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  1. China "says" they have no new cases. πŸ™„πŸ€£πŸ˜¬
  2. Don't kid yourself, the sad fact is life will not get back to "normal." That ship sunk. Or at least until a new ship has been built. The economic impact of this will be staggering.
  3. The Plates were Changed to a tapered spacer to RESTRICT THE AIR GOING INTO THE ENGINE basically a Plate with a little bigger hole to increase the HP to 550 to 600 NOT full HP and they all go the same speed There is NO POWER left when the get to Speed so they can not overcome the Aero Package and get Sucked into the accidents. They Can not Power out because there in no more power WOW REALLY Statement is not about the restrictor plates but about " they know how fast the cars are capable of going and would not try to make the car do something it cant do and risk crashing " Drafting bumper to bumper, blocking at 200 mph, etc is counter to that statement. JMO
  4. Are you kidding? What the hell did they just do?? πŸ™„
  5. Without looking back and don't know if this has been asked. "DUE TO ITS HAZARDOUS NATURE, THIS FIRE SUPPRESSIONSYSTEM IS NON-RETURNABLE. IT IS ILLEGAL TO SHIP THIS HAZARDOUS PRODUCT UNLESS YOU ARE A CERTIFIED HAZARDOUS SHIPPER, " Does this mean there may be a legal issue transporting your car with this system installed?
  6. Interesting Fire Safety article. http://buildingspeed.org/blog/2018/06/01/fire-safety-motorsports/
  7. As with anything - accidents are just that - not expected but occasionally happen. So I was looking for some info on what the costs might be for treating severe burns and found this. "According to the National Business Group on Health, fires and burns in the year 2000 caused $6.2 billion in productivity losses. In 2010 dollars adjusted for inflation, that’s $8.6 billion. Those productivity losses are highest among men 24-44 years of age and women 45-64 years of age. Hospitalizations for burns represent only 1 percent of all injuries in the U.S., but treatments cost more than $10.4 billion per year, according to the same source. Complications associated with burn injuries can arise despite early burn management, and when they do treatment costs grow exponentially. Even low-intensity treatment for moderate burns may cost $206,853 or more, if there are complications. For severe burns treated without complications, the average cost tops the million dollar mark at $1,617,345. With complications, a severe burn can cost more than $10 million to treat successfully. "
  8. Or maybe one of those life events a racing family works hard at scheduling around racing so as not to interfere just to have racing come back and make one have to choose. I choose the daughters 1st baby shower. A wrong choice here can have lasting impact on a family.
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