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  1. IMCA A Mods are 99% 604 crates.
  2. Absolutely one of the nicest people you would ever meet. RIP.
  3. The Hoosier mafia is running rampant here lately. Too bad.
  4. oilman

    Coil Car

    Also, the bars used in a modified are extremely soft compared to a street car or baja vehicle, in other words much heavier and robust.
  5. It's funny you asked this question on the Thunder Mountain thread...………..🙄………………………………….hint hint
  6. oilman

    Coil Car

    No, there will be very few torsion bar cars out there next year.
  7. By the way everyone, don't forget that Genesee will be racing this Saturday the 26th. Last chance to see racing up here for the year.
  8. I don't think so Matt, I've been looking at the heat results, there is a very tough field there.
  9. oilman

    Dutch Hoag Memorial

    To be honest, I can't afford one of those expensive lettering jobs anyway.🙂 But, I agree a lot of these wraps do not look good at all.
  10. well, let's see......Stew's uncle was the greatest promotor of our time, his dad, other uncle and grandfather ran one of the most successful tracks in N.Y. for years,,,,,,, so, yeah I think he's absolutely drumming up interest for the benefit of the track, it's probably a natural thing for him.
  11. oilman

    Dutch Hoag Memorial

    Well, I disagree but whatever.
  12. A: there's no way that car would be competitive...……...in fact, the car was raced many times on short tracks and Syracuse after 1980 and never did anything.(as the 73). B: All the Grant King cars and this car were instantly outdated as soon as the Troyer car hit the track in the spring of 1981. Don Bushbacker was the head tech man of DIRT in 1980 and was the one flown to look at the car.
  13. I like daytime 200's myself, (as long as it isn't rough), it is a totally different thing than the norm.