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  1. While your on your heroic missions why not shoot the neighbors dog, just a little smaller.
  2. Killing for survival is much different than killing for FUN!!!!
  3. WOW you must feel so proud, your heroic conquest will assure your family will not go hungry for 1 whole year. Quite an achievement, congratulations.
  4. A matter of survival is much different than killing for FUN!!!!!!
  5. Maybe Syracuse is no more, but dirt week is alive and well in Oswego. Real race fans can endure a little chill in the air listening to the roar of big blocks getting it on. Don't forget to put your booties on before you go night night, you might get a chill.
  6. No sell the gun and spend a week in Oswego for dirt week!
  8. If someone is so destitute as to have to shoot a moose or deer to feed himself or his family, maybe don't buy the ammo and sell the gun. BINGO, dinner for 4 at Texas Roadhouse with a beer! People don't kill deer because they are hungry, that stopped with Danial Boone and Davey Crockett. We now have Shop and Save, Pricechopper, Hanniford and Shoprite. Hell most hunters keep the economy thriving by buying a huge breakfast before they waddle into the woods to take their morning nap!
  9. What did you expect, it's a racing forum, not a web site for field and stream!
  10. robertmorris

    Graham Racing

    Maybe Ryan Susice or Erick Rudolph.
  11. robertmorris

    RJ New Bicknell

    Pinesol post seemed rather sarcastic, never knew Ronnie had excuses for anything!
  12. robertmorris

    RJ New Bicknell

    Best of luck Ronnie!
  13. robertmorris

    RJ New Bicknell

    When using satire it always pays to fact check.
  14. robertmorris

    A New DTD

    How about incorporate a Jerry Springer venue into the interviews. Hearn and Johnson, Sheppard and Wright and maybe if I may Mahaney and Watt, Varin and Sears, Bruno and Marc Johnson. Hey Springer made a fortune exploiting peoples discontent for one another!
  15. I didn't realize in this day and age cry babies still called the teacher. I thought they just tried to humiliate on social media. Are the thin skins still giving out apples? Glad you are feeling better.