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  1. According to race monitor Dan Older won, doesn't show Horning even ran. Am I missing something?
  3. What a potent piece, beating other small blocks with at least 50 more cubic inches than your 363 incher! Amazing! Good luck tonight.
  4. robertmorris


    Supposedly the place to be when we're ailing, certainly not the place to be when we need rest. Wishing you well, hopefully the worst is over. You will need some good old home relaxation to get ready for Oswego.
  5. It's very unfortunate after such an elaborate event, with the cash opportunity Mr Larson gave our Mod drivers, that when over, everyone couldn't walk away with a hand shake and a hug.
  6. What they say and what they allow seem to be different. There are guys on here that have run up there for a long time, seems it would be a very easy answer.
  7. So would it be a true statement that Malta rules in the modified division will allow 430,427,413,410 and 383 cubic inch small blocks to run? I'm not trying to gather information to place a man on Jupiter, just trying to find out the maximum displacement allowed for small blocks according to Malta rules. It seems to be a very simple question and turns into a question that always seems to be categorized as ambiguous and I can't understand why!
  8. Good answer sir. Thank you
  9. It seems no one else seems to know what the 358 rules are at Malta either. If they do, they are being real quiet about what they know!
  10. Mr Spraker why won't you please answer my question? How many cubic inches is the $12,000 small block, built by JPM, you bought from Mark Kislowski, that's been running at Malta on and off for years? PLEASE
  11. How many cubic inch small block?
  12. Does anyone know what the maximum cubic inches allowed in a small block is at malta? PLEASE
  13. robertmorris

    Albany saratoga

    If it's a large dome, small dome or as you say slight dome, it appears it don't meet the rule of flat top pistons only.