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  1. Thank you. Got my call today...all reserved. 200. plus 10. fire dept fee, plus 3.00 fee = 213. for each site I had. Then paid 3 dollars more to have them mailed. I must be nuts !!! All the information is now on line @ superdirtweekonline. Next year Eldora here I come !!
  2. WHERE are we supposed to get information on these so called SITES ? They have had our 2016 deposit money since last Sept. I for one am not happy to be offered sites @ $200. and only have Electric. IF I pay for that I know for sure someone who didn't pay is going to try and hook up and rob the Electric . I pay for Electric for Medical reasons don't need someone dropping my voltage down to 15amps. Just doesn't sound fair. What about water ??? Tank isn't going to go a whole week. Unless you choose not to shower. Never been to Oswego but looks like nothing but a field. Just wont be the same....years of camping at Syracuse with reserved sites and now have to fight for a place you paid for. Maybe I should just ask for my money back.
  3. RIP Ralph Condolences to his family Hope to see him in the Fonda Speedway Hall of Fame
  4. Not Dustless....and Mary Lane was worse than the track. But it is dirt racing so we deal with it.
  5. The Fair Board loves horse people !! Came right from a board member..they make out better with horse people. Does the Syracuse Fairgrounds ring a bell !!! They wanted horses over race cars. Sad to think what may happen. No one in Syracuse cared about history, we need to fight for the Track of Champions to stay !
  6. Not a word about where campers are going to be @ new track. They have been getting our money for years in advance for our reserved sites. Like a fool we have given them more $ to reserve for 2016 because we are loyal SDW fans/teams.  Forget about 2 campgrounds nearby, they are already jacking up their prices for the big event. Just like Florida during speed week.  I know they are in business to make money, I get that.  But paying for hookups for years at SDW is not something I am willing to bargain. If I cant be where the action is I will be getting a refund and calling 2015 our last SDW.
  7. Correct on this statement " LET THE FLAGGER FLAG THE RACE"   He knows what he is doing !   Only help he needs if there is an incident he cant see and needs a yellow.  How come they announce they cant see from the tower what is going on in the fourth turn when there is a wreck over there...guess they can see when they want to. Fonda...please have a class on what the lap car flag means.  Maybe the race director should use his radio to remind them if they don't follow the rules they could cause a wreck...
  8. Thank You for explaining that.  I attend different tracks and wish everyone would handicap the same. One more question then I will leave you all.  Does Glen Ridge use electronic scoring ??  How about Fonda ?  oops that was 2 questions, sorry.
  9. Please someone explain how this is done ? Just asking, don't need any snarky answers/remarks about do I want to take a class on handicapping? Because I may sign up for it. Just curious as many people in stands were curious. For the record a good crowd tonight at the ridge.
  10. Paid for reserved sites in December. When are they going to be mailed out ?
  11. I never received a confirmation email when I purchased my camping tickets last December. I requested them mailed to me. When will they be going out in mail ?
  12. Did you ever see the mess that people left in that parking lot while staying there waiting for the gates to open ? If you did see it you would know...they ruined it for the rest of the fans. Garbage all over. It was nasty.
  13. Has anyone received their camping stickers in the mail for 2015 yet ? I paid last December didn't know if they have been mailed out yet. I didn't receive any letter.
  14. I go to the races to watch a race not fireworks.  If I wanted to watch fireworks I would go to an area that was having a display.  Yes kids like fireworks, but half of them don't sit still to watch the races .    If the crowd was down Saturday the ones that were there must have all flocked to the area I sit.  Half the people around me who sit there every week had someone sitting in their regular seats.   Guess the improvements Matty made to the speedway/fairgrounds have already been forgotten. I for one still appreciate him removing that darn concrete wall. 
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