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  1. I'm sorry to hear that you lost such a wonderful woman. It's not an addiction that many outsiders understand. It's awesome when you get to spend a lifetime with someone who is able to tolerate it.
  2. I know a guy who went to the judge and got married. Then they went camping for their honeymoon. He said, you know how hard it is to light the logs to start a campfire with just a cigarette lighter. They used the license to get the fire started. Her suggestion ! They were both drunk and the only way to cook their dinner was to get the fire started.
  3. I thought the same thing when I was younger. Never get married during racing season. It ends in a big fight every 7 years if you only go to one track weekly. As it turns out, just like in the rest of this marriage , I have no say in anything. Got married on July 7th 1999. I keep telling her I will never make that mistake again. She agrees that I will never make that mistake again. But she has an evil look in her eyes when she says it.
  4. He had to reopen the barbershop. Hi crown was getting tight.
  5. I typed that in to Google. You get a bunch of sites about vietnamese restaurants. None of them would confirm or deny if pauch would be there.
  6. The king is the reason my wife and I are looking at houses in another state. He is not going to get the $59 billion from king donny. He's not going to stop spending money. And he is only going to get $10,000 a pop from the bars who want their liquor license back. That means that again, the tax payers are going to have to pay for it. I checked to make sure that there was a dirt track reasonably close to the house my wife was looking at. I think I won't mention that part to her until we know for sure. She likes surprises! 😁
  7. King Andy requests that all the money he has saved you from attending races or participating in races this year be sent to him at his office. It appears that if you shut all the business's without shutting down all the government spending. You end up with a $59 billion dollar deficit. Now , he has put in a request to king donny to pay for it all . But I'm sure that between paying off hookers and strippers to keep their mouth shut. And paying lawyers to hide all the illegal and immoral things he does. I think he is tapped out. Besides he has an election to buy. Sorry, pay for. That leaves us the taxpayers. So all the money you would have spent having fun needs to pay for all of king Andy's lockdown rules. You wouldn't want him to look bad when he starts his campaign to be president in the next election would you?
  8. Love the top picture from ransomville too. I was always a Mcginnis fan.
  9. My son when he was little was not shy about reminding people about their manners. He was sitting in the stall in the bathroom. I was standing outside his door reminding him that I had a car to work on before the feature. A guy comes in and goes into the next stall and just exploded long and loud. My son hollered out " could at least say scuse me ! " The men at the trough had to grab the wall for balance and lost their aim for a minute because they were laughing so hard.
  10. Army helicopter landing on the backstretch at can am the night Kevin Martin flipped and lost 3 fingers. It was there to fly him to Syracuse for surgery. Dave Cole going off the second turn at can am thru the hedge row then back out on the track and finish the Last few laps with a small tree hooked in the back bumper.
  11. He is right. They said they shortened can am this off season. I don't think it is a lot. But it may change the calculation for speed.
  12. I think fuller was referring to the fact that the track was a little wetter than it normally is. For the most part can am is now like every other track in NY. It is rock hard and slick from the top to bottom. Every now and then mother nature puts in her 2 cents worth. She dumped some rain on the track on Friday and provided more traction than normally there. As a driver who has raced there for a long time. And raced there when the track was prepared to provide traction throughout the night. It is a big advantage to Tim in setting up the car. I'm sure it put a lot of new drivers out to lunch. I don't know what the clay on the other tracks does when it gets a little more water than normal. But it makes can am more of a wide open type track.
  13. Cuomo is the source of the problem. The guy who has shut down all the racetracks. Right now the movie theaters are complaining that they are not allowed to reopen even under reduced capacity. If he allowed the movie theaters to open. He would have to allow race tracks to open. Is that clear enough for you. I just passed by can am. They are holding races tonight that I would love to be at. But some jackass who has made himself king of NY says that I can't go. So I will bash him as much as I please.
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