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  1. FINDING A DRIVER IS NOT THE PROBLEM I HAVE HAD ALOT OF GOOD DRIVERS CALL ME TO DRIVE IT'S FINDING HELP TO KEEP IT ALL GOING . THE ONES THAT WANT TO WORK ON THE CAR LIVE FAR AWAY. Sell it all...buy a nice hot rod...save money...enjoy Life! Jake's been there done that and bought the 3xl tee shirt ....and still found his way back
  2. there Jake's toys I think he can do what he wants
  3. ok key board tuff guy keep wearing your hat backwards cool guy
  4. I have a life I don't sit on here all day and night ....he wrecked his car ....what difference does that make ....mike sowle bought him that car as a sponsor ....house car
  5. Jake had Teo for Stewart Friesen last year. Didn't race it much.it got broke in at the valley
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