Went to my bank, got a loan for 15k bought what i need and went racing. Sponsers come with success really. But family and friends with business's help in the early stages. Try to buy a complete car ready to race. Thats your best option to getting started and most cost effective. Good luck. Chad Edwards
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