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  1. This coming Friday for the first time this year when the USAC East Coast wingless sprint cars invade BDS the regular BDS headline division 358 Modifieds will be on the racing card also, plus the Sportsman Mods and Road Runners...Should be a fantastic night of ground pounding, intense, and just all around exciting night of racing...Hope you can join us... Friday, July 19: Jeep Night, Modifieds, USAC Wingless Sprint Cars, Sportsman, & Roadrunners. Please note that the Sportsman have been added and the Street Stocks have been removed for this week. General admission is $25 Seniors $23 Kids 11-12 $10 Kids 10 and under are fee Active military with valid ID are free All Jeep owners will be permitted to participate in a on track parade during intermission!
  2. Highlights from last nights action...
  3. If ya weren’t at the Diamond last night ya missed out on some INCREDIBLE 358 modified racing...CONGRATS to Jared Umbenhauer and the Mike Harvey owned #1H team on Jared getting his first career modified win at BDS...He battled with Kris Graver to get the lead a lil past mid point of the race...But Graver wasn’t done, as he found the top side of the speedway to his liking and was reeling Umbenhauer back in and was setting Umbenhauer for and outside turn 3 and 4 pass to regain the lead when disaster struck Graver as going into turn 1, as he gets in to hot and goes around ending his awesome race last night...While all that is going on ’The Ringoes Rocket’ Ryan Godown was exactly that A ROCKET, flying on the outside of the track getting all the way up to 2nd last part of the race...I mean the racing for the top 5-6 spots is just INTENSE last night with Umbenhauer, Godown, Howard, CVD and Rick Laubach flexing muscle in the #1K last night...And then here comes Billy Pauch Jr in the BMS #14 from his 16th starting spot up to 6th another one who was cruising up top on the outside lane of the speedway...Godown is just on a mission, Umbenhauer like he said in VL was up front most of the race wasn’t sure where guys were racing so he stayed on the bottom, Godown is just hammering it on the top catching the #1H lap after lap...White flag waves Umbenhauer still getting it done Godown one last ditch effort, makes a power move around the top in 3 and 4 drives all but up to Jared’s bumper but couldn’t quite get up next to Umbenhauer to make a last lap pass for the win, with Umbenhauer going on to take the very popular win...For sure the raciest the track has been all year with the new ckay was last night, WOW it was good, smooth, very lil dust, racy from top to bottom...The new clay was/is a learning deal but now looks like the track crew is getting it where it needs to be and the racers are figuring it out...We have that track week n week out for the rest of the year WATCH OUT its going to be a fun and exciting finish to the racing season at BDS.
  4. Highlights from CVD’s $5000 win in the Stevenson Memorial last Friday night...
  5. Lifted this off the tracks FB page... LIKE & Share for your chance to win a family 4 pack of free tickets! We decided to have fan fest this Friday for the huge Georgie Stevenson Memorial! Fan fest will start at 5:30pm and end at 7pm. We will have a DJ playing music, cars on display, free hamburgers and hot dogs while supplies last and more! Come on out and enjoy our 4th oF July celebration with a great FIREWORK show! One of Big Diamond Speedway's most prestigious events - the Georgie Stevenson Memorial set for Friday, July 5. B&H Landscaping Night. George-Georgie Stevenson Memorial. Modified 50, $5,000 to win, $400 to take the green, Sportsman, Roadrunners, Street Stocks, & a great firework show at intermission! Georgie Stevenson was a young and avid Big Diamond fan, who supported the track along with his family every week. Georgie battled cancer and sadly passed away at the age of 12. He worked hard to raise money for cancer research and at the same time loved the sport of auto racing. The first Georgie Stevenson Memorial event was contested in at Big D in 1980. Georgie's father, George Stevenson passed away unexpectedly in 2015. George’s presence at Big Diamond made a significant difference over the decades. He was a champion for terminally ill kids and tirelessly worked year-round to raise money and present it to their families to help defray the cost of treatment and expenses brought on by cancer and other life-threatening diseases. Kids 10 and under are FREE Kids 11-12 $10 Students 13-16 $15 General admission $25 Active military with valid ID are FREE
  6. This weeks AARN says 200 loads of clay are going down on OCFS
  7. More new clay was added to the speedway during the week to keep building a good base for the future, made for a bit bumpier racing condition then the normal BDS racing surface...Duane Howard in the Hansell 357 picked up his first BDS win of the year getting by young rising star Matt Stangle to get the job done...
  8. Rain has passed and improving weather conditions will continue throughout the day...Going to be a nice first official summer night of the season...Great 4 division card of URC Sprints, 358 Modifieds, Road Runners and Legend cars for Red White & Blue Autos Night... RACE DAY!!! Friday, June 21: Modifieds, United Racing Club Sprint Cars, Roadrunners, Central PA Legends. Red White & Blue Autos night. Kids 10 and under are free Kids 11-12 are $10 General admission is $22 Seniors are $20 Active military with valid ID free
  9. The great racing keeps rolling along at the Big Diamond Speedway this coming Friday night 6/21/19, here’s whats on tap... Next up: Friday, June 21: Modifieds, United Racing Club Sprint Cars, Roadrunners, Central PA Legends. Red White & Blue Autos night. Kids 10 and under are free Kids 11-12 are $10 General admission is $22 Seniors are $20 Active military with valid ID free
  10. Highlights from the Topless 40 Mod race last Friday night...Video guy had some issues with his camera Friday night so he did the best he could...
  11. Glad you enjoyed the show and the improvements being made there for this year and into the future...The sportsman mod guys have been so good all year they were due I guess lol lol for a “yellow fever” type of race and it happened Friday...Or the entire show would have been done around the 10:30.
  12. Go back and re-read my post lmao, like I said, “I KNOW YOU DONT NEED 40-50 CARS TO HAVE A GREAT RACE”.
  13. Just saying starting the week off with 25 cars for a $10K to win race IMO is below expectations...What/who is going to be left for the weekend shows at Port Royal n Weedsport, as you always have guys who don’t make the entire week...And can’t really think of many who might jump on the week as it goes along...I LOVE this series and racing and want to see it back in the East for years to come, but looking at that field last night was pretty “ho-hum” IMO...People want to see race cars, as many as possible, put on the best show they can...I know ya dont need 40-50 cars to have an awesome race, but by the looks of it, hope I’m wrong, they’ll be lucky to have the full 22 car field by the time the weekend rolls around, like I said, I HOPE I’M WRONG!!!