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  1. I agree with the democrats, bad weather, high taxes, gun control. I am still undecided on the "etc" and ellipsis. Tell me more.
  2. The flagger discussion had more legs than the COVID discussion... IMHO
  3. a very rare "3 quote post". I haven't seen that technique in a long time. Nice work man.
  4. I Remember him back when he was a wrestler in the WWF. I didn't like his character much. Always posing and going on. If you had told me that a WWF wrestler from that era would have been a dirt track innovator I would have guessed Jake the Snake Roberts. That guy had a dirt track look about him.
  5. Oh I see what you mean. The CDC calculates a mortality rate like this: 1. Identify number of confirmed deaths that test positive and dived by the total confirmed cases = (4.7% for COVID 19). 2. Randomly (as best they can) sample people for antibodies and/or the virus and establish what rate of untested people test positive versus tested people test positive (10:1 for COVID 19). so then 4.7% * 10/1 = .47 mortality rate. Of course there are lots of assumptions (i.e. all COVID 19 deaths are accounted for; sample ratio of 10:1 is representative of the entire population, etc.) The problem with the way your are doing the math is that most of the people in the US haven't even been exposed to COVID 19 so it would be inaccurate to count the unexposed people in the calculation. I'm not trying to be condescending so I hope it doesn't come off that way. I was just trying to use the CDC method.
  6. Josh: Did you go to the Firecracker? I just saw highlights and that track looked the smoothest I have ever seen for a big show.
  7. You are off by a decimal. .04% is too low. .4-.5% ...see the math above. 4.7% is known infections.
  8. These are the actual numbers. thanks Bill. This article came out a few days ago from the New York Times with an update from the CDC. https://www.nytimes.com/2020/06/27/health/coronavirus-antibodies-asymptomatic.html Best estimate is that for every positive test 10 have been infected by the virus and will go untested and undetected.The article goes into detail about some variation based on geography but 10:1 is the number they are using as most accurate estimate. If you apply that factor this is what you get: 2,658,324 US Infections * 10 (CDC factor un undetected infections) = 26,583,240 likely infections 127,681 US deaths. 127,681 / 26,583,240 = .48% mortality rate. This is the same way the estimate mortality rate for influenza; no tricky math. US Population = 328,200,000 26,583,240 / 328,200,000 = 8.1% of US is likely infected. What does this all mean? Who knows I just want to see Larson win at the Grove on Friday.
  9. Seems like they are getting to the bottom of the barrel. If Chad Little and Derick Cope are on the ballot next year i won't be surprised.
  10. Thanks for putting the video right at the spot where the action occurred. I am at work so I had to sneak a quick view and your actions have allowed me to go undetected.
  11. The banking doesn't seem as extreme as I remember. Did they reduce the banking or is it just from the change in perspective?
  12. Randy Kisacki always did good work; specifically with shocks. Scott Jefferies is a details guys. Car is always top notch. I think he is underrated overall considering how much responsibility he has. Stu Sheppard always made a lot of sense when I listened to him. Always had a good handling car on the track.
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