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  1. So nice to see a little guy win one especially one that been around for a while Great Job Jeff!!!!!
  2. Lost another all around great guy Danny Smith long time crewmember of C.D. Coville
  3. We went to New Smyrna during the February Speedweeks As usual it was packed Well feature time came around and the pace car pulled out and everyone just stopped and stared It was Kenny Rogers Tour bus!!! You could not believe how fast he was going The right front bumper dragged on the ground in the turns It was amazing
  4. Not oval track but still thought you would enjoy it We were out in California at one of the dragstrips and this was when everyone was jumping cars and buses Well this guy had a Chevy station wagon with a big block in it and he was going to jump 10 cars No big deal right? Well he was going to do it pulling a camping trailer with his wife and kids in it!!!! Came time for him to go and the cops pulled up and stopped it
  5. With Montgomery County being open will this help Fonda possibly open soon?
  6. Most amazing pace car I ever saw was at New Smyrna back in the 80's It was Kenny Rogers Motor home!!! Could not believe he didn't turn it over The right front bumper was dragging in the turns
  7. Not sure just who does what but the two guys that do most of the calls are Stan Gudra and Mike Sanchelli I'm sure I spelled them wrong but they are close Not blaming anyone but it's tough to run a race track
  8. Didn't realize just asking about practice would cause a problem Sorry
  9. OOPS See what happens when you get old!!!!! Thanks for the update for me
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