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  1. Thunder Alley (aka Evans Mills) tried this like 15 years ago. They started off with SDS show and the track was turned rough...it was crazy race.
  2. Mopar Million at Eldora was probably close to same purse maybe more. It was 200k to win and 10k to start I think.
  3. Well my thought wasn't "suddenly".... Vaccine widely available by March / April then 3 months to achieve a 50-70% vaccinated rate... then racing with fans. Hyperbole is a barrier to effective communication.
  4. Let's say the vaccine is widely available by March or even April which is conservative by most estimates. Wouldn't it stand to reason that with over 90% efficacy that you would eradicate the virus within a couple months? I say there will be crowds in NY watching dirt racing in 2021. Might not happen until July or so but we will get there.
  5. Also usually the Outlaw 200 and Mr DIRT track USA make the list. Hopefully that happens as well. Regarding the scheduling of races...I am a free market kind of guy. I say schedule the races as you see fit. if you can work together to the benefit of both parties that is great but if not....that's just the free market.
  6. Every time I get excited for an announcement like this it ends up being someone like Matt Crafton or Eddie Bierschwale. Hoping I am wrong.
  7. I watched a couple episodes. Its a good show. I just like seeing the tracks today.
  8. From the videos I have seen both tracks had awesome track conditions. Very smooth and racy with minimal dust. Nice work.
  9. Agreed. That's a ton of packages. One time my wife asked why we had to pay 20$ extra a month for NBC sports package and it was because Moto GP had 4 races on that only and you can't watch it any other way. When it comes to Moto GP, F1, and Supercross...I just pay it. Everything else I can watch a week late and not care. Also some people are hyper focused on picture quality which I imagine is pretty good on satellite. Over the air and satellite seem to be the best from what i have seen.
  10. Yea there are so many options I think people get settled into one and at the end of the day its basically 5-10 dollars/month no matter what provider you get. Sling is probably a little cheaper than DirectTV but it might not be depending on your channel choices.
  11. Art: I was born in 1981 but like you I prefer TV from 50s-70s. I mostly watch racing (obviously), Columbo, Andy Griffith, Adam-12, Emergency, Dragnet,...stuff like that. For me over the air antenna was great choice. My 1 time investment got me all the TV shows I like on channels like MeTV, GRIT, Cozi, Antenna TV.... Depending on where you live even a simple 20 dollar antenna will get you that. Plus my sports are best HD feed over antenna.
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