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  1. It is debatable...…..in Pa. for instance, as soon as you get west of Harrisburg, it is late model all the way. In Texas, it is Sprints, modifieds and factory stocks. California and the southwest, all of the IMCA classes and sprints rule.
  2. That is true......…..they don't really have much late models out west...…….IMCA A mods, B mods, Southern Sport mods, USRA, UMP, WISSOTA A and B, USMTS, there is a million mods out there..
  3. has to be late models I would say.
  4. There isn't nearly the amount of complaining, fighting, etc., on this board as there was like 13-14 years ago. I think it is quite civil today, I don't know what those people are talking about.
  5. There was just as much complaining and BS in 1978 as there is now. It was done in person or over the phone.
  6. It appears to me that your power steering was working very well, enabling those lightning fast laps.
  7. You just bought up some subjects that are a big, big problem and has never been talked about here. ……..probably should not touch with a ten foot pole, however.....
  8. As far as OCFS , (with the exception of the DIRT years), it was always against the rules to work on a car under red .
  9. I'm about 98% sure the cancellation of the race was nothing to do with Middletown's event.
  10. Actually, just the Mullins standard USMTS/UMP wet sump motor is more than adequate for Woodhull, 5 Mile, Thunder, etc. Great driving motors.
  11. actually, it was 1991 when the Niagara tracks went 358. All tracks in the North Country were 320 small block tracks from day one.
  12. Actually, I think 40 races on a BB chassis is pushing it. I wouldn't go more than 25. You can run an open SB more times than a big block today without rebuilding, but rpm72x is right, it should have been the ported steel headed 358 the motor used, now you have to have a dry sump 430. Stupid and could have been avoided.
  13. I've decided to be the Guinea Pig for your theory...……...I've got nothing to lose.. Tim Horton's is a joke, I don't understand how people can drink coffee from there. It is a rip-off. Period. And don't get me started on Dodge pick-ups. Total junk. Anyone who drives one you just have to question their manhood. I mean, seriously??? If ole glizzy is right, I'll see you guys next year.
  14. Jerry was probably the greatest modified car owner of our time who never got any credit ever for being such.
  15. are they going to run any more races this year?