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  1. My initial response was that this is foolish. But you guys convinced me that it is actually a smart move in the long run. You have all said that the jump from sportsman to modified is a huge leap. They have to learn how to drive again with all that power. So if you have the financial resources to do it, why not learn to drive the car that you are going to be driving. I would think it would be more frustrating to spend years becoming a star in the sportsman class. To then become a back marker in a modified world cause you to overdrive and become a bigger menace. If they are running a track with a lot of sportsmen and may not get to make every feature, you lose track time. And, I have heard a rumor that being a back marker in a modified race pays better than being a back marker in a sportsman race.
  2. I think it was the porn star mustache that did stewie in. He is Canadian, he should know that you don't shave at all during the playoffs. Half assed effort yields half ass results!
  3. brian moore

    Gary Tomkins

    No, I could have done it too but I haven't been on here in a while.
  4. A 55 Chevy pickup. I would give it to my dad. Then I might make it into his will too. He doesn't have any money, but I would at least like an honorable mention. 😄
  5. I have not been south of i80 in years, but I have been through scranton wilkesbarre twice in the last two weeks. First time I rolled right through at 60. The second time it was a couple miles of stop and go in the construction. Then it turned to up to 65, then back to 45. It kept going up and down speed wise until I was climbing the big hill south of town.
  6. It's not real popular with the parents of soccer players. The high school games I have driven by usually have more players on the field than people in the stands. And the ones in the stands are usually on their phones.
  7. Sorry I've been working on our trebuche for punkin chunkin next weekend. They penalized stew and Moffett I think it was for locking on and to each other when the video clearly shows Moffett bouncing off stews back bumper around the track. Pass thru penalty. I think they are going to have a long look at his truck because one of the flaps on the truck wouldn't stay down when he was up to speed.
  8. If you're bored watching packer trucks. The truck race is on. I don't like friesen in the least, but what nascar is doing to him is worse than that scene from deliverance. No lubricant whatsoever.
  9. brian moore

    Five Mile Point

    A prick, bye the sounds of it.
  10. Looks like a long walk to the bathroom. Should be back in good health in no time.
  11. Then he has a lot of tracks to choose from. I don't blame any father who acts in the best interests of his family.
  12. I think everyone who thinks John white should get over it should go buy a race track and run a high paying race against the outlaw so matt can win. It's his track it's his decision. If he would have done that to my kid he wouldn't be around for this discussion to take place.
  13. I think we need to get a ruling on this from someone. Even though they didn't award points to anyone. Do show up points get awarded to someone when they attempt to qualify, or do they get awarded after passing tech at the end of the night. I understand that under a normal points night you get points for where you finish. But show up points are for just showing up. He did that , so had they given show up points I think rabbit is right he should have gotten the points, just not the check or the trophy.
  14. brian moore


    Sitting further away from the bathroom is a good exercise program. It provides extra motivation to keep going. I mean moving. Besides every time you pee you get a little better health wise. The sponge baths, have your girlfriend give you one and then you give her one. I think that would make them more bearable.
  15. brian moore


    Is there a topic here?