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  1. Great stuff! I watched it yesterday.
  2. Happy Birthday to all! Mike will be in the booth with us tomorrow night, looking forward to it.
  3. I was told today he will be there every Friday
  4. Mohawk twice again? YES! I love announcing this class when they visit. Very well organized and great to watch. I cannot wait.
  5. If you ever get attacked by a group of clowns. Go for the juggler.
  6. I stopped eating deli meat, yup I quit cold turkey.
  7. I just gave the sad news to a great friend. He told me how he watched the The Ox win a race with the left front busted off the hub with 4 laps to go. This man was a local legend. Godspeed Ox.
  8. I know what I saw at Mohawk a few years ago wasn't a time trial but it was the fastest thing I've ever seen do a 1/4 mile. Watching Bob Miller sprint to Turn 3 and back to safety to beat a monsoon. The man is like a cheetah.
  9. We're back at it again tomorrow. Gates open at 10am. Racing starts at noon. Mother Nature is being a jerk this weekend.
  10. I thought DTD had a "Don't ask, don't tell policy"?.
  11. 358 Modified TIM FULLER, Chris Raabe, Jordan McCreadie, Carey Terrance, Brian McDonald, Corey Wheeler, John Mulder, Billy Dunn, Pat O'Brien, Zach Aubertine, Matt Woodruff, Nick Webb, George Foley, David Papineau, Madison Mulder, Luke Stewart, Keith Weston, Gage Morin, Luke Whitteker Sportsman THOMAS COOK, Bruce Makinson, Troy Fleming, Jesse Hudson, Joel Hargrave, Billy Cook, Louie Jackson Jr., Brent Kelsey, Zach Arquiett, Mike Stacey, Moise Page, Robert Delormier, Brianna Ladouceur, Delbert Legrow Jr., Jordan Miller, Delbert Legrow, Gabriel Cyr, Justin White, Kyle Sharp, Tim Smythe, Chris Frennier, Anthony Rassmussen, Joel Herne, Ricky Thompson Novice Sportsman JAMIE LAFOUNTAIN, Dudes Thompson, Greg Snyder, JP Herne, Dana Francis, Junior Delormier, Melvin Rush, Brian McGinley, Justin Cook, Jason Bruno, Styles Arquiett Mod Lite KEVIN FOSTER, Harley Brown, Scott Waldrif, Brad Reif, Deric Ellsworth, Dan Reif, Nick Mallette, Jason Premo, Jason Paige Bandit RICHARD THORTON, CJ Lavair, Gary Sharlow, Shane Ray, Johnny Messenger, Lucas Brown, Devin Cook
  12. We are looking at 6:30pm hot laps, first green flag about an hour after that.
  13. 358 Modified BRIAN MCDONALD, Jordan McCreadie, Billy Dunn, Carey Terrance, Zach Aubertine, George Foley, Corey Wheeler, Luke Whitteker, Madison Mulder, John Mulder, Chris Raabe, Mike Maresca, Aaron Pugh, Gage Morin, Matt Woodruff, Tommy Jock Jr., David Papineau, Patrick Dupree Sportsman ROBERT DELORMIER, Sid Harmer Jr., Louie Jackson Jr., Joel Hargrave, Jesse Hudson, Mike Stacey, Thomas Cook, Moise Page, Dave Rogers, Brianna Ladouceur, Zach Arquiett, Brent Kelsey, Troy Fleming, Jackson Gill, Ricky Thompson, Anthony Stockman, Andy Howard, Delbert Legrow Jr., Delbert Legrow, Bruce Makinson, Neal Provost, Justin White, Billy Cook, Kyle Sharp, Chris Frennier, Tim Smythe, Joel Herne, Jordan Miller, Gabriel Cyr Novice Sportsman ANTHONY RASSMUSSEN, Styles Arquiett, Greg Snyder, John Gifford, Dudes Thompson, Dana Francis, Pat LaPage, Jason Bruno, JP Herne, Melvin Rush Mod Lite HARLEY BROWN, Deric Ellsworth Scott Waldrif, Kevin Foster, Dan Reif, Nick Mallette, Jason Paige, Jason Premo, Brad Reif
  14. 358 Modified BILLY DUNN, Corey Wheeler, Danny O'Brien, Brian McDonald, Carey Terrance, Madison Mulder, Matt Woodruff, Jordan McCreadie, Chris Raabe, John Mulder, Zack Aubertine, Aaron Pugh, Tommy Jock Jr., Mike Adderley, George Foley, David Papineau, Gage Morin, Patrick Dupree Sportsman BRIANNA LADOUCEUR, Billy Cook, Louie Jackson Jr., Jessica Power, Joel Hargrave, Sid Harmer Jr., Delbert Legrow Jr., Delbert Legrow, Moise Page, Andy Howard, Thomas Cook, Zach Arquiett, Robert Delormier, Jesse Hudson, David Rogers, Troy Fleming, Bruce Makinson, Ricky Thompson, Gabriel Cyr, Justin White, Justin Lalancette, Neal Provost, Tim Smythe, Joel Herne, Kyle Sharp, Chris Frennier, Ryan Stabler, Mike Stacey Novice Sportsman STYLES ARQUIETT, Greg Snyder, Jamie LaFountain, Melvin Rush, Dudes Thompson, Junior Delormier, JP Herne, Jason Bruno, (DNS) Dana Francis, (DNS) Hunter Schwandner, (DNS) Anthony Rassmussen Eastern Ontario Vintage Stock Car Club JOSH POWERS, John Stanley, Ryan Comeau, Steve Arbuthnot, Steve Billings, Paul Billings, Denzil Billings Jr., Ally Amell, Tim Charland, Darrell Wilson, Tim Hegarty, Justin Saunders, Steve Lackie Bandit GARY SHARLOW, Richard Thorton, Shane Ray, Curtis Smith, Lucas Brown
  15. 358 Modified CAREY TERRANCE, Larry Welling Jr., Gage Morin, Pat O'Brien, Brian McDonald, Jordan McCreadie, Corey Wheeler, Billy Dunn, Chris Raabe, Zack Aubertine, David Papineau, John Mulder, Todd Stone, Madison Mulder, Patrick Dupree, Kevin Bates, Tommy Jock Jr. Sportsman ANDY HOWARD, Thomas Cook, Mike Stacey, Dylan Evoy, Ricky Thompson, Delbert Legrow Jr., Zack Arquiett, Moise Page, Robert Delormier, Brianna Ladouceur, Louie Jackson Jr., Ryan Stabler, Justin White, Jesse Hudson, Troy Fleming, Delbert Legrow, Adam Rozon, Joel Hargrave, Kyle Sharp, Billy Cook, Gabriel Cyr, Neal Provost, Sid Harmer Jr., Jordan Miller, Bruce Makinson, Chris Frennier, Tim Smythe, Joel Herne Novice Sportsman ANTHONY RASSMUSSEN, Greg Snyder, Jason Bruno, Melvin Rush, Junior Delormier, Cody Aubin, Jamie LaFountain, Jamie Begor, Dudes Thompson, JP Herne, Thunder Anderson, Styles Arquiett Mod Lite SCOTT WALDRIF, Kevin Foster, Harley Brown, Dan Reif, Jason Paige, Brad Reif, Deric Ellsworth, Nick Mallette, Jason Premo, John Foster Bandit CORBIN MILLAR, John Gifford, Francis White, Richard Thorton, Shane Ray, Gary Sharlow, Curtis Smith, Jason Anderson, Lucas Brown, Jeff Crawford