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  1. Yes... Legion Speedway is now Rumtown Speedway. I ran a vintage race up there early this past Spring. The day we were there, they also ran Sprints, Sportsman, Late Models and 4 Cylinders. It was a fun little track to drive. Just wish it was closer to home.
  2. Speaking as a driver/owner of a Vintage Modified, I'm embarrassed by what I see being said in this topic. Vintage raciing means something a little different to everyone involved in the division, but our end goal is the same... showing the fans what dirt racing looked like back throughout the years. I for one, am a purist. I have a car that I built to be a tribute to my all time favorite car that Kenny Tremont raced to a victory at the New York State Fairgrounds Labor Day Race, back in 1987. The car is a true to form, 1986 Olsen Eagle, and my crew and I went to extensive lengths to make this car as period correct as possible. In my opinion, I'd say it's about 97% correct to the actual Olsen car that Kenny raced back in the mid 1980's. My reason for building this car the way I did, was two-fold. First I wanted to pay tribute to a family that taught me a lot about racing back in my teenage years; and second, I wanted people to see the car and say, "Hey, I remember that car!" But being a purist, I have no issue racing (yes, I race it hard) along side of a guy (or gal) that has a newer chassis with and older body, and wants to get out on the track and have a little fun (it IS supposed to be fun, right?) There are a good number of vintage race cars currently in competition, but not enough to be feuding like this. However, as of late, it appears to be only one organization in the mix that can't seem to play well with others, and that's the DMNT. Last season, I raced with several different vintage organizations, and had a blast all season. I even made it to a DMNT race at Airborne Park Speedway. While my night was cut short due to a mechanical failure, I still had the chance to meet a new group of racers, and made some new friends. But what I'm seeing in this topic, being posted by someone from the DMNT is in my opinion, disgusting. Throwing out insults about other series cars and people simply is not acceptable to me. Labeling others as selfish, technically illiterate narcissists; referring to others cars as misfit toys; advising another poster to "shut the hell up," is certainly not a way a professional organization should act. And I certainly don't want people to see my car, and think that I'm associated with an organization like that. Therefore, I respectfully request that the DMNT webmaster remove my profile from your website immediately. As for the Nostalgia Night scheduled for August 3rd at the Lebanon Valley Speedway, it is a show that am looking forward to being a part of! It will be a chance to meet several of the drivers from the Valley's rich history, and a chance to see a number of cars you might remember at the Valley from decades ago. Bringing back memories is what it should be about. It's also nice to see that the Classics on Dirt, Champlain Valley Vintage Dirt Modifieds, Mohawk Valley Vintage Dirt Modifieds, and Northeast Vintage Dirt Modifieds can all work together to help make this night memorable for the fans. Thanks for letting me vent. Dan Wood, 115 Vintage Dirt Modified
  3. I'm hearing rumor (and I emphasize rumor) that sadly, it's not going to happen.
  4. Yeah, we had a short in the car and fried the ignition system during the heat.  A big thanks to Pete Broderson and the Stone's for their contributions to help us get the car rewired and back running for the feature!   Being back at Fonda was a blast!  
  5. Actually, my buddy Kenn VanWert ran the 15 IMCA Mod.  I ran a 51 and later a 721.   I ran the 15 when they switched to UMP Mods.       Dirtmods55-   I'd love to run there weekly.Unfortunately my car is not legal for Fonda as it has a fabricated front clip.  Matt allowed me to run last night for the Danny Ody Memorial as Danny was a friend and we raced IMCA Mods together and I really wanted to be there for that event.    
  6.     Dirtmods55-   I'd love to run there weekly.Unfortunately my car is not legal for Fonda as it has a fabricated front clip.  Matt allowed me to run last night for the Danny Ody Memorial as Danny was a friend and we raced IMCA Mods together and I really wanted to be there for that event.
  7. Last  night was my first time on the track at Fonda this year.  I had heard the horror stories of the problems with the surface and didn't know what to expect when I got there.   I have no complaints about the track surface last night. In fact, that's the best surface I've run on at Fonda in years.  I never expected to go through as many tear-offs as I did last night!   Hats off to Matt and the crew last night!  I had a blast!   And DC... I saw that little head shake you did as I went by you in turn two during the heat!  LOL
  8. Here's a link explaining the handicapping procedures on Albany-Saratoga's web site.  I could be wrong, but I believe the Valley follows the same format.   http://cvra.com/wpblog/?page_id=3042
  9. Actually, the consistant snow cover that we had this winter may be a help.  The snow cover acts as an insulation and should prevent the frost from penetrating the ground as deep as it would if we didn't have snow.
  10. Show set-up is listed on the car application as Friday the 7th, from 1 pm - 9 pm.
  11. Joe- I called Marty Beberwyck last night and he was still at the track.  He went down to take a look, but they were gone.  I called the track this morning in hopes that someone may have picked them up and called the track, but no luck there so far either. 
  12. I know this is a shot in the dark, but thought I'd give it a try...   In my rush to get loaded up and out of Fonda last night, I made the costly mistake of leaving two Prostock tires/wheels leaning against the hot-pit wall.  They were a pair of Hoosier D-60's mounted on silver Aero wheels.  The wheels were marked with "181" decals.   If anyone happened to pick them up and are looking to get them back to their owner, please message me here or shoot me an email at DirtProStock181@gmail.com   Thanks!
  13. Photo #1 - Outside of row 2 is the #60 of Bob Ogren Photo #5 - #314 of Greg Clark Photo #7 - #29 Johnny Hankamp
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