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  1. robertmorris

    Danny Varin

    Danny is the real deal, mods or sprints!
  2. robertmorris


    Rudolph got the checkers first, everyone else was chasing him, no one could catch him, end of story!
  3. robertmorris


    Thank you, race monitor didn't show time trial results I shouldn't have said that. According to the heat times Rudolph was 17.188 and Sheppard was 17.303. The only car in the 17 sec bracket in the feature was Rudolph, which I guess was because he was leading with no traffic to contend with. That's if race monitor was correct, seem to be acting strange all night.
  4. robertmorris


    You don't have to pass many cars to win when you take the lead from the drop of the green and don't get passed. If you check the lap times Erick was the fastest car all night, practice, time trials and heats. Every car may not have started up front, but every car ran on the same surface. Great second place finish by Billy Decker.
  5. robertmorris


    More often than not, throttle control and set up, wins over horsepower.
  6. robertmorris


    John Flach looks like he never lost a beat, hit his marks every lap. Good to see him doing well.
  7. robertmorris


    Great racing all night, thank you Lyle for all your hard work, the surface was perfect!
  8. It appears all this wet weather is getting peoples socks wet, making them crotchety.
  9. If the IRS suddenly decided to eliminate the deduction for advertisement for corporations, there would be a whole lot of race teams sitting on the side lines, or at best, running go-carts. Drivers would quickly realize who is acutally concerned with their success.
  10. Mike Mallet and race monitor have Rudolph running second with Justin third and Jimmy Phelps 4th. ???????
  11. Results would be the same, equipment much better today. LOL Someone once ask how would Ted Williams do in todays game? A gentleman said " his average might drop down to maybe 320 and probably about 25 home runs, actually not bad considering he would be 101 years old"
  12. Sounds like maybe his wife ran off with a race car driver, or maybe Lee himself. Something got his panties in a bunch.
  13. Whether is does or doesn't he sure is looking real smart making the move from the valley so far.