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  1. I talk about the Matt Sheppard deal, Matt DiBenedetto, Les Whyte and the Top Gun Shootout, and much more. Thanks for tuning in. http://mixlr.com/chosen-spot-radio/showreel/talkin-racing-s1e2-2/
  2. Sportsman - 30 laps - $1,000 to win Street Stocks - 20 laps - $500 to win
  3. Due to too much rain, we are forced to cancel tonight's GRIT race at Paradise.
  4. As of this moment there have been no changes and we are racing! If there are any changes y'all will be the first to know.
  5. UPDATE: Courtesy of Royal Deals Auctions...every grandstand ticket holder will be eligible to win TWO FREE PASSES to Six Flags Darien Lake!
  6. Competitor Notes: There will be an autograph session before hot laps. Bring hero cards if you have any. If not, I can design one for you and have them printed. If interested contact me. Gates open at 4PM. Hot laps are scheduled for 5:30PM. Racing commences at 7PM. We will have driver introductions with cars on the front stretch in running order. I will start from the back to the pole. Redraw will take place in front of the grandstands. All pit passes are $30. Grandstand admission is $15. 10 and under free. Sportsman feature will be 30 laps. 4 cylinders feature will be 20 laps. Post race interview and pictures after each feature on front stretch.
  7. After lengthy discussions the GRIT Series sportsman race on August 7th will be $1,000 to win, and due to circumstances beyond our control the pure stocks will not be running, and we have added 4 cylinders which will be $500 to win.
  8. Worst part of the whole thing is the little girl trying to drown it all out.
  9. This is my first season with Paradise (I was at Canandaigua cutting my teeth last season), and I thoroughly enjoy the freedom that I have to promote and give exposure to the track via social media. I agree with your sentiments about adding mod lites to the show. They are very entertaining. Bill Glitch works tirelessly to give fans something different each week. The open sessions on Wednesdays are very popular, and we have seen a plethora of different types of machines utilize the track time. Again I agree that it is highly beneficial to those that capitalize on the opportunity. Thanks for the feedback. I will keep doing my best!
  10. Paradise Speedway will be LIVE simulcasted on Chosen Spot Radio this Saturday starting at 7PM. Chosen Spot Radio broadcasts high school and local college sports online year round. CSR covers both girls and boys sports ranging from lacrosse to basketball to hockey to soccer to bowling and everything in between. Now CSR will be able to add motorsports to their growing arsenal with mod lites, 600cc sprints, 4 cylinders, quads, and karts. Tune in free.
  11. Paradise Speedway is running. Mini-Late Models from Pennsylvania are scheduled to be in the house along with mod lites, 600cc sprints, 4 cylinders, and karts.
  12. This type of heat is dangerous and deadly to individuals such as myself with heart conditions and autoimmune diseases. Tracks do not cancel without a damn good reason to.
  13. Thanks for coming over and spending some time at The Smooth Quarter Mile.