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  1. Why won`t Fonda toss out the 14 s s car of John Young for all the slamming that he is doing it`s every week ????????
  2. The Dog Man

    FONDA rained out

    I recall you trashing Rick a few years back that must have been ok then
  3. Who won the crate motor in the pro stocks ?????
  4. Any one know what the street stock rules are for 2017 need to know so we can get car ready or if were going some place else to race if they are going with prostocks with ss tires.
  5. Maybe Tony needs to buy a tow truck then he would get a free pass LOL
  6. The protester in this case has had one of his cars DQ 2 times last year an 1 time this year then he got the rule changed so he did not have fix his motor an make it legal. Now Fonda is the only track with that rule his car would not be able to run any other track but Fonda
  7. The Dog Man

    Tow trucks

    I don't think they care if they damage the cars they just want to get the show going Greg an Robby did much better job then they ever could do now but they are no longer there. I don't know if they will ever get someone to take there place that will take the abuse giving from the promoter every week
  8. Where are they getting these tow truck drivers from some of them are doing more damage to the cars then the wreck did . Is there a class that they can take to teach them how to hook up a car with out doing any more damage .