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  1. Didn't realize just asking about practice would cause a problem Sorry
  2. 428 views and nobody has anything to say?
  3. So what was everyones opinion? Good -Bad Better?
  4. OOPS See what happens when you get old!!!!! Thanks for the update for me
  5. Did they have it and if they did how was it?
  6. Just saw on Facebook that Howie is going to take over Fonda and just run it for specials and stop the weekly racing.Anyone know about this? Read it on a post by James Osterhoudt I know stuff on the net is not always right that's why I'm asking if anyone else has heard anything
  7. They had a big race at Malta and this was back when everyone had big mirrors Well they put a new rule in that said all mirrors had to be taped Well Cagle won and the second place guy said to check his mirror because it wasn't taped They did and said it wasn't taped Will siad yes it is just check it better Well everyone else used electrical tape or Duct tape He used scotch tape!!!!
  8. A great guy one of the real old timers who could drive and set up anything
  9. I know there are a lot of you out there and just want to say thanks
  10. Used to use horse manure at Knoxville
  11. Jeff Gordon payed a nice tribute to a former crew member from this area Mike Belden who had worked for CD and Jack Johnson passed away Saturday after a battle with cancer.He was one of the original members of The Rainbow Warriors and drove the Hauler and was the gasman for the 24 during the early years
  12. Can we just have a time-out and at least give Pete a chance before everyone starts beating him up
  13. Best Rendition of National Anthem I have ever heard was by Melissa Lazzaro!!!!
  14. Just came back from an hour walking around looking at everything To everyone who has a car or was involved Everything was unbelieveable All the cars were just beautiful  Glad it was able to  be put on Hopefully it will bring some new fans to the races
  15. Who could ever forget Dynamite Bean and Chet!!!!!