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  1. Aww i like Kyle Busch, lol. I don't think there is any doubt that some of the publicity that Bubba gets is because of social justice issues, I just don't see that as a bad thing. I think NASCAR has a pretty serious image problem about their diversity and trying to improve that can only help in the long run. At the core NASCAR isn't a racing series, it's a marketing series. Sure, there are race cars....but those cars don't exist without those logos on the cars. And as big brands become more conscious of racial issues, getting them to associate with a sport that from the outside has a
  2. What new talent do you think you can just toss into a Cup ride to see what sticks? You can't just stick Jimmy Noname who races street stocks in a Cup car and hope he's a prodigy. Who funds that operation, unless Jimmy is the one bringing the sponsor along? And you're literally saying that half the field should be fired every year? That's just not how it works. You can just say you don't like Wallace, you don't have to be coy about it. That's fine, I don't like Joey Logano . But given the level of talent from the mid-field and back, he deserves this opportunity. Suarez I'm no
  3. And FR won a championship with it, so clearly it can lead to a winning combination. But you're not wrong!
  4. Bubba specifically, how do ya figure? RPM cars haven't been competitive in a long time. I certainly don't know the extent of their technical alliances, but either they aren't getting the info the big teams have or they don't know what to do with the info once they have it. By all accounts the 23XI team is going to operate as an outward extension of JGR, which should (in theory) be a much more competitive car.
  5. You're right, that was a bit excessive. My bad, and I apologize. But, I do see some bias in some of these posts that I'm not at all convinced would be showing if the new owners and their chosen drivers were average white dudes. Where is the hate for perennial back markers like Yeley, LaJoie, anyone who drivers a Rick Ware car, etc....continuing to have Cup rides? It's not quite a level field here.
  6. Wow. Some of you have your Klan hoods showing, and maybe you don't even know it. I'm beyond mind boggled at how some of ya are trying so hard to twist this into something negative. If you just hate nascar that badly that everything they do is wrong to you, you've got a bad outlook on racing in general. Sorry to burst bubbles, but the old school grassroots "watch the poor kid with talent come up through the ranks" mostly hasn't been a thing for like 20 years or more. A few select guys have managed that, but mostly everyone who makes it to a high level in racing has some degree o
  7. If anything, I think these teams will have an easier time finding sponsorship than many of the other teams have. Being attached to huge celebrity names gives a sponsor better activation than being attached to nobody NASCAR owners. And they bring long, lucrative relationships with big brands that they can possibly involve in the teams. Celebrity involvement isn't new. Brad Daugherty has been an owner since 2006, and they've kept that 47 car well funded.
  8. No amount of stereotypical nascar hate can spin this as a bad thing. Whether you know them or not, all of these people are bigger celebrities on a global level than anyone in NASCAR currently is, or likely ever will be. Having them involved is a great thing for the sport. And since they also happen to be minorities they can hopefully expand NASCAR's (and by association all racing) reach more into those communites as well.
  9. Any possible discussion against the halo has been put to bed, finally. He did an interview before this weeks race that everyone should watch. He describes the whole process of being stuck in the car and failing to get out a few times. Then he basically came to peace with the idea that he was going to die, and gave death a name. And then in an instant snapped back to reality, thought about his kids and said F this I'm outta here! Also notice when he gets out he's missing a shoe. The other shoe is still stuck in the car. The amount of force it takes to rip your foot out of a racing shoe i
  10. 100%. Guys in the racing hot beds can still race for good money, because they still generate revenue in the stands. I'd wager a guess that the majority of the country is basically on the pay-to-play model now with token payouts. Just as an example, look at crate late models or RaceSaver sprints. Those cars mostly pay squat to win, and were introduced as a low-buck option, but now people are spending 50k on those cars to race for a few hundred.
  11. This isn't far off of how a lot of tracks operate right now. The weekly (which isnt really weekly) sprint car class at Easy Bay runs for like $300 to win. When i ran in the mini sprint series down here we paid a membership of a hundred or whatever, then at each race we paid out 30 dollar pit pass and a 20 or 25 dollar race entry fee, and the last race i ran i finished 12th and got a fancy $25 check out of out.
  12. I'm jealous of tracks with good food. Our tracks down here have mostly crap food. Old boiled hot dogs and dollar store junk burgers that sat on the griddle for an hour. Woodhull used to have one of the widest selections of food I'd ever seen. I remember their nachos being really good back then.
  13. That doesn't mean we can't just have a discussion about the rules that are in place as they are written.
  14. Lets try to keep it non-political and just to the facts......as best i can read it he technically should be doing the whole quarantine thing. He should be required to fill out the traveler health form each time he enters the state from Florida. But, there is a special exemption for professional athletes and sports teams. So I'd guess that he would actually fall under that guideline, which permits him to travel but he should be getting tested every time he comes back into NY. Is he flying commercial or private? Flying private into small airports gets you around a whole lot of things.
  15. The amount of racers/owners doing some level of crooked stuff to fund their efforts is more significant than most people would think. I've personally known people who sell or make drugs, move merchandise that "fell off of trucks", embezzle from employers, scam gov't assistance programs, etc. I think it comes from 2 angles: I think there are scammers who have a lot of money and racing is a fun way to spend it. And i think there are racers who don't have any money (or enough to be competitive) and they turn to illegal stuff to get the money they don't have. I know a guy very well who
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