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    We have a cheater !!!

    The 44D at Albany-Saratoga..has an illegal Cam..
  2. has not set their status

  3. bumpers48

    602's for 2011

    I Jared McMahon am not particitating in the 2011 CVRA season if it is going to 602's only.. Jared McMahon #27
  4. Changing Devil's Bowl and Albany to asphalt is going to be the worst mistake they have ever made. Not only will they be losing alot of the drivers but alot of the crowd also. Alot of the dirt drivers will be missed.
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    glad to hear that.
  6. bumpers48


    yeah the cheating needs to stop how can somebody feel good about winning doing it that way you have done nothing .
  7. might just as well some serious changes need to be made about the way its run there.