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  1. http://www.dirttrackdigest.com/New17/?p=34717 TRD engines, KBM trucks. As best i can tell, Friesen will be in the best available equipment next year.
  2. Yikes. IF the account of the story there is true, that's an extremely unfortunate and excessive reaction. Hopefully that account is actually exaggerated by the kids.
  3. Yes, that's exactly how it works. I've only had 2 non-crash flats in my life, and both times I parked it in the infield and didn't bring out a yellow.
  4. One of the best accomplishments of my racing life is getting lapped by Zearfoss at East Bay during winternationals, lol.
  5. LOL you are not wrong sir! But there is a racing world outside of the northeast, and getting to that audience can only be beneficial.
  6. Yeah, its just that simple.....let me make the 18 hour drive each way real quick
  7. A "LIVE" pit stop really does require all of the cars to be in the proper order and in line to be fair to everyone, because the exit order matters more. Like NASCAR. Dirt track style "non-live" stops it really doesn't matter who is where when the pits open, because you're going to the back and you're only pitting to fix damage or a flat, not to refuel. I'm a big proponent of the halfway break for these kinds of races instead of doing the live stops. And you can mix the rules up a little for some extra drama. If a team wants to pull off a live pit stop under caution before he halfway break, go for it.....and then as long as you leave your car on the track and don't touch it you can start up front after the break.
  8. I'm not really sure, but it was a nice rig. And if they could afford it good for them, but the track has really fallen into disrepair. Their is a fence that separates the pit side of the stands from the fan side. The top post has been rusted through and broken for ten years. It's literally lashed in place with barbed wire with the barbs wrapped in duct tape. For ten years!
  9. Mosaic is a huge mining company down here. Phosphate is their big product. They own almost everything surrounding the track. The huge mound behind the track is a mine, not garbage. http://www.mosaicco.com/ The taxes issues weren't just from the rain outs. It's been a long term issue. I'm not saying I could run a racetrack, but the owners kid's used to show up to race in a NASCAR-style tractor trailer and they towed from literally minutes away, if they ever even left the track - and never raced anywhere else.
  10. luke81

    Dippel suspended

    I think it ends up looking worse for NASCAR when they don't release any info about this stuff, because of all of the wild speculation it generates.
  11. That might be one of the worst apology posts I've ever read.
  12. That's the type of arrangement I'm thinking. That's how many owner/driver relationships are in the dirt world. The one year i spent at Woodhull the car wasn't mine, but it lived at my house and I did 100% of the work on it myself.
  13. So serious question about Danny here: Why hasn't he just operated his own team? I've got to to imagine there might be a few who would support him on the financial side. But why not just get your own cars, assemble your own people, and do things your own way instead of hopping around seeking that perfect arrangement?
  14. luke81

    Doctor with Sweetners?

    I don't think anyone has ever doubted his ability to wheel a car. Or, as the case is, wheel many cars.
  15. luke81

    Doctor with Sweetners?

    No way, Doctor out of yet another ride?? Impossible! I'm sure this is everyone else's fault too. I give Foster credit, he's the ultimate homer. Danny could be out there stomping kittens to death and Foster would tell us all how those kittens fell under his feet.