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  1. scottv36

    B Town

    Looking forward to getting my race season started tonight at the brew house. Always love going there
  2. Is it just me or are tracks later then usual putting there schedules up?
  3. To tie in with the outlaws on the sunday maybe. leaving the 29th for Utica Rome?
  4. scottv36

    Tim Fuller

    If it's oswego team I would think it's the team otto ran for at dirt week
  5. cant help but think that Matt was the only DIRT driver that did not goto Orange County
  6. some here make it seem like Matt is the only DIRT driver that is not going to ESW
  7. And it's because of th weather they make these decisions
  8. any plans for a meet and greet for DTD people?
  9. The spot they are parking cars is a rather huge area.
  10. Nice we will be able to bring soda and water in
  11. the drop off is not as bad as it once was in 3 and 4 since they tore the trees out and added some fill. The outside of turn 2 there is trees behind the billboards
  12. I have not sat out there in a long time sorry I am usually in turn 4 out back or closer to the flag stand
  13. the easiest way to get there towing a trailer is 481 to 104 then turn right on 104 to city line rd. have not ordered pizza to the track myself but I would imagine that any of them would be willing to meet you at a gate with the pizza.
  14. no you can see great from turn 4