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  1. highoctane

    Glen Ridge

    Those Powr-I midgets were fun to watch up there!
  2. Those discs weren't even cutting in. That's like concrete
  3. Dumbluski tried to cover the bottom. Looked like he slowed and bobbled. I don't think the winner would have got to him if he didn't.
  4. He got to him. Gave him a tap and drove underneath. I'd call it textbook, and I would have rather seen Dumbluski win as a Fonda guy. Great finish.
  5. I remember as a kid in the 90s you had to be there well before an hour before start time or you were way down on the bottom... if you even got in the covered grandstands
  6. Poutine at the 3 track Canadian swing back in the 90s
  7. I wasn't there. But with a fresh rear tire and cautions to come though the field, I would bet on Sheppard most every time.
  8. highoctane

    Big show 10

    After all the commotion I thought it was going to be a lot more than what the video showed. How was Willy able to catch Matt to give him the tap?
  9. highoctane

    Bobby Varin

    Isn't the old saying "rather be lucky than good"? I don't think a driver cares what gets him to victory lane when he's there
  10. I wonder if there is some sort of binder they can use for next year. Part of the problem is how the cars can now put the power to the ground- I don't know that there is much you're going to be able to do about it.
  11. Like Pete or not, with Matty D breaking his 3 year commitment, there would be no racing at Fonda without Pete
  12. Has anyone tried the camping link on the website? When I tried it didn't do anything
  13. highoctane

    Matt Sheppard

    FX Caprara sells both trucks and trailers. Maybe not a toter and stacker, but I'm sure they wouldn't let him go without.
  14. highoctane

    Doctor to Fonda?

    Until you have the financial backing and deep pockets of them, how do you even compare?
  15. Yes, freedom of speech is a right. And refusing service to people they feel are detrimental to their business is their right. Attending a race track is a privilege, and we need to start treating it like that. It's something we enjoy, and yes we pay for it. But we aren't entitled to it.