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  1. https://racingnews.co/2020/05/09/indiana-dirt-track-owner-calls-for-sheriffs-resignation-after-barricades-block-his-track-sheriff-responds/
  2. Due to inclement weather conditions, practice for tonight has been canceled at Paradise Speedway. There will be no more Wednesday practice sessions this season.
  3. Due to the rainout on 9/28 at Paradise Speedway, we will be offering FREE General Admission on 10/5, and we will be completing the show from 9/28. Fans go to the registration trailer, sign in, and get stamped. Racers and pit pass peeps from 9/28 go to registration trailer, confirm attendance on 9/28, and get a new wrist band. Drivers and teams who were not in attendance on 9/28 can buy-in to features with purchase of a pit pass and entry fee and start scratch. This does include four cylinders and 600cc sprints. This will be the last show of the season. Hope to see you at the smooth quarter-mile that we call Paradise.
  4. Dirt Modified Nostalgia Tour Fall Brawl, Mod Lites, Motorcycles, Quads (points), 600cc Sprints, Paradise Karts, 4 Cylinders As of right now gates at 3:30, hot laps at 5:00, racing at 6:15.
  5. The winner's share for mod lites this Saturday at Paradise Speedway will be $500!
  6. With the Vega Money Kart Series in the house we will be starting an hour earlier than usual this Saturday at Paradise Speedway.
  7. Doug Elkins and I will be working the mics together for the first time EVER!!!
  8. 30 Laps - $1,000 To Win For GRIT Sportsman 20 Laps - $500 To Win For Street Stocks 20 Laps - $400 To Win For Four Cylinders Gates at 11AM. Hot Laps at 1PM. Racing at 2PM. $30 pits. $15 General Admission. 10 & Under free.
  9. Once again the features at Paradise Speedway will be broadcast LIVE on Chosen Spot Radio. If you cannot make it to the track, or are at another track and want to listen in, tune in online at http://chosenspotradio.com on your smartphone (you can also use the free Mixlr app). You can also listen On Demand once the broadcast is archived immediately after it is over.
  10. It has been a week. Other than my podcast (which you can find in another post) I have kept my mouth relatively shut, which in and of itself is a major feat. As someone who is involved with a dirt track I have tried to adhere to the Shane Andrews philosophy of not getting involved on the internet. But y'all know me. Matt had every right in the world to be pissed. He felt that he was being boned out of the kind of money that can be life changing. It sure as hell would change my life. The money that he had previously won in prior days is irrelevant. With that being said...the track had to do something to address Matt berating a track official in the manner in which he did. A one race suspension would have been sufficient in my opinion. To say, "He is not welcome" seems, to me, unprofessional and somewhat petulant. Some may see Matt's behavior as petulant. There was a Facebook poster who said that, as a Stewart Friesen fan he is "...fine with Matt being boned". That is the type of 'fan' that I do not want to be associated with in any fashion and is indicative of some of the things that need to change within racing circles. One question is would Matt and the other upset drivers have acted so angrily if there was not so much money on the line? Was Matt's tirade driven by the money, or his ultra-competitive nature? Only he knows, and by the looks of it he has moved on. Maybe it is time that we all do the same. See you at the track.
  11. Top Gun Shootout is on Friday the 6th, not Saturday the 7th.
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