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  1. Disappointing car counts. hopefully things get better for them.
  2. Another good 76er. Always one of the best shows of the year. Friesen put on a good show for awhile coming from 21st to 5th or 6th i think in the first half of the race. And then he got a flat and hit the wall. One of the things that make this race great is they redraw the top 28. So usually their are some fast cars starting deep in the field.
  3. joesplace

    Fall was in the air...

    How big is Deckers point lead ?
  4. We made are first trip to woodhull last night. I was impressed with the pricing. If you came early you got one dollar off admission and if you were a senior it was only 10 bucks to get in last night. So two of us got in for 29 bucks. Pretty good deal !!
  5. I guess i don't see what is great about this. They are held over features. Meaning fans already paid to see them. I don't think that its a bad thing for the track to do. But you make it sound like they are doing something great for the fans.
  6. joesplace


    Corcoran made the announcement to the fans that this was his last season. As far as saturdays show. They ran mods, sportsman, street stocks and ess sprints. And the entire show was done at 10. Thats how a show should be run.
  7. No we left after the mod feature. We were getting tired and had a 2.5 hr drive home. Was it a good race ? The sportsmen looked pretty racy in the heats.
  8. Made are first trip to outlaw last night. Nice facility. Place was packed. The sprints put on a good show. Although when the announcer read the 50/50 ticket up side down. And somebody thought they won. When they really did not. That was a first for me. I have never seen that happen before.
  9. What time did the mod feature get done ? I thought about going. But I had to get up too early on monday.
  10. Very true. It does seem as though the payne equipment. Is a step below the other top teams on the sds.
  11. I agree about Deckers equipment. If their stuff would hold up consistently. Then I would have said Decker will be champion. He would have a decent points lead now. If they did not suffer mechanical failure. While running second or third at airborne.
  12. joesplace

    From 10 to 40

    What is the new promotional team doing different to draw more cars ?
  13. If this show was at almost any other track. I would pay the 30 bucks. But I really dont like the super slick surface at utica. So i am passing on this one.
  14. I agree. I don't see the point of this post. People don't complain when a show is delayed because of medical emergency. That is totally out of the promoters hands.
  15. I thought 31 cars was a decent turn out for this race. Like every one has said the locals don't run the same stuff as the dirt series. So basically you had 31 invaders which is a pretty decent turn out. Other than the long drawn out shows. The event seems to be successful every year. The place was packed with fans.