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  1. I would still like to race someday but that lottery ticket has not come through yet. I would love to be able to afford to start last in every feature. With good equipment of course. I think that would be more fun than having to start up front and just get to race with a couple of guys. I would love to go see a big race and have them invert the whole field just before they start the race. Now you have a show.
  2. brian moore

    plastic wrap tire

    Always wrap your Hoosier. I learned that in health class.
  3. I'm wondering about the guys who gave up racing for a woman and it still didn't work out. What regrets do they have. I know at 48 years old I will never get to race. My racing career was 1 mechanics race in a street stock. I couldn't stop grinning for 3 days. But the financial side never made driving an option. My wife was supportive of me wanting to try to do it but I knew if I couldn't do it right I didn't want to do it at all. Who out there gave up racing and then still lost the girl ?
  4. My wife has heard most of my racing stories. I worked on race cars since I was a teenager. Went to dirt week at Syracuse many times. Had lots of fun. I have only gotten to one race this year because of a new job. I switched jobs so she could quit a job that was very hard on her but had health insurance. It will probably be a few years before I can make another race because my days off are Monday and Tuesday. Being a grown up sucks and I was hoping I never had to do it. Tomorrow will be our 20th anniversary. I would love to be able to see a race somewhere but I have learned over the last 20 years that family is doing without so my wife and son have more.
  5. brian moore

    Matt Sheppard

    Sometimes other drivers just drive to fast.
  6. This might be his only win. I just don't remember how many years he raced.
  7. Yeah I know. I was just throwing one more little dig at the guy complaining that the track didn't change the whole show to accommodate him.😁 A little side note. Auto correct actually changed dig to dick! I think my phone has seen me naked!
  8. That sounds like a smart decision. Doesn't sound like the decision a driver would make. But the likelihood of moving up on a track that so far has had no passing is pretty slim. The chances of burning up a set of tires and wrecking is pretty good.
  9. So, if that is what the fan wants to watch, and they know where there is a track that runs that way. They should get in the car and drive to the track that will accommodate them.
  10. Oh no, is this the end of a Matt Sheppard thread. How will we go on without constant news, opinions, and in depth discussion on the greatest man to ever live. O, yeah. Someone can start a couple more threads. 😉
  11. You can't run just modifieds with $4 grandstand admission. The only crowd you will have is those cranky bastards who get on here to complain about low class racers being allowed on the track before the the modified has completed their portion of the show.
  12. They should run nothing but the modified class. Dump all the support classes just run 1 class. Skip hot laps and heat races. Line the cars up in the order they show up at the pit gate. Don't worry about a winners interview. Hand them their trophy while they are driving out the pit gate. Some fans don't have time for all the extra crap.
  13. brian moore

    Utica Rome Race Monitor

    You have to give them a break. They are not used to getting to actually race there on Sunday.
  14. Then it would be the yuke tire that ends the streak.