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  1. No points , so unless someone wants to foot the bill , it may not make sense to him and his car owner . He didn`t go last year either .
  2. Life`s full of choices . If everyone liked and disliked the same things it would be a boring world . If you don`t like something you don`t watch it . But some people must like Mandee`s vlogs . The last one has 12K watches and the 5 or 6 before have 7K or more . And she has over 11K subscribers .
  3. It`s not going to happen . The 35 car is going to Charlotte to race . . Anyone waited for Mike to wreck Mat next week will be disappointed . It`s going to be great seeing the title going down to the wire . Just my opinion , Sheppard will win another one .
  4. no need at all , but like i said above , Mike just gave it back to Brett . No words exchanged and no problems since .
  5. so you saw Hearn put Mike in the wall a 1/2 before and broke his shock tower off , Mike just retaliated . and FYI , they`ve raced many times since and no issues .
  6. Call him , maybe you can ride up with him . Jim and Randy talked after the race , no problem with them . But nice of you to try and start some more shit .
  7. It was a need to know basis , Trump felt Pelosi didn`t need to know about the ISIS raid last weekend and Dirtcar felt you didn`t need to know about Mahaney . Lol
  8. ok , maybe this will help with your assumptions . Jim , Mikes dad told me he was standing there when Mat told Mike he dumped him on purpose . And if any one on this forum knows Jim Mahaney ,they knows he does not lie . As far as Buzz Chew , losing his ride is the best thing that could have happened to Mike , it just didn`t work out . Mike couldn`t be happier where he is . His new car owner is awesome , and actually works on the cars along side Mike . They don`t have the equipment and all the new cars the 88 does , but i believe they will be fine . Hell , he got 3rd in the Fonda 200 with a 2014 car and a motor his dad used when he ran Afton a few years ago . Mike has talent and he`s a great guy and the people on this forum who put him down , just don`t know him or his family . And getting Mat Williamson worked out for Buzz Chew . They not only got Mat but his dad , the 6 crew and the 3 crew . Lots of knowledge and experience .
  9. crying ? He got dumped and he`s upset .You would be too if it happened to you. But while he`s working on his cars getting ready for the next race you`re probably watching hockey .
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