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  1. Looks like no Race Monitor to follow along at home....
  2. I think both of them are mostly NOT using the "new suspension stuff" and others are not, they are running what they know while others are trying out stuff, often with less than stellar results, 9S is winning not learning......
  3. And I think he did it without coils or left side panhard.....
  4. Inversions can be played, a redraw is the only way to insure of no game playing.
  5. AND for the record most all teams like the time trail format, Gives you the perception you control your own destiny.
  6. Let us not forget, the drivers/teams that always finish like 4-6 area love it when a couple of the front runners go to a $$$$ race. They and the fans get refreshed knowing "so and so" aint going to win.
  7. NFS Speedway has yet to announce what rule package, unless it is chiseled in granite that the rules are either GRIT or DIRT almost nobody will make the trip. 602's guys up here have dealt with running blended class forever and are done with it, if its not strictly 602's they will not make the trip.
  8. GRIT already has announced 2020 at a different track in Florida.
  9. He ran a good race and had a good weekend, he was fast but sometimes that aint enough, he caught a couple breaks as well, glad it was a NY guy, honestly I am glad it was him he works hard, if it could not be my car his is next best.
  10. It all happened, the BEI head tech guy was told never to return to NFS because he went against their wishes and DQ'd Danny. Aluminum waterpumps where spotted opening night but DQ's where not allowed per NFS.
  11. So the Dr roughed up an 11yr old in a heat, had aluminum running gear on all week, his car owner stops late to bunch field, he then jumps start and chops leader, ends up winning the finale only to refuse legit engine tech and be DQ, feel bad for the teams that dealt with this nonsense all week.
  12. Why is it that yourself and a couple others seem to be hinting that the field is soft for this one. On the roster are Warner, Thompson, Inmann and Smith these same drivers would be a threat to win any race anywhere. They are previous track and series champions in that group, not to mention Danny Johnson and Brett Hearn.
  13. I am calling it now all 3 nights will be won by a car with a #1 or #20 on it, maybe not the same car but those are the #'s I pick to win......
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