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  1. Moving one of the two marquee races from Saturday to Friday night would really hit DirtCar in the wallet. The Saturday / Sunday arrangement still makes the most sense money wise. Unless fans get so turned off by the product on the Speedway (stands looked packed Sunday) the current schedule will remain. But just too much wear and tear on the track with multiple divisions running during the day is a correctable issue. Don’t know why we need three features on Sunday. The scheduling of the races in the day also gives you a window to race later in the day if there is inclement weather like they were able to do Saturday.
  2. The temperatures were pretty moderate this weekend but having endured Arctic like conditions at SDW at the Mile during the day, the prospects of Oswego at night is one that this Jersey boy would not relish. Can’t imagine how cold sitting in the Lakeview grandstands would be with the wind off the lake.
  3. Bridgeport's 5/8 track was just too big. It was a legitimately long and wide track. There was never any side by side / wheel to wheel racing there and that's a lot of track to illuminate which they did not do well. They are shortening to less than 1/2 mile, supposedly adding some banking and relocating the existing lighting to illuminate the smaller track. They have a nice large grandstand, big midway, and covered picnic area where they often have live music. It's a good setup but the racing itself was never really that compelling. Hopefully, it will work out for them. Although I live in Jersey it's a long haul to get there but I'm intrigued and look forward to checking it out. Grew up going to Flemington but having traveled to a ton of tracks in my adulthood I've come to appreciate the smaller tracks for weekly racing.
  4. If anyone hasn’t watched the OCFS Centennial documentary episode 10 on YouTube I’d advise you to watch it. I posted it on another thread. It has footage of the cars piling up when the rain hit, Sheppard’s tirade, interview with Gurda and Sheppard, Hearn and others about the contradictory announcements post accident, Friesen’s hitting the wall on lap 157 and even footage of a member of the Behrents team complaining about Friesen not going to the rear after bringing out the caution,
  5. Bingo!!! In the OCFS Centennial documentary Sheppard mentions that if he had known he'd get "penalized" by having to go to the rear for working on the car under the red then "maybe" he'd wait until they restarted the race and he'd go in and try to fix his car then. Who here believes he'd wait 2 hours to fix a damaged racecar and try to fix it when the cars were back moving on the track? If he waited until they restarted he'd obviously be going to the rear anyway. Bottom line is that Sanchelli's decision that was announced over the loudspeaker was a great deal for Sheppard and the others who were unfortunately caught in the cloudburst. If you want to be upset that they were caught on a wet track that's one thing but once it happened then they were always going to have to fix their cars under red so verbally abusing a track official for the reversal was over the line. About 10 or 12 years ago I saw Sheppard stop his car on the frontstretch at New Egypt, get out of his car up the stairs past the flagger, around the grandstand, and up the stairs of the tower and into the control center to berate the race director (one assumes). Also was there to see him physically go after Larry Wight at Utica Rome when they tangled after Wight's car actually flipped and he could've already been injured/concussed/who knows? So this is the third public spectacle I've witnessed in person from this guy so forgive me if I'm not going to get the violins out for him. FYI, I was sitting in the half covered grandstand and although I had seen lightning in the distance before the green flag dropped, I had no idea it had started raining until after the pileup in turn 1 and it started to pour. If the lightning was that close, you can be assured I and everyone else would've been out of the metal bleachers ASAP.
  6. The final episode of the OCFS 10 part documentary actually has an excellent recap with footage of the Lap 12 wreck, footage of the Sheppard kerfuffle in the pits and they actually interview Sheppard afterwards. Also good footage of Friesen bouncing of the Turn 4 wall at lap 157. Check it out.
  7. That is the best point right there. They published a schedule and were not close to following it. The published start time for the feature was 8:30 which was easily doable with only one division. If the race started on time and was 90 minutes the race would’ve finished right before any showers. But they didn’t follow the schedule at all. Why not?
  8. Did something change? It was advertised as Modifieds, Crate Modifieds, and URC Sprints not Modifieds and Sportsman. Actually, New Egypt site says Modifieds, Crate Modifieds and URC Sprints. STSS says Modifieds, Crate Sportsman, and URC Sprints So, three different things on three different sites.
  9. Whatever you’re trying to say, it’s nonsense.
  10. But there isn’t better testing around this area so this what has to be done until there is. These rules aren’t a secret so the driver who chooses to roll the dice must pay the price. No excuses.
  11. There are support columns for the roof of the half covered grandstand that may be an issue visibiity wise depending on where you sit in Rows M or N though. If you don't want to roll the dice, get Row L if available.
  12. To each his own. Modifieds are what I go to see. Two big block features and 1 small block feature. I’m in. Jimmy Phelps is here. Godown is here. Assume Pauch and Dunn are here in addition to the other OCFS regulars.
  13. Just buy online through OCFS app or their website. Got tix in Red Half covered grandstand Row M. Row N I think is the highest row but with the beams for the “half cover” you could get an obstruction in front of you there so I played it safe. I looked at covered grandstand but I think they only had row I left (O is highest row) so I think half covered is the best bet now.
  14. B-Train


    This is the largest winning payout in dirt modified history and a historic event for this kind of racing and people are complaining that $65 is too much. Okay. All I can say, is a lot of people don't get out too much. Does anyone have any idea how much a crappy seat for a run-of-the-mill concert costs or a regular season MLB or even college basketball or football game? Not to mention the prices for food, drink, parking, t-shirts, etc. The biggest stars in modified racing will be there on a Summer Saturday. If that isn't something that you're interested in then I would question how much you really like modified racing. And of course, that's your right. But as a fan, if someone is trying to actually make our kind of racing an event I think they should be praised not lambasted.