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  1. We ran a Birosh and a Tobias when everyone was winning with Troyers and Bicknells. My dad still has his complete Tobias. We built the bodies at home with a lot of napkin drawings and guess work.
  2. Arent there like 303 moderators on this forum that get tight panties if someone calls someone else a jerkface, yet this idiotic trash is allowed to continue? Great job mods, great job
  3. Race cars aren't demo derby cars. There is only so much you can plan for when the core design of the car is meant for a reasonably smooth race track. It would be like asking a flat track motorcycle racer to run a supercross course. Could they do it? Sure. It would be a terrible show that nobody wants to see, but they could putter around the course slowly and make it to the end. I do get what you're saying, and I'm sure some did change things to better handle it. But you can't change anything in a race car to fix the dust I saw in some of the videos, and holes and ruts that open and chan
  4. The simple solution is to end the farce of racing on a dirt-covered pavement track once a year if it can't be turned into a proper dirt track. Clearly the track, the dirt, or the prep totally is not working at all. If the series simply refuses to do so or can't find a venue they want to do that at, they need to solve the problem. It looks stupid to have your marquee race on a plowed cornfield.
  5. I agree. For us it was more like "who the F are these clowns and why are they here". Which was really partly right, we had zero business trying to run that race and we fully knew it, we just wanted to do it to do it. We rolled in there with our small open trailer, our 8 year old Birosh chassis (and then an equally old Tobias chassis the next year), our home built slug engine, etc etc.... They did pre-tech and we waited in line for what felt like a month because it was so cold that night. I watched big name cars go in and out of the shed in 5 minutes. We roll in there and they want valve
  6. That's not even a new thing for Fulton. We attempted to run the Victoria 200 twice in the late 90s and even then the place had a weird feeling of who was and who was not part of the cool kids club.
  7. Losing this team is a blow to the sport for sure. They've been around so long and been so successful that they're one of the mainstays of modified racing. As for the reason I'm kind of torn on it. Someone else mentioned that at one time the Big Red team was the one out-spending their competitors, but now that has shifted. I don't think there is any doubt that The Halmar team has brought a whole new level of investment (or....burning money....) to dirt mod racing but that's also the nature of racing. The argument that "they all use the same parts" is kind of silly. The individual par
  8. And there lies the issues with the idea of sealed engines....if the engine is inspected and sealed as legal, and then is never opened but is later deemed illegal...who bears that responsibility? And what i meant by Brodix saying no performance advantage was assuming that the team was being fully honest, which I don't see any reason why they wouldn't be in this case.
  9. How ya figure that? If Brodix themselves are willing to say that there is zero performance reason for it (sounds like slightly sloppy machine work to me) then what would be the point? I'm normally a very black and white when it comes to rules like this, but if what Brodix said in their statement is all that was found this a bad DQ.
  10. The email from Brodix made it sound like maybe there was an ultra slight, non-performance altering amount of essentially "damage" on the head from the valve seat going in (and touches from the cutter) that left a mark in the chamber. So by specific definition, there was some kind of modification to the chamber that was beyond the rules. But, at some point bigger brains have to prevail. If they're going to DQ an engine that they approved and sealed over some scratches in the chamber they're going to need to check every head in the field every week, which isn't realistic.
  11. Daylight dirt racing sucks at like 95% of tracks in the country. It just does, and even though I think measures can be taken to make it as good as possible its not often tried because promoters worry that if they miss the mark even a tiny bit they will have a slick dustbowl race that people will trash talk for the next year.
  12. Qualifying in F1 is meant to be an integral part of the actual race. Which may not be everyone's cup of tea for sure.
  13. Meh. I'm a fan of F1, and I'm not really sure what could have gone differently. The conditions weren't going to allow a race to happen, and everyone already knew this is how it would go in that situation. Dont get me wrong, it sucks bad for the people who went and it does sound like they will get refunds on their tickets. But its how it goes.
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