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  1. Looks like a long walk to the bathroom. Should be back in good health in no time.
  2. Then he has a lot of tracks to choose from. I don't blame any father who acts in the best interests of his family.
  3. I think everyone who thinks John white should get over it should go buy a race track and run a high paying race against the outlaw so matt can win. It's his track it's his decision. If he would have done that to my kid he wouldn't be around for this discussion to take place.
  4. I think we need to get a ruling on this from someone. Even though they didn't award points to anyone. Do show up points get awarded to someone when they attempt to qualify, or do they get awarded after passing tech at the end of the night. I understand that under a normal points night you get points for where you finish. But show up points are for just showing up. He did that , so had they given show up points I think rabbit is right he should have gotten the points, just not the check or the trophy.
  5. brian moore


    Sitting further away from the bathroom is a good exercise program. It provides extra motivation to keep going. I mean moving. Besides every time you pee you get a little better health wise. The sponge baths, have your girlfriend give you one and then you give her one. I think that would make them more bearable.
  6. brian moore


    Is there a topic here?
  7. They would be still going on Monday.
  8. brian moore

    Dippel suspended

    I'm betting he gets " randomly " selected for a piss test after every race.
  9. As a truck driver. I see that happen a couple times a day. I thought I might have seen dipple today when I was on 84 coming thru middletown. A pickup flew by me doing about 80. But this guy passed me on the left so it probably wasn't him.
  10. brian moore

    Dippel suspended

    So, again nothing is his fault. The reckless driving at 80mph passing on the shoulder. None of it his fault. If you don't put yourself in these situations then you don't have to do a lot of explaining or hire a lawyer.
  11. Channel 7 out of Watertown did a big story on him on tonight's news. He was a big part of north country racing. And a huge part of the Lewis county fair. I'm betting that there will be a building or event named after him at the fairgrounds by next year's fair.
  12. brian moore


    Next time they wake you up in the middle of the night, tell them you need a sponge bath. See if they keep giggling.
  13. brian moore


    Take em to the wood shed!
  14. brian moore


    I have a friend who did not get along at all with his boss but got along great with the owner of the business. The boss somehow always seemed to randomly draw his name name every month for the random drug testing. My friend decided that if the boss wanted his piss that bad he could have it. About once a week when the boss was gone for a meeting this guy went into the bosses office and pissed in his big potted plant. I don't think the boss ever figured out why his plant died.
  15. It's another chance to wreck your car trying to get into the last chance race.