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  1. So stupid....this shouldn't even be possible. With a RaceCeiver and all of the people they have around there is no reason a guy gets back to the trailer in this case, and if he does there should be an official on a 4 wheeler or golf cart right behind him turning him around to go back to tech.
  2. Coming soon, Short Track Super Sprint Car Series ....lol......No really, I can't imagine what cause anyone would have for legal action here though?
  3. First day using the internet I see
  4. On the topic of testing at Volusia being applicable: I believe if you want to test some new, wild unpredictable thing it would be a valid test. If you've got some totally out of the box new chassis or engine idea you can run your usual setup once, and run the wild thing next, and compare the difference in how the car reacts. And Volusia can certainly be a test bed for engine ideas. Those sort of testing plans could translate to your northeast season. But overall I don't think most of these teams are doing that, and I'm not sure the rules really allow for that level of creativity anyhow. As to why people do it, because they want to! Why do 99% of racers lose money every single week, but keep showing up? Why do people buy expensive boats that lose all of their value before they're paid off? Because they love it!
  5. I think you could sweep the entire thing at Volusia and still only break even financially on the Florida trip. I think it has value as a shakedown and testing weekend in true race conditions, but given the weak payout I don't think anyone has ever made money doing it.
  6. That's all other racers can ask, an even standard. And also the PARENTS need to understand that their little kid is now going to be held to a level standard with adults and they have to be able to mentally handle that. Someone might flip your kid the bird, tell him he's a D#%khead, bang his bumper or feed him a wheel because those are all things that actually happen in racing. If a parent is going to hand the kid the responsibility to drive a race car, the kid also needs to have the responsibility to handle his racing situations without mommy and daddy doing it for him. Watching your child crash or get crashed is something you have to be able to handle without losing your mind. I've seen parents run out on to a still-live racetrack and I've seen parents physically attack an adult driver who they feel just crashed their kid. I started racing 358's when I was 16. In my opinion now at 38 I was not mature enough to have done that. I made moves that maybe weren't the smartest thing to do, because I had the typical teen brain where I thought everything would work out exactly as i planned. Thankfully I typically tore up my own car and not everyone else's. There's a maturity in knowing when to make a move and when it's not worth it. One of my few negative interactions with kid drivers was one night I was tooling around the back after at early crash and on the last lap this kid throws a wild slider on me that had almost no chance and wiped out the entire front end of my car. The kid wadded up a grand or so of parts trying to make a pass for 16th or something stupid like that. In the course of 4 years of racing with ages 12 (or less...) to 70 I have many examples of situations where the age of a young driver was some kind of issue. But I also have many more examples of times where the drivers age made absolutely no difference and we all raced together like it didn't matter.
  7. I'm not really for or against this situation, but having raced against young kids I can guarantee you that it does create a certain level of "percieved" problem most of the time. When I ran mini sprints we had kids as young as 12, and I'm fairly sure a couple of them were 11.9 years old if you get my drift. Some of them raced in a way that you'd never guess their age, and some raced like they had no concept of the value of money - which they don't. One kid crashed a ton of cars out one night and when his dad was confronted (because you can't really confront a 12 year old kid) the excuse was "he's just a kid". No. He's a racer on equal terms with everyone else if you're going to put him out there, and you have to accept what he gets. As long as this kid's family is ready to hold him equally accountable for his actions as any other adult would be, let him at it.
  8. I wasn't even able to get into the pit area at 12 years old!!
  9. Because the only winners WOULD be the promoter and the chosen builder. What you're talking about is essentially the same thing as crate racing, and look at what goes on with that. I think the IDEA of this is fantastic, but I think the execution would be a mess.
  10. This sounds great in theory, but often doesn't work. I was part of a mini sprint club like this down here. Because most of the time in this situation the people who run the club are racers in the club, there is always an undercurrent of favoritism. Sometimes it's real, sometimes its actually not real, but the feeling is always there. ESS is a rare exception to how this usually works, most of the time it goes down in flames.
  11. Again, he can compete. In another class if needed. There have been dominant drivers since the beginning of time.
  12. This has to be an intentional troll account. There will always be poor people in racing. I was one, lol. We raced for tenth every night. We came to the track knowing that, and we were happy as a clam when we would squeak out a little better than that. Can't afford to race a modified? Race a street stock or a 4cyl.
  13. Isn't that exactly what you were advocating for?
  14. The sheer insanity of this idea makes me a bit concerned for your mental health. So in your world a guy can't swing into Napa on the way to the shop and get a set of spark plugs and some gaskets, he has to order from his assigned chassis manufacturer....LOL this can't be serious.....
  15. Can anyone translate what is going on here for me?
  16. I'll admit I didn't read this entire thing, but this is very sensible. But I've said this before about so many of these tech/rules arguments: A lot of racers believe they deserve a shot to win just because they show up. And they want the rules to ensure that. And I'm sorry dudes, that's just not true. It's not true at any level of racing.
  17. I think this is EXACTLY right. And part of that is based in the reality that Scott is a circus, and not always in a good way. I don't get to see the national LM tours other than during winternationals, but what I have seen is that his operation is always a non-stop clusterF. From the minute he pulls in (sometimes on time, sometimes late...) it just seems like there is no organization to his operation right now. Either this year or last I watched him applying a decal to the nose of his car while his heat race was lined up. He didn't even start getting in the car until the race had rolled out onto the track, but magically they ran enough pace laps in that heat to give him time to get out there....and then the entire nose decal blew off on the first lap. But he's still a threat to win pretty much every time he goes on the track, and I think that annoys some people too.
  18. http://www.dirttrackdigest.com/New17/?p=34717 TRD engines, KBM trucks. As best i can tell, Friesen will be in the best available equipment next year.
  19. Yikes. IF the account of the story there is true, that's an extremely unfortunate and excessive reaction. Hopefully that account is actually exaggerated by the kids.
  20. Yes, that's exactly how it works. I've only had 2 non-crash flats in my life, and both times I parked it in the infield and didn't bring out a yellow.
  21. One of the best accomplishments of my racing life is getting lapped by Zearfoss at East Bay during winternationals, lol.
  22. LOL you are not wrong sir! But there is a racing world outside of the northeast, and getting to that audience can only be beneficial.
  23. Yeah, its just that simple.....let me make the 18 hour drive each way real quick
  24. A "LIVE" pit stop really does require all of the cars to be in the proper order and in line to be fair to everyone, because the exit order matters more. Like NASCAR. Dirt track style "non-live" stops it really doesn't matter who is where when the pits open, because you're going to the back and you're only pitting to fix damage or a flat, not to refuel. I'm a big proponent of the halfway break for these kinds of races instead of doing the live stops. And you can mix the rules up a little for some extra drama. If a team wants to pull off a live pit stop under caution before he halfway break, go for it.....and then as long as you leave your car on the track and don't touch it you can start up front after the break.
  25. I'm not really sure, but it was a nice rig. And if they could afford it good for them, but the track has really fallen into disrepair. Their is a fence that separates the pit side of the stands from the fan side. The top post has been rusted through and broken for ten years. It's literally lashed in place with barbed wire with the barbs wrapped in duct tape. For ten years!