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  1. I didn't say me jackass, I said "people". I could care less myself.
  2. Ahh, yeah. Just because you missed out on it, don't disparage us who did.😛 Of course, how we went from Billy Colton to the World Champion Harley Race is another one for the DtD files.
  3. Wrestling II is working on Sawyer's latissimus dorsi muscles
  4. Maybe now they are, but not 20 years ago. So, people have that opinion from those days.
  5. I read Gordon Solie's biography and it had quotes from Buzzie Reutimann and Will Cagle on how great an announcer Gordon was. I never knew about an auto racing connection with him.
  6. Next, he needs to can the sportsmen and get E-Mods in there. Sorry Matt.☹️
  7. Best TV show in history.🙂
  8. No, Fuller will be president and Colton is going to be manager of Rochester operations for 5 years. KMG365 out.
  9. Every week at approx. 8:40- the big one would come in...………( alert tones)......…."Engine 51, Squad 51, Battalion 14, Engine 44, squad 19, Pumper 54, Engine 97," ………..🙂
  10. The people out there don't want to see dirt turtles racing.
  11. "Administer 30cc's of d-5-w and a lyncean drip and transfer as soon as possible"
  12. It looks like Troyer has been sold to Rob Fuller. Some of it will remain in Rochester.