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  1. wow...…..you got a good point, this is y2k all over again. Never thought of that...…….
  2. Wow......…...Larry is not afraid to speak his mind and is very accurate with his views. A high quality engine is cheaper over the long run as the parts used are basically "high mileage" pieces, able to be used for many laps. As far as Matt's views are concerned, I have a very different opinion- I was very disappointed when Fulton/Brewerton/U/R went back to Dirtcar. And pretty much horrified about what Thunder Mountain has done. It is not a conspiracy theory that BRP wants to supply the cars AND engines to all the DIRT competitors. It is going that way. Wenger spec Big Block anybody? ☺️
  3. This news is being celebrated on all other boards.🙄
  4. I agree, that was in no way to treat a series follower. WoO has all sorts of officials too, not a skeleton crew like some series.
  5. I agree, but the problem is that it is no longer slick at Weedsport anymore. I went there for the last time back in 2018 when it was once again a overwatered one lane mess with a big curb one lane up. All Night. That's enough for me.
  6. Yeah, I have no idea what the original poster was getting at.
  7. I think STSS is slowly winning the war.
  8. IMCA A Mods are 99% 604 crates.
  9. Absolutely one of the nicest people you would ever meet. RIP.
  10. The Hoosier mafia is running rampant here lately. Too bad.
  11. oilman

    Coil Car

    Also, the bars used in a modified are extremely soft compared to a street car or baja vehicle, in other words much heavier and robust.
  12. It's funny you asked this question on the Thunder Mountain thread...………..🙄………………………………….hint hint
  13. oilman

    Coil Car

    No, there will be very few torsion bar cars out there next year.
  14. By the way everyone, don't forget that Genesee will be racing this Saturday the 26th. Last chance to see racing up here for the year.