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  1. I might have the quote not exactly right but one time I heard him tell someone in the pits that he would rather be bowling...what a funny cat.
  2. Im having issues with Roku TV. I am trying to watch Rockford Files and it keeps locking up. Jim just bounced a check too.
  3. That might be a record for number of different emoji responses within 24 hours. Congratulations.
  4. The numbers you state are correct but the 30k at Eldora is kind of weird how the seating is spread all over in smaller pockets than one traditional set of large grandstands. If you look at the google images its hard to fathom how they pack 30k in that place. The racing is great at ll the facilities listed in this thread so no worries there.
  5. A biography of Brett might be a good read but the topic was autobiography.
  6. Oh brother. What a pukefest. Maybe if they let Danny Johnson write the Forward I would read that part....but no way am I am reading the chapters about his hair.
  7. Also, before they hit up OCFS it might make more sense to permanently put clay down on North Wilkesboro and re-vamp that track. That would be a bit of a double draw.
  8. Dirt track at Lowes might work. https://www.google.com/maps/place/The+Dirt+Track/@35.3583032,-80.6845299,380m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m5!3m4!1s0x0:0xf0e54df41d12bbe7!8m2!3d35.3578139!4d-80.6855445
  9. Years ago my wife, kids, and I would travel to see her dad down south, here mom who lived out towards NYC and then her cousin who lived in southern tier. It would be a week long road trip that I called "The World of In-Laws" Tour. The best part about the whole tour was the name.
  10. Generally speaking it doesn't seem like this effort was well thought out and vetted. Hope it goes better today.
  11. I think its going to be like kicking a game winning field goal....preparation and skill matters but the weather is big factor.
  12. That's because even though Brett is 62 years old....his hair plugs are only 23 years old.
  13. Unadilla has a ton of history and is a true motocross track that is part of the landscape. We went in 2019 and it was the 50th year of pro motocross at Unadilla. There was some great nostalgia and the vintage bikes (with some original riders) taking a lap around there was really fun to see.
  14. Seriously though...these two guys... I have seen less stubborn donkeys.
  15. for the majority of my DTD existence I have waited for a Josh Bayko vs. Jumper12a debate. (pretty sorry existence eh?) Don't let me down.
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