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  1. robertmorris


    Old racer, people with low self -esteem have a very low regard for individuals who have always been successful.
  2. robertmorris

    Aluminum block

    Have you tried getting insurance on a 875 HP big block lately?
  3. During rain delays you can meet some very nice and always interesting people. One thing for sure, you will always be surrounded by people that share the same passion.
  4. Surely not for the rest of the starting lineup.
  5. He should release his tax returns!
  6. If he would only have a night when they shoot Krash out of a cannon and have him land on top of the flag pole ass first!!
  7. The new announcement "We have succeeded in getting the caterpillar D8 dozer running and we will begin the first phase of our excavation process very shortly, weather permitting". Stay tuned for updates. PS still waiting for money allocated by Comrade Cuomo."
  8. Compound interest adds up very quickly, especially if you are going back over a considerable period of time. Just ask the IRS, they invented the policy.
  9. Yes! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!
  10. Decker and Wright had the exact same best lap time of the race at 19.533. I thought that was amazing, Billy on the 3rd lap and Larry on the 1st lap.
  11. Good thing they didn't look in the hauler and find those rubber softening chemicals, the bail would have been much stiffer.
  12. For the past 2 weeks I have to sign on, not storing my password. I have to reset my password in order to get into site.
  13. robertmorris

    Wish List

    That would be cool, kinda like the 4th of July race they used to run at the fairgrounds. Probably big issues with scheduling in the middle of the season though, very tough on race teams I would imagine. But we can only hope!