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  1. I would say Volusia counts as it's open to anyone but Eldora invitational doesn't count. it's the same argument used as to why hearn has 5 less wins counted towards career win total. as for who gets to race in that race and maybe john can answer this but how is this actually determined? I used to think it was for guys that have never won a sds race but this year phelps, hearn, johnson were in it and in 17 half the field was former winners/sds regs
  2. does the cost really matter when pretty much everyone that goes already has one?
  3. stratton87

    Brett Hearn

    he won the last 2 races, if you're going to discredit what he's done this year at least get the facts straight. let's face it, not many people went forward in the bb races at ocfs this year, he was one of a very few. as for people saying he's not the threat he once was, that's true he isn't. none of them are. Williamson, sheppard, Rudolph, wight, friesen and a few others are now. however, if hearn is starting on the pole that means he was fast enough in his heat race and or time trials to get there and he has just as much of a chance as anyone else out there still. maybe he isn't driving from 15th to win anymore on the sds like days of old but getting by the all time winner still isn't easy.
  4. stratton87

    Brett Hearn

    my point was you said he could have started on the pole and still not have a great shot at winning. anyone that can drive from that far back up to where he did mist likely has a pretty damn good car. he would have just as good of a chance to win from the pole as anyone else out there now still.
  5. stratton87

    Brett Hearn

    considering he came from 38th to 17th and not just attrition, you're wrong. sure he's not as great as he once was, who is that's been around that long....no one
  6. mostly from Tremont fans hoping he didn't return to the valley. I still get a kick out of his fans thinking he's so much better than brett at the valley yet more times than not brett is the favorite to win there when he's a regular. he'd be all time winner there if he ran a few more seasons. as it is, he's only 1 championship less than Tremont now and that's only after not running there this year. good chance a flach is in the madsen ride at the valley not sure if full time or occasionally yet
  7. 1. mat williamson 2. Erick rudolph 3. matt sheppard 4. brett hearn 5. max mclaughlin 6. demetrios drellos 7. Michael maresca 8. chris hile 9. larry wight 10. jimmy phelps dh billy decker
  8. as already stated britten was more of a troyer deal...….dr who knows what happened. billy dunn seems to be a good fit for this team perrego you can't really blame graham for, they were to run the whole sds this year and perrego opted to miss the 1st race since ocfs was running that night. although he has looked really good when he has run the car
  9. Max is driving for Graham at Charlotte
  10. taking it to Charlotte
  11. 1, stewart friesen 2. duane howard 3. ryan watt 4. jeff strunk 5. larry wight 6. Erick rudolph 7. david vanhorn jr 8. rich laubach 9. billy pauch jr 10. mike gular dh matt sheppard
  12. I don't if it was not thinking they would get it I or not but I know Ronnie Johnson's fan page on fb posted they were leaving not too far from when they actually started and wanted to save some time for the team and get ready for charlotte and billy pauch jr's said due to the weather and how bad they did on Friday they weren't coming back as they went home to race saturday
  13. 1. brett hearn 2. stewart friesen 3. ryan godown 4. mat williamson 5. jimmy phelps 6. tim mccreadie 7. matt sheppard 8. Ronnie johnson 9. mike mahany 10. bobby varin dh danny johnson
  14. was surprised to see he doesn't have a win at devils bowl in the shaw 57 car he used to run there