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  1. Umpopular opinion, good for Max. Erik's been pulling that move for years at ransomville and merrittvill. What goes around....you know the rest lol alright Bobby Mo, let me have it lol
  2. I just think Danny is a good time for awhile. Yes success is great, but at the end of the day some owners pockets only run so deep. I wrenched for Danny one night at ransomville and he was super nice and fun to be around. I learned a lot about him and it changed my opinion of him drastically. I think we might be over analyzing this just a tad is all I'm saying I guess lol. Also stew44 I'm a huge Friesen fan and I've pitted next him a bunch and hes another person that's a blast to watch and be around but Danny deserves his place among the greats.
  3. Danny is hands down the most entertaining and successful to ever wheel a modified. There is no doubt about that, but after all the rides he's gone through you gotta start looking at the driver and not the owner(s).
  4. I wish there was more we could do to stop this. History of auto racing being erased for some millionaires and their horses.
  5. You sound like a man on a mission, I'll leave you to your own demise 😂
  6. Look who just caught up lol snowflake? We went through the name calling before Bobby. I'll heed the warning from the moderators. Seriously though, Ericks a great talent going places, I've never argued against this but it makes all that much harder to want to like him when some of his fans not only complain about not enough praise but how the praise is given?
  7. Theres always some sort of gripe with this kid get not getting enough congratulations. Last time it was about him finishing 4th or 3rd or whatever in some sds race. Does he need to be congratulated for everything? Should I congratulate the garbage men Wednesday when they come by ? Should I congratulate the cashier for cashing me out?. Congrats to Erick but his fans need to be held and told how special they are very often.
  8. The alcohol wasn't too kind on the w16 engines. Guys who ran it ran into all sorts of fun problems. Ransomville and merrittville have always had a bizarre relationship only being 40 minutes or so a part and running on different nights. They rarely work together on things given the opportunity. Not saying it's anyones fault just an observation.
  9. I feel on this one, but Matt Williamson and Erick Rudolph have both landed some quality rides and should be exciting to watch next season. Also, the gypsum team just didn't feel right without the Billy there.
  10. Not to rain on the title sponsorship idea but haven't we been waiting, last series sponsor I remember was advanced auto parts and that feels like forever ago lol? I don't hate dirtcar like some do but purse increases are only going to go so far. You need better scheduling and some tighter budget rules that can be enforced. Just my take on this.
  11. Could give 2 s!#@$ about the engine in the car. The fact an f1 driver hopped in a sprint car is cool enough! I'll have to give the article a read.
  12. I remember my eyes burned pretty good from it but the other kicker was it was insanely rough on tires. Or at least i thought it was? Lol hard to remember now.
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