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  1. Brewerton. There was the junkyard outside of 1&2, a hill of sorts,a buch of junk cars to stop excursions into the yard, very close to Sylvan Beach and Canasota.
  2. I think you have the winner with this one. As far as active runners go. The Fonda contingent, Hearn/ Eurich, Hearn/ Heotzler, Tremont/Marshall, all deserve a mention.
  3. MSD is just an ignition system that uses a battery, coil, dist., and ignition controller/circuit board "box"...puts out a very strong spark.
  4. They have no intention of opening anything until November.
  5. There is a very good chance there will never be another race in New York, period. Since Cuomo is getting away with what he is doing with no fight, he will probably just start making executive orders to eliminate things bad for the environment. If the Demoncrat/Communist party steals the election this year, racing is over in the USA.
  6. This site needs an ignore feature so I can put this guy on it.
  7. The worst thing that could happen is a track charging 65 bucks with no purse and cars actually showing up. Racing would be over at that point. Better to just wait it out.
  8. What is starting to become apparent right now (this week) is that testing (mainly out west) is starting to reveal that upteen thousands of people have had it , with a death rate that will end up in the 0.0010% range...………………...that being said, I don't want to make what has happened in the ny metropolitan area seem minor, because it isn't.
  9. I don't understand anybody questioning a race track from operating citing that someone may get sick when there is a good chance someone may get killed on the track at anytime, unlike say, a baseball game or something.
  10. wow...…..you got a good point, this is y2k all over again. Never thought of that...…….
  11. Wow......…...Larry is not afraid to speak his mind and is very accurate with his views. A high quality engine is cheaper over the long run as the parts used are basically "high mileage" pieces, able to be used for many laps. As far as Matt's views are concerned, I have a very different opinion- I was very disappointed when Fulton/Brewerton/U/R went back to Dirtcar. And pretty much horrified about what Thunder Mountain has done. It is not a conspiracy theory that BRP wants to supply the cars AND engines to all the DIRT competitors. It is going that way. Wenger spec Big Block anybody? ☺️
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