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  1. That might be one of the worst apology posts I've ever read.
  2. That's the type of arrangement I'm thinking. That's how many owner/driver relationships are in the dirt world. The one year i spent at Woodhull the car wasn't mine, but it lived at my house and I did 100% of the work on it myself.
  3. So serious question about Danny here: Why hasn't he just operated his own team? I've got to to imagine there might be a few who would support him on the financial side. But why not just get your own cars, assemble your own people, and do things your own way instead of hopping around seeking that perfect arrangement?
  4. luke81

    Doctor with Sweetners?

    I don't think anyone has ever doubted his ability to wheel a car. Or, as the case is, wheel many cars.
  5. luke81

    Doctor with Sweetners?

    No way, Doctor out of yet another ride?? Impossible! I'm sure this is everyone else's fault too. I give Foster credit, he's the ultimate homer. Danny could be out there stomping kittens to death and Foster would tell us all how those kittens fell under his feet.
  6. I think it's perfectly possible that Friesen had no idea it was illegal, and I also think it's possible that it wasn't actually "illegal", just in a gray area. But none of that gives him a pass for tossing GMS under the bus about it. But that's just Friesen being Friesen. To think that NASCAR is somehow intentionally hurting their team is just dumb. NASCAR isn't really totally dumb. They know the storyline of a dirt guy coming in with a "small" team and challenging for the title is good for the series. It's no secret than Larson and Bell have been good for NASCAR. There's no reason to think that Friesen being successful wouldn't also be a positive.
  7. I don't think anyone can doubt his driving abilities, but his mouth often runs faster than his brain. He made the comment “It says a lot about Tripp Bruce [crew chief] and my six guys is what it says,” Friesen added. “The rest of the organization, I don’t know what it says about that. They put us in a bad place there with that truck and [I’m] bummed out about that." So he's already tossing someone else under the bus, and I don't care where you get your trucks from putting a legal truck on the track in on his team. And I just can't imagine a scenario where GMS built a knowingly illegal truck and handed it off to Friesen to get busted with.
  8. I'll add a few at the end and subtract a few I don't know much about Lebanon Valley - Hearn Malta - Never been but wow thats a lotta cars Fonda - Johnsons Utica Rome - Slippery slick Orange County - Also Hearn Five Mile Point - Sail panels Canandaigua - Barefoot Bob Dundee - I hit the wall exiting the pits my first and only time there...oops Rolling Wheels - WTF where did this go Syracuse - whoa My additions: Woodhull - Jim Williams, the gold standard by which all promoters should be judged Hidden Valley (Clearfield, PA) - my first top 10 in a 358, and nearly impossible to get in or out of once it starts to rain East Bay - Abrasive, waste of potential Bubba Raceway/Ocala - Drama city Volusia - Fast as hell Port Royal - Might be even faster
  9. I can't believe I picked this to take a few days off the interwebs.....WHO could have EVER predicted that Danny F'in Johnson might be out of a ride??? Impossible!! That NEVER happens! Wait, didn't we have a pool on this earlier in the season? I swear we did. I'm going to have to search when i have a minute.
  10. Exactly. No REAL project of this magnitude totally hinges on a few million of state funding. You don't start a project you claim is going to cost up to 50 million (and we all know costs overrun all the time too....) and get stopped stone dead over 7 million in state welfare money.
  11. I laugh so hard the delusion that dirt track racing has anything to do with major stick/ball sports. I love racing too but we're just not very important to anyone but ourselves. Those sports can get public funding for stadiums because they tend to have a proven history of generating that money back into the economy on a regular basis. As far as I can tell dirt tracks don't, at all. Shoot most places are lucky if dirt tracks are even paying their taxes properly and not squirreling away half of the cash from the concession stand and gate into someone's pocket before the tax man gets their cut. I would bet the farm that one single Bills home game generates more revenue back to the state in taxes than every dirt track in the state of NY combined any given weekend. Ya'll were snake oiled.
  12. I didn't say he had no money invested. I said he had no money to fund the project. He tried to seed it with just enough to make it look like a real thing, and it appears nobody took the bait and filled in the gaps. You can try to snuggle him all you want, but he's a liar.
  13. This thing never had a chance. Never. They managed to leverage the emotions of the northeast race fan to get some public support, and I don't blame any of ya one bit for being excited about it. On paper it looked awesome. But nothing they have ever said about the place made any cents, as in dollars and cents. My theory is that it was all bullplop, but it was good-intentioned bullplop. I think the idea was that the money was never in place at all, for any of it, but if they could snowball excitement for it (by booking events like SDW and AMA before they even broke ground) that they could possibly have the required cash fall from the heavens and get it done. But nothing they ever said made any sense. The employment numbers were total BS, the money numbers were all over the place.....it's all BS.
  14. As I've said so many times..... I told you so. Over and over.
  15. And that is a very valid question to ask!