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  1. There are many different parts to making a race track work. Meeting with the PR guy to explain in great detail a violation doesn't always happen. And when writing an article, they just aren't going to go into great detail. If you see me at the track, just come ask me. I don't mind talking about what we have inspected. There are a lot of die hards like yourselves who understandably want that information. The general public probably doesn't care.
  2. I should say I think we followed the DirtCar rules. I had a list of engines and weights. I assume it was the same. With the Sportsman being our top division, I don't keep up on BB/SB rules as much as I probably should.
  3. You must have misheard him. The rule has always 6200 max. EDIT: Wait, I remember that. He misspoke. Meant to say turn up, not turn down.
  4. His box was set at 6500. There was no clips. It was not unplugged. There was no broken wires. There was no damage. 6200 is max. You can run lower. A few ran 6000 in the heats. Source: I'm the tech inspector.
  5. 10 minute pit stop break in the infield pit lane at lap 100. Format... http://devilsbowlspeedwayvt.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/09/2018-VT-200-Race-Procedures-091218.pdf
  6. The way the system is now, you could win the first 35 races, finish 2nd in the final race, and not be champion.
  7. 27 Sportsman 11 358's 17 Limited Sportsman 8 Super Stocks 21 Mini-Stocks We've had issues getting the transponders to work on the Mini-Stocks. Our Super Stock field has fluctuated.
  8. Over $54,000 Posted for Devil’s Bowl Speedway Vermont 200 Weekend! http://devilsbowlspeedwayvt.com/over-54000-posted-for-devils-bowl-speedway-vermont-200-weekend/
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