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  1. Didn't drive for him but he reached out to get him to drive for him
  2. 28 bicknell,6 teo,4 troyer, 2 dkm cyclone, 1 hig fab was your 41 starters
  3. He will be over $300,000 for the year which is just crazy! Obviously before his % for being a hired gun
  4. He will be over $300,000 for the year which is just crazy! Obviously before his % for being a hired gun
  5. I think moving everything up one night would be way to go.. the 358 race was great under the lights.. even tho it tends to be a little colder at night I think people would prefer to see better racing and dealing with a little cold.. Tuesday weedsport, Wednesday brewerton, Thursday under lights heat races, Friday sportsman and 358 race, sat pro stock and mod race with mods starting somewhere around 5 530 dusk and into night ..then have Sunday as a rain day jmo 🤷‍♂️
  6. Knew I was close lol on number.. I tried finding the post on Facebook to post here but couldn't as not much was mentioned about it I just saw the post once
  7. Mueller in bb,billy Whitaker in 358 , a blue and yellow 74 sportsman, and duzlak pink and black prostock
  8. He pitted before lap 74.. like 50 - 60 I wanna say.. but he started the race with a soft compound for some reason so he popped one early
  9. Track did the same thing with hoosiers at Fonda.. same rubbered up thing same amount of tires would of been used American racers or Hoosiers.. if you popped a tire before lap 70 it was A) you ran something over you ran a soft and of course it wasn't going to make it
  10. I don't believe he had a flat though he just went to a softer compound late because wasnt gunna improve over cars in front of him.. stew,rocky and Matt were the class of the field
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