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  1. Didn't have a mirror behind the sun visor like Brett's....Jimmy didn't care how his hair looked.
  2. The good days of F1: https://www.goodwood.com/grr/race/historic/2020/8/video-the-raw-sound-of-a-v10-f1-engine-at-20000rpm/
  3. The shirt doesn't bother me. The shirt is just not that funny.
  4. I think he might have ran one in the Randy Slack 3 car...maybe?
  5. I watched them live last time they raced at Indy (year after the tyre fiasco). The engine sound was incredible. I rarely miss a F1 race. I agree 90 minutes....very few safety cars...amazing technology...and everyone is a snob. What more could you want?
  6. Josh: Who was the first late model driver to use sticks in a race and at what track?
  7. I don't think his logic is to run both. I think dudemann is saying if you had a w16 you could make U-R your home track...but that don't think your going to Fonda with that motor. I think. P.S. - Man I love your work in Sanford and Son. I used to think my dad was funny growing up when he would insult us all and have fake heart attacks....turns out when i go older and saw you on TV Land he was just ripping off your work. I may have told you that before on here but it is worth repeating.
  8. Was is one of the GE sponsored ones? The Tony Stewart race I remember was at Black Rock once he raced the Wynns #7 of Steve Paine. Sweet Looking Car.
  9. Maybe the damage slowed leader a bit but 1st and 2nd had a big gap on 3rd. Ross Bailes dusted off the middle and rolled around him. That was a sweet pass.
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