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  1. I think Billy JR had a few Coors Lights !!!! which is okay
  2. i`m commenting on my own post, can anybody help me ID these guys? Chris A ? Slojunk ? Gasket ?
  3. Better one of Corellis that you guys were discussing
  4. Can you identify ? Looks like a 78 taped over a 61 with a little bumper damage.................. old CD car ? 5s ??
  5. Back to the original photos, on another site they are telling me the 3 Claude Hoard and yes 27 is Jeff Van Steeburg
  6. Well i have alot more from that day and they are marked 1983 200 lapper pretty sure it was the Sunday after the Tri Track race at OCFS the nite before I will put them up if you guys want ? i will need some of them ID`d not these thou......................
  7. BOB333


    And b4 you defend him, i like Pauchy, now root for him at NES but back in the day he was like Earnhardt/Blewett a little rough but for some reason got away with it ?
  8. BOB333


    well maybe because all those years at Flemington when he spun guys or leaned on them ?? when he was younger? if you notice driver tend to mellow as they get older as we all do ????
  9. How long does it take you to get there from CT ?
  10. i didn't read it but heard Mann said Danny ruined car last year at Accord and ran thru the hole on 3rd turn every lap at Georgetown, no respect for owners. and didn`t help work on car