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  1. At least you can tell that there is a track there. Not a lick of a track ever having been at the Fairgrounds.
  2. Anyone notice that the Emperor quietly extended his EO to September 4th?
  3. I was thinking of going to Albany with a doll and asking Cuomo to show me on the doll where racing hurt him.
  4. Trying to figure out why tracks are not interested in having someone broadcast their races on online radio. I fully understand if a track is broadcasting via DTD TV or a similar platform. The idea is to get buys. I get that. Heck, I can even understand if a track that is allowing fans in and might be concerned that radio coverage might compel someone to stay home (Which would never happen. No one who is going to a track has ever stayed home to listen on the radio...ever). Nay, I am talking more about the tracks that are not allowed to have fans in the stand and do not have any video strea
  5. Anyone looking for an announcer for their races or any other events, I am open on Fridays and Sundays. Holler. Let's go racing.
  6. To any tracks that are running w/o fans that are not video streaming, I own an online radio station and would broadcast your races. No video but it is the next best thing. If interested holler at me ASAP and we can discuss. For fans, please support DTDTV and other video platforms if a track is video streaming. Holler at me if interested.
  7. https://racingnews.co/2020/05/09/indiana-dirt-track-owner-calls-for-sheriffs-resignation-after-barricades-block-his-track-sheriff-responds/
  8. Due to inclement weather conditions, practice for tonight has been canceled at Paradise Speedway. There will be no more Wednesday practice sessions this season.
  9. Due to the rainout on 9/28 at Paradise Speedway, we will be offering FREE General Admission on 10/5, and we will be completing the show from 9/28. Fans go to the registration trailer, sign in, and get stamped. Racers and pit pass peeps from 9/28 go to registration trailer, confirm attendance on 9/28, and get a new wrist band. Drivers and teams who were not in attendance on 9/28 can buy-in to features with purchase of a pit pass and entry fee and start scratch. This does include four cylinders and 600cc sprints. This will be the last show of the season. Hope to see you
  10. Dirt Modified Nostalgia Tour Fall Brawl, Mod Lites, Motorcycles, Quads (points), 600cc Sprints, Paradise Karts, 4 Cylinders As of right now gates at 3:30, hot laps at 5:00, racing at 6:15.
  11. The winner's share for mod lites this Saturday at Paradise Speedway will be $500!
  12. With the Vega Money Kart Series in the house we will be starting an hour earlier than usual this Saturday at Paradise Speedway.
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