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  1. Decent run but not what we needed for the point battle!
  2. Yes...the lucky PS oil....works everytime!
  3. Track was heavy and I was a bit too tight in the center. Should have come home third but my sleeve snagged the inside of the cowl and I nearly crashed in four coming to the white flag!
  4. You can see the visability problems we have at Outlaw in the late afternoon.
  5. We ran green to checkers with no caution. By the time I got rolling Hammond was long gone in first. My only hope was if he had trouble which he did not!
  6. The #25 Pat Jordan was doing nothing wrong. Holding me tight as he should. One time he chopped inward kind of late but I think that was in the first feature which I didn't post. It was a shame the caution negated my pass when I did get him as I may have had something for the leaders.
  7. The tie-rod was quite bent when we did our maintenance this week.
  8. I could tell right from the green flag that I was pretty hooked up but then I guy got turned around and it created a mini pile up so to the back I go. Quite a bit of passing and close racing in this one. Enjoy.
  9. The Higfab chassis was working well on the highside on a slick track. Special thanks to our new Modified Sponsors; The Bucket Bar & Grill in Odessa NY, and Armstrong Construction in Elmira NY.
  10. I just want all the Dirt Track Digest community to know that Donna Edwards, long time lover of racing in general and especially dirt track racing has passed. she was my companion for nearly twenty years and courageously battled cancer for the past 12 months. Her steadfast support of my racing was a huge factor in my success. even though she could not come out to the track the last couple seasons she would always send me out the door to our race with the following admonishment; " Be Carefull........and KICK ASS" I often told her those two don't usually go together but she was unfazed. Before she left us I gave her those same instructions for her mysterious journey. she was truly One of a Kind! Her calling hours will be 2 to 4PM at Walter J Kent funeral home in Elmira, NY. thank You! DALE WELTY #123 & 9x Obituary of Donna Edwards EDWARDS, Donna J. Montour Falls, NY. She was born February 28, 1946 in Elmira, daughter of the late A. Reeve and Evelyn (Quigley) Edwards and passed away peacefully in her home after a courageous battle with cancer, Sunday, February 24, 2019. In addition to her parents, she was predeceased by her brother Joseph Edwards. She is survived by her longtime partner Dale Welty; birth children Michele Wood-Knott (Mike) and Beth Kwasnowski-McKaig (Fred); siblings Richard & Bonnie Edwards of Palmyra, VA, Jeri Edwards of Elmira, Jeanette Wright of Millerton, PA, James & Kate Edwards of Elmira, Steve & Trina Edwards of Temple, TX and Nina Byford of McGregor, TX; Dale's brother and sister Darrell Welty of Elmira heights and Vicky Santarone of Challis, ID; Dale's daughter and son Kelly Buttery (Jeremy) of El Paso, TX and Craig Welty of St. helens, OR along with several grandchildren and great grandchildren, nieces, nephews and cousins. Donna had previously worked at Powers Mfg and Trayer Products in Elmira and stayed close to the friends she made there. She was a notorious night-hawk who loved to stay up late playing cards and Yahtzee. She was an expert euchre and canasta player; liked to dance and listen to area bands. Donna loved NASCAR racing and was a huge fan of area dirt track racing where she would cheer on her beloved companion, Dale. She had a great sense of humor and was loved by many. She lived in the Lone Star state for a number of years. If someone crossed her, she would good naturedly jerk her thumb at herself and say "Hey, don't mess with Texas". Family and friends are invited to visit Walter J. Kent Funeral Home, 858 Lake St. at Washington Ave., Elmira on Saturday, March 2nd from 2 to 4 pm. Her memorial service will follow at 4 pm. In lieu of flowers, those wishing may remember Donna through donations to your local animal shelter. Her family would like to thank the doctors, nurses and staff at the Corning Guthrie Cancer Center for taking such good care of her during her struggle.
  11. True, Ha Ha....I am a double duty driver a lot of times! I've always been of the belief that in every division at most every track the top two or three guys are really tough and it doesn't matter what caliber the outside driver is, he's gonna have a hard time beating them. There were a number of outside Modified "ringers" in the field at Thunder Mountain's Topless 100 for 12K to win this past season but it was pretty much Crate regulars who finished at the front. That being said, Hammond and I have extensive Modified experience and Zacharias has full Modified pavement experience. The thing is a driver is a driver and just because he dirves in a supposedly "higher" class doesn't mean he's neccessarily more talented than Joe Blow who you race against every week, but it probably means he's more well funded which is why I don't care if we race against Dale Earnhardt Sr as long as the tech guys give us a Crate-Spec level playing field!
  12. Is this a DIRTCAR Event? If not and I was down their for the North Florida Speedway 602 Crate race I would load up my Crate and head over. It might be slck or you might get lucky in a heat race with a couple crashes and make your way in. Hell you're already down there and probably going over to watch anyway!!!