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  1. Rain has passed and improving weather conditions will continue throughout the day...Going to be a nice first official summer night of the season...Great 4 division card of URC Sprints, 358 Modifieds, Road Runners and Legend cars for Red White & Blue Autos Night... RACE DAY!!! Friday, June 21: Modifieds, United Racing Club Sprint Cars, Roadrunners, Central PA Legends. Red White & Blue Autos night. Kids 10 and under are free Kids 11-12 are $10 General admission is $22 Seniors are $20 Active military with valid ID free
  2. The great racing keeps rolling along at the Big Diamond Speedway this coming Friday night 6/21/19, here’s whats on tap... Next up: Friday, June 21: Modifieds, United Racing Club Sprint Cars, Roadrunners, Central PA Legends. Red White & Blue Autos night. Kids 10 and under are free Kids 11-12 are $10 General admission is $22 Seniors are $20 Active military with valid ID free
  3. Highlights from the Topless 40 Mod race last Friday night...Video guy had some issues with his camera Friday night so he did the best he could...
  4. Glad you enjoyed the show and the improvements being made there for this year and into the future...The sportsman mod guys have been so good all year they were due I guess lol lol for a “yellow fever” type of race and it happened Friday...Or the entire show would have been done around the 10:30.
  5. Go back and re-read my post lmao, like I said, “I KNOW YOU DONT NEED 40-50 CARS TO HAVE A GREAT RACE”.
  6. Just saying starting the week off with 25 cars for a $10K to win race IMO is below expectations...What/who is going to be left for the weekend shows at Port Royal n Weedsport, as you always have guys who don’t make the entire week...And can’t really think of many who might jump on the week as it goes along...I LOVE this series and racing and want to see it back in the East for years to come, but looking at that field last night was pretty “ho-hum” IMO...People want to see race cars, as many as possible, put on the best show they can...I know ya dont need 40-50 cars to have an awesome race, but by the looks of it, hope I’m wrong, they’ll be lucky to have the full 22 car field by the time the weekend rolls around, like I said, I HOPE I’M WRONG!!!
  7. Super surprised and disappointed to see only 25 sprint cars were at GV last night, for this show GV usually always draws like 30...And with Timmy Buckwalter’s violent flip down the front stretch last night guess that makes one less for the rest of the week...Not a good sign where the Eastern Storm is going in the future JMO!!!
  8. BIG $$$ on the line when the Insinger Fuels 358 Modifieds go topless this coming Friday night...Last year this show was a big success and the racing was really good...Definitely an exciting 3 division show with the Road Runners having some extra $$$ on the line also for Savage 61 Night... Modifieds are going topless this Friday night! Next up: Friday, June 14: Fathers Day Giveaway, Modified Topless 40, $5,000 to win, Sportsman, Roadrunners, $661 to win + Cash Dash. Savage 61 Night. Gates open at 5:30pm Warm ups 7:15pm Racing 7:45 General admission is $20 Kids 11-12 $10 Kids 10 and under are free
  9. I’ll be at Port Royal Saturday, the USAC guys always put on a super show there racing on the best surface they will race on all week.
  10. The Dog Pound headed North today without the Dog lol...My bro and 3 friends made the trek up to Lebanon Valley today for the show tonight for something different today...Unfortunately I have work tomorrow morning so the 4+ hr drive was a lil to much so I had to bow out, I’m bummed I’m not up there with them as Lebanon Valley is one of the few tracks I’ve never been to...So if you see anyone wearing Big Diamond Speedway shirts up there today they are my boyz hahaha...Maybe next time I’ll make it.
  11. DiamondDog

    Big Diamond

    So glad you enjoyed your visit, was definitely a great night.
  12. It sure was lol...From 21st to 1st, Matt Williamson from 25th to 3rd...The 50 lap feature was super entertaining, with Godown on the bottom, Grosso pounding the top lap after lap getting aside n catching Godown but just couldn’t tug the lead away...Pauch Jr was putting on a show also running the top groove...And it was just methodical watching Super Matt do what he does so well...Just a really great night at BDS last night, mods were over by 10pm, like lil to no dust in the 50 lap feature on a sunny n breezy day, Crate Sportsman then run their feature off non stop with a first time winner Nate Brinker taking the win...First time ever this race was run under sunny skies and no chance of rain and a BIG crowd came out to witness it.