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  1. I realize that most of us will not get to enjoy a delicious ______ at ________ this season, but what are you looking forward to the most in 2021 (track food)?
  2. To make a very long story short, FIREonDIRT was a sim racing league for a PC racing game. Some really awesome people got involved and after a really popular aftermarket plugin I created generated a lot of attention, we started sprinkling in news. We had some really connected people on board. We made the decision to convert to a news site. Part of that was the acquisition of DirtTrackDigest.com as a domain. I was way more interested in the development side than the leadership of the media. I was also going through a divorce. It felt like a great time to move on. I run a company tha
  3. I think its a very real possibility that race tracks in other states like Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Maryland are about to get really busy around late May with guys from NY and Ontario traveling south. It doesn't sound like those states are anywhere nearly as aggressive with the phased timeline as NY, NY, and New England. Hagerstown? Williams Grove? Eldora?
  4. The fact is that I think to be pushed into the upper tier, you need to win some big races and a few track championships.  Also, be old and crochety.  Maybe drive a little dirty and have people hate you a bit.  No one hates white cars - make 'er black. 
  5. My local track, an asphalt one, which i still refer to as "Lancaster", is dropping its stock car program indefinitely.  It was announced by the leaseholder of the facility (not a promoter) that after LAST Saturday's race that it is "done" with its kinda-weekly Saturday stock car racing program.  This is kind of unacceptable as a Western NY'er, but completely inevitable the way the track has been run - or not run.   Track staff (not the lease holder), plus super respected guys like Tim Packman are trying to get the gang to support one last race.  The Tommy Druar & Tony
  6. Stew was in victory lane ... at Fonda ... how can he make commentary on this at all?
  7. show it again? I don't know if it was sports center or not. But video if the accident was shown several times on ESPN this morning. NASCAR countdown began coverage by showing it.     I wasn't referring to the video of the event - I was referring to them replaying the Craven commentary.
  8. Check that ... this is another one ... http://espn.go.com/video/clip?id=11334270
  9. I really don't think there is a better way to discuss it than what Ricky said.
  10. This is even a debate?  Tony's RR clipped the LF of Ward's car causing the initial spin.  It happened quite a few times with other drivers.  In the exact same spot a few laps prior, a driver saved a complete 360 spin from the exact same contact.   I watched that video a few times but I won't watch it again.  I am not going to speculate at all ... I did last night, but I admit to being exceptionally emotional at the time.  I know I heard some car punch the gas at the same time there was contact.  It was either Tony or it could have been the Cobra, as he just
  11. Total side note, these video pop-up ads are annoying and keep crashing.  Who authorized this crap?
  12. If the other likely thing was that he wanted to rooster-tail him, and he failed, then there isn't much to defend the action.  I can't pretend to be a huge sprint car fanatic, but I was watching the cars push like snow plows when turning left at low speeds until spinning the RR.    I really hate guessing and stuff.  I'll definitely stop now (and return to obscurity) and let the experts and law enforcement hash this out.  Anything else I say would be a guess, and make me part of the problem.  All I really wanted to do was clarify all of the incorrect info with a t
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