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  1. American Racers , Sail panels and 430`s every Saturday night.....
  2. 50JAGAIN

    U.S. Politics at Fonda

    I'm humbled... I had no idea we had a constitutional scholar among us...lol.... Mr Smith Goes to Washington..Hurry Hurry .There may be openings on the Supreme Court soon...😜
  3. 50JAGAIN

    U.S. Politics at Fonda

    "If the republicans disarm all is well and good, if they refuse to disarm we shall disarm them ourselves" Elizabeth Warren... #1 Don't for a minute think our 2nd amendment isn't under fire..... #2 Pete is a Patriot by definition...And patriots have been too quiet for too long.... #3 Try thanking him for trying to make Fonda a go, because if it wasn't for him none of you whiney ass haters would have Fonda to bitch about......
  4. Really, who cares about who yells more and who doesn't,,?...The DR got a ride and Fonda got a car..... Has a track ever sponsored a car in the past,,?? I find that far more interesting....
  5. From what I understand... he will own and operate his own new team....
  6. You are completely wrong...... Fully automatic weapons have been illegal in the general public since 1934. You are confusing the 1986 assault weapons ban with fully automatic weapons. The assault weapons ban of 1986 was largely semantics and had no effect on gun crime. There are many firearms forums where this discussion would be more suited...either way its a sad day because of one sick sick individual.....
  7. 50JAGAIN

    Varin Book

    I think it was probably a rhetorical question.........
  8. I cant find in this post where it says who,s car D.J. will be driving at Fonda...?
  9. There is no disputing the talents of Shepard and Friesen...but a retired past champion told me after 30+ years of modified racing he still learned something every time out.... I think the point he was trying to make is there is nearly no substitute for experience.... Unfortunately in today's racing not many young guys can afford to stay in the game long enough to get that experience....
  10. The real pressure is on the flagger.... As with most dashes, the driver that jumps the start usually wins the dash... I noticed it will be side by side starts AFTER turn 4... that is how it should always be... Old school starts where the flagger actually starts the race .. Bill would have LOVED this!!!!
  11. So I'll assume the August 1st date is there to stop anyone from "borrowing" a handicapped car ride in the last few weeks of points..... It just seems crazy to me... But then again much in life these days seems crazy to me.. Lol
  12. Is it just me because I've been around racing so many years....or are the substitute driver rules baffling..? I like both drivers that used this rule at Fonda last night.. So this is not being critical of anyone... I just find it baffling... Jimmy Davis shows up for the first time this season... And starts the pole in his heat and feature..? Because he was driving the Vinnie Sangineti car who's handicapping has his car on the pole... Sooooo the handicapping goes to the car? Not the driver? Who gets the points? If Jimmy drives his car next week, how is he handicapped? A second and 2 lasts..? If Sangeneti drives how is he handicapped ? Who gets the points? This logic baffles me.... Based on this scenario on the last night of points a driver in a points battle can substitute drive for a car that is handicapped on the pole..?? Holy Shit racing used to be so simple and so much fun....
  13. Thank god someone on here gets it...:)) handicapping at Fonda has been 15 every week....