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  1. FINDING A DRIVER IS NOT THE PROBLEM I HAVE HAD ALOT OF GOOD DRIVERS CALL ME TO DRIVE IT'S FINDING HELP TO KEEP IT ALL GOING . THE ONES THAT WANT TO WORK ON THE CAR LIVE FAR AWAY. Sell it all...buy a nice hot rod...save money...enjoy Life! Jake's been there done that and bought the 3xl tee shirt ....and still found his way back
  2. there Jake's toys I think he can do what he wants
  3. ok key board tuff guy keep wearing your hat backwards cool guy
  4. I have a life I don't sit on here all day and night ....he wrecked his car ....what difference does that make ....mike sowle bought him that car as a sponsor ....house car
  5. So Mike bought the troyer ...thank you
  6. that is funny you guys have a house car ......
  7. In the pits it was announced over the speeker
  8. Jake had Teo for Stewart Friesen last year. Didn't race it much.it got broke in at the valley
  9. skip


    Hearn,delorenzo,Mark Johnson,flack ,Tremont