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  1. Looking for old Gater News 1975 and back. Also Area Auto from 1980-1990. Thanks email-dhbk5m@verizon.net
  2. Kinda miss the old sign behind turns 1 and 2. Heres the Canadian Blast battling with?? Who remembers this one?
  3. Who was the team car to Bob Hatt's #9? (Seen in pic #1). Does anyone remember what color Rob Ledingham's 1984 gremlin was?? I know the top was white, but can't remember if the back was blue or red. And the number was blue or red. Thanks
  4. This one I am posting for Wayne Ashton. Bill Stuyvenburg and Barefoot Bob at Can Am.
  5. Ill end the suspense. The #50 was Rick Seguin from St Kitts. The pic was taken at Merrittville. Good job on the rest. Here is another limited this time from 1985. Good Luck. Bill Dominey is on the outside.
  6. I believe the #99 was Mark Elsie. The #1 could be a Ledingham. This time lets go to 1980. Can you name these limiteds??
  7. I would have to say 1986 0r 1987. Probably '87 judging by the Ferri hauler.
  8. Seeing its Thanksgiving weekend lets see who knows their mini-mods?? It's only fitting we include the turkey farmer.
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