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  1. I'm truly sorry to hear of her passing. Thoughts and prayers Jay.
  2. As they say, he was an original. As well I miss those early phone calls from him. I think of his passion and carry that to the booth every Friday night with me. His greatest gift is the impact he has left on many of us.
  3. Completely different family Bob. But well played sir.
  4. I just spoke with my Dad, who is 72, and never heard of this track. He did tell me there was another proposed track in Potsdam in the early 60s by the Matthie family near Rt. 11.
  5. Brian Paige


    I'm truly sorry for your loss Bob. My thoughts and prayers are with your family.
  6. I do what I can. Thanks Jeff, I have a face radio.
  7. From experience, I've been announcing at Mohawk for 7 years. I've announced play by play for every sport imaginable. Announcing racing is the most difficult announcing I've ever done. Some will say I'm great others will say I stink. Its very tricky craft to develop but I do it because I love the sport. It takes time to hone your skills, give the kid a chance. I'm not on a par with many in my profession but my passion is equal if not better. I would rather hear about a kid trying to announce than many other things.
  8. Brian Paige

    Rocky Warner

    If I was racing and saw that pull in, I would be like rats. (Rimshot)
  9. No, Fuller was the only one. All Mohawk regulars though.
  10. Brian Paige

    Connecticut plane crash

    I had the pleasure of meeting him years ago at the Adirondack Speedway when the mods were there. He was extremely personable and genuine. Although I only chatted with him for a few minutes, his approachability won me over. He had this attitude which appeared to be, "I'm going to win no matter what it takes.". I would attend the fall race in Loudon for about 5 years and I would cheer for him more than any other driver during that weekend. RIP Teddy.
  11. Brian Paige


    I understand the frustration however if you read the article its referring to racing during Fair Week, not overall racing at the Moody Mile.