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  1. The Grant King Gremlins were the most beautiful dirt Modified cars ever made.
  2. Modifieds have never drawn well in central PA, which is 90% Sprint Car fans. People (myself included) have thrown out the idea of moving SDW to Williams Grove but I admit now that would never work from a fan base standpoint. Too bad because both the Grove and Port Royal have awesome facilities and surfaces.
  3. Again, Friesen has been winning 20+ races a year well before the Halmar money. And I’m not sure what he’s buying that everyone else can’t buy? If you think he’s the only one with money then you haven’t seen the Maresca or Phelps operation.
  4. This is the 5th race they’ve had there. 2016 was a disaster. 2017 and 2018 I attended and I thought the races were quite good. 2019 was back to having an enormous crater in turn 3 and a single rubbered up black groove everywhere else. So this is 3 years out of 5 the track has not been suitable to race on. Something has to give…
  5. The place it’s at now isn’t proving to be very realistic lately…
  6. I’ve said it before 1000 times…. Rolling Wheels WOULD work. Yes it would take a lot of money to renovate at this point, but hear me out…. Weedsport is 5 miles up the street and you could easily sell camping there for a ton of folks and run shuttle buses. No different than Oswego now. You don’t need to pit 300 cars at once, you have a series of 4 one night stand alone shows - Pro Stocks (40 laps) and 360 Sprints (40 laps) on Wednesday, Sportsman (80 laps) on Thursday, 358 (140 laps) on Friday, Modifieds (200 laps) on Saturday night. The NAPA 500. Would be in and out one day shows. Inspect
  7. I remember that well. Rumor was they were pumping the tanks out of the local car wash and using the waste water on the track. So it had soap and wax and who knows what else in it. Again…I say RUMOR because I have no clue if it was true. But that track was almost impossible to get ahold of and some teams started doing crazy stuff to get their cars to go.
  8. I agree. Much more body and chassis roll than what has been the norm for Modifieds historically. Combine that with their high CG (relative to say a LM) and you are really moving the fulcrum point of the car much closer to the RR tire. Simple physics. And before anyone asks, yes I am an engineer.
  9. This is why the drivers prefer the black slick. Cars have evolved to the point of having so much side bite now, this is what happens with even a moderately tacky track. Aside from the rollovers, how many cars had driveline issues last night also? Wight? Warner?
  10. Were you there in 2019? The third turn had a hole bigger than the cars themselves. And the rest of the track took rubber so bad you could smell it in the stands. If it’s warm and sunny on Sunday I’m afraid it will be another less than stellar surface. Having said that, I have seen a couple very, very good 200s there when it was overcast and damp. Slick yes, but lots of room to move around top to bottom.
  11. Wight got a flat very early on and restarted dead last - 46th. Hence my comment about 46th to 4th.
  12. Phelps 40th to 1st…. Williamson won from like 34th?…. Larry Wight from last to 4th. Sounds like some good racing there.
  13. I believe he was. If 2019 was the year Maresca won, I’m pretty sure he took the lead from the 9s in the second half. Everyone bitching about what time the race ended on Friday….but not one comment on Jimmy Phelps going 40th to 1st in the first half of the 200?? And people say there’s no passing on a black slick track…
  14. Don’t ask me how I stumbled across this topic from 11 years ago, but I did… Got me to thinking, with the forecast for overnight 30’s here in Binghamton this week….how many people can remember snow in the air or on the ground at a race they attended? I have a couple memories of early April Sunday afternoon Weedsport openers seeing snow in the infield. And in 1987 on our way to SDW Sunday morning we drove through about 2” on the ground in Cortland. Thought there was no way we would see a race that day but it cleared up toward Syracuse and was actually semi sunny later in the day…
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