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  1. Was hearing rumors of new dirtcar rule changes anybody know what they are?
  2. His day is coming the families of the victims are going after him, if president trump had made comments like coumo did yesterday the media mob would lynch him. King coumo is a pos he needs to resign!!
  3. Sorry for your loss dale she will be your co-pilot this season
  4. You still got to be ready by then in case it does happen seams to early, people forget about real winters that last through April.
  5. Yea you should never listen to the guys who build these cars for suggestions,time will tell meanwhile keep watching those exciting vlogs!
  6. Sheglizzard mike was at the shop setting the cars up and making changes at the track
  7. I don't know we're you seen that race monitor had him 7th and mike had him 7th in his final rundown.
  8. Mikes to nice of a guy if he did that to me he wouldn't have race the rest of the nite Ben hard to race with two black eyes and a fat lip that's what he needs!!
  9. It was a disgrace now all the car owners and drivers can throw out there cars because they are trashed, there lucky no body got seriously hurt. It's easy for some one to tell u to stop bashing the track when they don't have a dime invested in a race car!
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