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  1. I think Jumper12a already posted this.
  2. I am not sure this is what Al Gore had in mind when he invented the internet.
  3. Earnhardt Jr, LeTarte & Krista Voda ...these 3 hadn't even watch the movie "Ford vs. Ferrari" yet...haha. I hope that same team announces the Chili Bowl some time so you can prove me wrong.
  4. NASCAR Announcers like Dale Earnhardt, Parker Kligerman, Rutledge, Steve La Tarte, Rick Allen, Marty Snider, Krista Kelly, Dillon Welch....they offered nothing. I muted them before too long. Imagine if they had that team announce the Chili Bowl....it would be just as bad.
  5. Might be a local issue. I watched on Sunday the NBCSports broadcast and NBC. The announcers are terrible. Stop telling me how exciting a race. I can tell if it is exciting or not.
  6. scottnorwood

    DTD.tv Ouch !

    Ur basically paying the cost of a ticket. Seems reasonable to me. I might buy Friday or Saturday if the reports are good racing on Thursday and weather looks decent.
  7. I would think he is more likely in the C main but its hard to tell. either up front of C or middle of B would be my estimate
  8. I think Kyle is right. I did the SuperDIRT week thing about 15 years ago for 3 straight years with a big team that ran all the shows (SB and BB) and even that was just nuts. we had 4 cars and I just remember after the outlaw 200 we pretty muched worked 16 to 18 hour days for 8 or 9 days straight. By Sunday you just want a nap.
  9. hopefully fulton and brewerton have 358 series events.
  10. If someone has his contact info (email or cell#) could you please PM? Thanks.
  11. I watched a majority of the Truck races this year (only because of Friesen) and the points system is screwed up. I don't think Stew was the best driver all year but he had his moments. Brett was the best driver this year.
  12. scottnorwood

    Coil Car

    agreed; that's a good explanation.
  13. scottnorwood

    Coil Car

    You can go from bars to coils at the track if you setup and scale on coils at your shop first. I agree it would be difficult to go from coils to bars at the track. This happened back in the early 2000s for a while but then it went torsion bar for a long time. The shock technology is so good now I doubt bars will be used much at all in the near future.
  14. scottnorwood

    Mahaney at OCFS Sunday

    I had to google "arbonne"....lol...no. lol.