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  1. i too went the support@dirtvision.com and within a couple minutes got a reply. i also mentioned in my request to allow subscribers to cancel on their own as this is an issue every time i cancel. sounds like they're doing a redesign and will take this into consideration
  2. this too has really been my only complaint, is not being in control of it myself. I too sent an email and haven't heard anything back yet
  3. good luck bud, the fishing has been great out there this year. went a couple times on the lake and did great
  4. this exactly right here John...When I lived in NC I went to 1 dirt track besides Charlotte for World finals. We sat there for I think 6 hours for 5 or 6 classes, time trials, heats, and then heads up starts for features. Each class had at most 15 cars. Couple with less than 10, 1 had maybe 3 or 4. The most boring night of racing ever.
  5. my apologies, i've seen a lot of old races that i didn't attend on youtube or that i acquired from different people, never heard about that one.......thanks for clearing it up
  6. that wasn't jack it was jimmy horton at the valley....unless there was another similar incident
  7. the season is just starting, really don't think it'll be that hard once weekly tracks open up more. Williamson, friesen, sheppard, and wight all make it to 20 or more and probably a few others as well...you left larry off the list and he's at 5 or 6 wins already this year as well
  8. that's good that it doesn't hurt your rating. my girlfriend can't go shopping since she has an autoimmune disease but some of these shoppers she gets are total morons when it comes to substituting things. she ordered combos for her kids but they were out and the one person tried to substitute for crackers, lol I can see a different brand or asking if a different flavor is ok but when it's not even the same type of item, wtf hope you're doing well man
  9. I don't think a moderator is needed for this, it just sucks when you click on a thread and hope to find some useful information yet most of the posts have literally nothing to do with the topic. Sorry if you took offense to my comment, I didn't mean that it's a bad site, however there's a lot of people that don't use this anymore because topics don't stay on track. There's so many other ways to find out what you're looking for nowadays. I try to come here as much as possible since I've been here from the beginning but threads like this one make it kind of pointless.
  10. not the first day but when I click on a thread I expect to see information about the thread and not a bunch of whiny posts about other shit. I've been here since the fireondirt days back when the threads stayed on topic and didn't trail off onto some other useless bullshit.
  11. exactly the reason why this site has gone downhill a lot over the years. thread about sds drivers for the upcoming year and maybe 6 actual posts about drivers and 3 pages of a pissing match over which motors are better and would win at what tracks 🙄
  12. DV and DOD are now tied together as well for billing. When they took my money after I was only looking to get the world finals it was billed by DOD. I called them and they said I had to talk to DV. I did and they refused to cancel it and refund my money even though I hadn't watched anything and it was only a few days into December. So the 2 are working together in that aspect and their customer service sucks. 2 days before you get a response, no one answers the phone except at DOD but no one did at DV with the # I was given or called me back. Flo is still the best value at this point.
  13. while I certainly see what you mean, charlotte is it's own event. it's the whole weekend package and was cheaper than a monthly subscription. I've done this every year except the one year that I lived in nc and went to it in person. as for dirtvision it's a back and forth bs between them and dirtondirt not responding until 2 days later. stating they'll cancel me for January moving forward but won't cancel me for December even though I haven't even been on dirtvision since charlotte weekend. my bank won't even dispute it because dirtvision sent an email stating that right now it's
  14. I didn't sign up for the monthly it was just the weekend only. Same thing I do every year and have never had this issue before.
  15. Just a heads up for anyone that ordered the fast pass weekend subscription for Charlotte world finals. I signed up for just that weekend and they charged my account again today. It wasn't set up for recurring monthly subscriptions but they charged me anyway. I called dirtondirt since it shows up under them on my account and was told dirtvision said not to refund anyone unless the customer contacts dirtvision 1st, pretty shady business to not just refund me right away due to their error.
  16. I would say Volusia counts as it's open to anyone but Eldora invitational doesn't count. it's the same argument used as to why hearn has 5 less wins counted towards career win total. as for who gets to race in that race and maybe john can answer this but how is this actually determined? I used to think it was for guys that have never won a sds race but this year phelps, hearn, johnson were in it and in 17 half the field was former winners/sds regs
  17. does the cost really matter when pretty much everyone that goes already has one?
  18. he won the last 2 races, if you're going to discredit what he's done this year at least get the facts straight. let's face it, not many people went forward in the bb races at ocfs this year, he was one of a very few. as for people saying he's not the threat he once was, that's true he isn't. none of them are. Williamson, sheppard, Rudolph, wight, friesen and a few others are now. however, if hearn is starting on the pole that means he was fast enough in his heat race and or time trials to get there and he has just as much of a chance as anyone else out there still. maybe he isn't d
  19. my point was you said he could have started on the pole and still not have a great shot at winning. anyone that can drive from that far back up to where he did mist likely has a pretty damn good car. he would have just as good of a chance to win from the pole as anyone else out there now still.
  20. considering he came from 38th to 17th and not just attrition, you're wrong. sure he's not as great as he once was, who is that's been around that long....no one
  21. mostly from Tremont fans hoping he didn't return to the valley. I still get a kick out of his fans thinking he's so much better than brett at the valley yet more times than not brett is the favorite to win there when he's a regular. he'd be all time winner there if he ran a few more seasons. as it is, he's only 1 championship less than Tremont now and that's only after not running there this year. good chance a flach is in the madsen ride at the valley not sure if full time or occasionally yet
  22. 1. mat williamson 2. Erick rudolph 3. matt sheppard 4. brett hearn 5. max mclaughlin 6. demetrios drellos 7. Michael maresca 8. chris hile 9. larry wight 10. jimmy phelps dh billy decker
  23. as already stated britten was more of a troyer deal...….dr who knows what happened. billy dunn seems to be a good fit for this team perrego you can't really blame graham for, they were to run the whole sds this year and perrego opted to miss the 1st race since ocfs was running that night. although he has looked really good when he has run the car
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