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  1. brian moore

    CNYRP ??

    I think the whole thing was just a distraction for race fans after removing the track at the fairgrounds. Everyone is looking forward to the new track to replace the old one and once the old one was gone for a sufficient amount of time they let the hopes for new track fade. I don't think they ever intended to build it in the first place.
  2. It is added to the last load of water that you put on the track. 1 fast pass that covers the whole track with one load of water. It helps keep the surface clay from drying as fast as it normally would.
  3. I'm sure with an attitude like that his grave has been pissed on by many people.
  4. brian moore

    Yuke tires

    Even better it diverts the power from the coil to the crotch belt. Drivers voices in post race interviews would be a little higher. But it would show who really wants to win.
  5. brian moore

    Yuke tires

    A new technology fix. An invisible fence. A buried cable inside the turns. A chalk line over top of it. A sensor attached to the left front shock tower. Hook it to an interrupter in the ignition. Cross the line and it cuts your ignition like a rev limitor.
  6. brian moore

    Yuke tires

    Nope , don't drive down there. If you drive down there and splash water up on the track tough shit. Line them back up and let them fly.
  7. I thought the rookie class was intended to protect the guys in the regular sportsman from having to pay for new drivers learning how to drive. By that I mean replacing body panels and front ends because they haven't learned how to race yet.
  8. At can am the front stretch will be a little wet until the water stops running out from the wall. It usually comes out down towards the fourth turn but it was coming out by the starters stand and another spot closer to the first turn. It is wet underneath but the cars burn off the surface and I'm betting that about an inch down it was plenty wet. The rest of the track was dry because of the wind blowing all day Saturday. We got extremely lucky the wind was out of the west and blowing the dust away from the stands.
  9. And then post it on every topic on the site.
  10. And I'm sorry for bringing up can am on a outlaw thread but Fonda is not open yet. 😁
  11. I wasn't there but did it get slick and shiny in the middle and dry and dusty at the inside edge and outside edge. If you're trying to be conservative with the water knowing there is a lot of water underneath then most of your dust is coming from those cars dragging the left front on the inside where it is to dry or the right rear out where it is to dry. It is very difficult to get it right the first week of the season. Especially for day racing. Can am got lucky with a wind coming from behind the grandstands that blew the dust away from the fans. We sat down by the 4th turn and never got dusted the whole night.
  12. brian moore

    OCFS ???

    Yeah if foster had been on here sooner this would have been all about the doctor. 😉
  13. Those folks have nothing to do with god. I'm sure they will find that out when they finally meet him.