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  1. doesn't look like it other than usually there's some free live feed on fb page for ocfs. video sucks and hard to follow but better than nothing for free
  2. not sure of the other stuff but you won't be watching tonights race as flo removed it from the schedule
  3. 1. matt sheppard 2. eric rudolph 3. peter britten 4. billy decker 5. brett hearn 6. danny johnson 7. ryan godown 8. jimmy phelps 9. larry wight 10. mat williamson dh stewart friesen
  4. 1. Erick rudolph 2. matt sheppard 3. stewart friesen 4. larry wight 5. peter britten 6. jimmy phelps 7. brett hearn 8. mat williamson 9. ryan godown 10. mike mahany dh billy decker
  5. 1. stewart friesen 2. Erick rudolph 3. peter britten 4. danny johnson 5. matt sheppard 6. brett hearn 7. steve bernard 8. steve bernier 9. billy decker 10. jimmy phelps dh larry wight
  6. 1. Erick rudolph 2. larry wight 3. stewart friesen 4. mat williamson 5. matt sheppard 6. billy decker 7. brett hearn 8. steve bernard 9. jimmy phelps 10. ryan godown dh danny johnson
  7. between wrecks and some surprise names that didn't even attempt to qualify we all got killed
  8. do you have plans to be more inline with them in the future? no offense but you would have a much larger following and make more $ in the long run by having either a better rate yearly or evenly monthly subscription as opposed to a higher amount on a race by race basis. not trying to bash but just my input, I would also subscribe if that was the case. I just recently subscribed to flo racing and I believe if weather cooperates 8 sds races this month for just 29.99
  9. got it fixed...…….never mind
  10. stratton87

    Big show 11

    anyone know why fuller was a no show? surprised to see some other names not show as well like billy dunn, gary Tomkins, Justin haers, alan Johnson, and bobby varin
  11. ryan godown stewart friesen duane howard matt sheppard Anthony perrego rick laubach craig vondohren ryan watt billy pauch jr jeff strunk dh mike gular
  12. stewart friesen matt sheppard billy decker andy bachetti mat williamson Michael storms rich ricci jr ryan godown mike gular danny tyler dh danny johnson
  13. Erick rudolph larry wight jimmy phelps mat Williamson matt sheppard danny johnson peter britten alan johnson brett hearn ryan godown dh billy decker