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  1. That top of the line stuff takes its share of more than 40%......
  2. Nice weekend for sure. Anyone know what the truck race paid?? to the casual fan these paydays seem like pretty good paydays but in the grand scheme of things it is just above break even $$$$.
  3. How does this "Platinum" thing actually work?? I know a team that wants to sign and DIRT says no.
  4. I would think with the right policy it would be covered under homeowners insurance??
  5. And it is expendable, it ends up in every racers yard on wash day.
  6. Humidity is the key, the more humid it is there is no room for moisture in the air, therefore the track cannot dry out. It works the opposite way with low humidity, track will dry out and burn up. Nothing worse than showing up to the track on a 90* day with 90% humidity and seeing the track crew soaking the surface because "it's hotter than hades out" if you see that just go home, you will still have a car to race next week.
  7. https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=10203800648413840&id=1748394740
  8. I heard that Brett's Teo had no torsion rack, it would be awfully easy for BRP to duplicate that, in fact I also heard they tried it and it was fast but did not last, who wants a chassis replacement every couple races????
  9. If his family was not paying the bills I doubt he would ever have a ride.
  10. Matt has said himself many times that what he learned at RIT barely scratches the surface of what we do and apply to racing. I can give you this little tidbit, I messaged Matt several years ago and asked him this question "if you flute a torsion bar will it be stiffer as a result of the increased surface area??" I was looking for faster action and thought fluting a lighter bar may be of benefit for what I was thinking. He responded with a very simple answer, "I do not know" is all he said. I posed the same question to Randy at Bicknell's and he also was unsure BBUUTT he wanted to know my findi
  11. If you understand how the air, rubber and dirt all interact and design/adjust things to suit your drivers strong points and he uses all that to his max advantage you get where Stew is. One season I was involved in a team with a great driver, on this team was a great fabricater, we had many talks about our "own" car, sponsors and family went out on a limb and got a new car, every part new BBUUTT this chassis, a BRP was built to our specs, some support parts where custom fabbed at BRP, alot fabbed in house. It looked different, it sounded different, it was different. It was fast, it won alot, it
  12. Its Weedsport and always will be if you go there expecting to see great racing and a winner coming from deep in the field you will be disappointed every time.
  13. Strange though that DIRT has not released a notice that I have seen, in the past they would put out notices for everything. I have heard on this one 1yr suspension and a $5000 fine, I have also heard of possible GM involvement.
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