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  1. BJoy

    You Build It

    Really? I seem to remember some late nights putting laps in......
  2. For Dirt, wouldn't this qualify as pooping where you eat? That is a sustainable business model!
  3. Such a shame to see him go. Time for him to move on and find someone else who will suck up to him.
  4. I also Integra big body aluminum shocks for sale. They were done at Bicknell last sping. Many of them have very few races on them. Also dyno sheets are available. The shocks were run on Chris Mackey's big block at Brewerton and Fulton last season.   If you have any questions PM me and i can help you out.
  5. Doug, has there been any discussion of what the point fund will pay for 602's along with a purse payout.
  6. BJoy

    T Mac

    I have never known a driver who likes to lose. Let me know if you find a driver who shows up to not win, and ill show you a driver who left the sport.
  7. BJoy

    T Mac

    Wonder how he liked the Higfab car...
  8. How about getting a few more decent food vendors. Grand stand prices were comical. The infield bar was a joke. The only decent place was the joint right across from the infield bar.
  9.   How about interviewing someone that is impartial to the situation. Interview Doug Emery or atleast someone with no ties. When they called Stew, I would believe they knew darn well that Stew's "fiance" was involved with Tony at one time and opened the door up for Stew to slam Tony. Wouldn't you say thats bad journalism or irresponsible journalism as well?
  10.   Does the average race fan that likes him as a driver and thinks they like him as a person change their view of him now with that interview? I personally have no respect for him.
  11. So your saying the answer is built in to the resolution? Weird how that could happen. lol
  12. Jake, is it a revenue thing for DIRT why they dont switch? Maybe we need to brainstorm a new source of revenue for them....? Maybe the decision would go quicker lol.
  13. Only a few more hours until another spec motor sunday in the sportsman class. I predict spec motors will be 1,2 and 5th.
  14. When will the announcement be made officially through Utica's website? Will there be a drivers meeting this week to discuss the changes?
  15. Matt was not forced down there. There wasnt enough available in that lane. He drove right in to the door of the 3m trying to muscle through him.